Thursday, June 30, 2011

C26-A picture of you last year and how have you changed since then?

In front of Sony tent, fanzone inside the stadium, some 2 hours before Portugal-Spain kick off
Around this time last year, I was having the time of my life in the midst of football craze, while in the middle of some foreign land. It was a birthday that I hope to remember forever. How have I changed since then? I would like to think that I am lighter...(well, one can only hope..hahaha...) But honestly, I used to imagine that I can do things but now I actually believe it. The trip has caused few wings ruffled, and I learned to let go off some friends. I became more accepting of human behaviour and I learned what is feels to have your friend says one thing, and means another.

But, I have also learned to keep the few friends who remains true to me no matter what. Compared to last year, I nowadays seeks condolence from more ways than I thought I would have. I laid it all here, to be read by a bunch of warm strangers, you know who you are. Only one that I really met eye to eye, the rest, though we never see each other, I feel like I know you already, always offering kind words, even though halfway across the world :) thanks a bunch!! 

atas kayangan, Table Mountain
Today is my birthday, I TTT (turns thirty today!!!!) ;)


  1. Happy birthday Jeet. May Allah fulfils your doas n wishes.

    Just turn 30 eh? Alahai, mudanya. Mine will be 2 days from now .. CS

  2. omg it's your bday!!!
    feliz cumpleanos chica!!!!!
    espero que tengas mucho anos!!!!!

  3. Auwww Jeet dearie,

    Happy Besday! Welcome to the world of 30 something, moga2 life treat you kind, dibarokahiNya senantiasa, dan moga pertambahan usia mematangkan dirimu dan fikiranmu dik. But remember, always stay young at heart!

  4. CS...i don't know why, but so far memang senang click with cancerians ;) its in the stars!! thanks, happy beday in advance!!

    dieya, muchas gracias chicha!! quiero mas años tambien!

    kak yong, thanks a lot, moga hidup aman, sy xnak drama lagi..hehehe..young at heart tu always ;)

  5. kita sebaya kan jeet kannn....... depan sama ada nombo 3 dot dot ..hikhikhik....

    still got long way to go...make full of it... jeet belum sampai the other side of the world kannn... kaktek tungguuuu....

  6. Feliz cumpleanos carino!
    * join in the rest, welcoming you to the thirties! :D
    Y donde esta la tarta? Las velas? :D

    Hope you've enjoyed the day and had a blast! Un beso! :)

  7. eh lupa nak tanya.. tak gayat ke tinggi benor atas awan gitu, pastu berdiri kat tepi pulak? isk!

  8. kak tek..yes..sebaya...(sebaya ada makna tu..) thanks ;) am trying to make full use of it, sy nak pi gak the other side long as not the dark xde light saber.. :P

    aida, muchas gracias!! no velas para mi porque demasiado en la torta pequeña
    sy suka tempat tinggi, rase macam nak terjun!!

  9. Welkam to the big 3-0 carat club!

    Oh yea, happy belated birthday!!!

  10. Happy belated Birthday wishes to you!

    I'm sorry I kinda missed a lot of your entries, and now you only got a few more days left.

    Hoping next year's birthday will be able to top last year's.

  11. maya, thanks a lot, like i told my friends, its not easy to get BM 3-series, and we should value ourselves like one :k

    dyanna, thanks!! no worries, that is why blogger has archive, i have been busy too, well, its life :brow


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