Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spaniard, Here Me Speak!!!

I just had my first official Spanish lesson today. It was weird, being in a class again after almost 4 years staying away from it. I actually wanted to do this for quite some time and only this year finally have some time to do all sort of things. ( most likely no more hectic weddings to attend to this year)

Actually I wanted to learn Deutsch first since I already had the basic in Uni, but the class was fully booked and so happen Spanish is still available. I will be booked till April for every Saturday for this class. At last, something that I am doing for myself.

Wish me luck, and hopefully by the end of the class I'll be able to write a short passage in Spanish, without the online translator :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Wouldn't Want to be in Her Shoe

Remember I was writing about the 'potential' next job? Well, my competitor got it. I was of course upset, I even bitched about the whole thing. Read more here. I purposely posted it on my friendster blog because she used to be in my friends list and sometimes do read my blog.

After which I deleted her off. She has moved in to the office. I passed by her everyday on my way to the ladies, yet I didn't even said 'Hi'. Herself? of course not!! I had lunch with two other colleagues today and they also bitched about her. Apparently she stab another colleague and it was done in broad daylight, right in front of the person herself....that says so much about her.

According to another colleague, she has already stepped onto other people's toes since she moved on to these new job. Woow.....Bold moves..but she's the kind that is very vocal and in most cooperation, who shouts the loudest will be heard. Only really good leaders can diffrentiate between a good speaker and a good worker.

To tell the truth, I seriously wouldn't want that to happen to me. I'm here to do my job, earn my living and hopefully can support my family. Although at times, you may step onto people's toes but if its done profesionally, I think people would not make a fuss on it. She has been getting on people's nerve, some of us, (me especially) didn't even ask her out for lunch. Sure as hell won't include her in any of our movies outing, or anything else. All the time I thought I was the only that was feeling the heat, it turns out that the feeling is mutual among the rest.

To her, I silently wish her all the best. For me, I plan to keep those whom I deemed adds value to my life, not only as colleague but as friends as well, while at the same time make the best of what is on my plate rite now.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Read the Quran

I have been so self indulged lately, till I forgot the spiritual side of myself. Am at this workshop at work and managed to surf blogs that I have been neglecting recently. Stumbled upon this campaign by MM and I deserve some slap in the face, yup definitely deserve it.

I am reminding myself to take time and make use of it more wisely, learn and truly understand on the hidden treasure in the Holy Quran. I used to read on weekly basis, back in Uni days but now I sort of drop off the routine from my daily to-do-stuffs. I don't have a tafsir with me, but I'll begin reciting again. Well it takes small steps before a big leap.
Ya Allah, give me enough strength and willpower to keep this resolution. Give me endurance to stay on your track, and give your blessing in what I intend to do...Amin..

About Me

I'm the type that gets bored easily when it comes to routine, or familiarity for that matter. That is one of the reasons I quit my previous job. I would like to potray myself as adventorous type. I like to try new things, diverse things. But as much as I like changes, some stability is always welcomed.

I like food. In PD there are not many choices. How I wish I can work in KL, eat at different place everyday, or at least every week. Just to have change of flavours. Sadly, I don't have friends that is willing to share the same interest. I don't make friends easily, hence not likely there will be any additional in my friends list. Its hard enough to get my friends to join me for an adventorous food safari, what more to share my other interest. The thought of having dinner at the same place for the 10th time does turned me off.

I have been wanting to travel a lot...but resource constraint is holding me back. I'm talking about $$ and travel mate. Always I have to follow others timing..and that hinders me from doing all these. I think this year I am going to make a resolution.....go wherever I want, try whatever new food that I wish and keep on doing that even nobody wants to go with me.

One of these days, I'm going to the Look Out point for a dinner with good view for one, and probably one of these days I'm going to book a flight to Krabi and visit that beautiful island all by of these days.....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oaty Morning

Am at work on Friday morning, the day before the long CNY break. It’s rather quiet, and my breakfast ‘kaki’ is not in.

  • 9.30 a.m – decided to have a look at pantry, see what they have left. Hopes are high as my stomach starts singing, only to be disappointed by the cleaned trays, no more left.
  • 9.40 a.m – went out to the canteen, waa…so many people, yet no one I know. Have a peek at the counter, no kuih, all heavy stuffs, uh-uh….no.
  • 9.50 a.m – walk back to office, first time ever regret that I missed breakfast
  • 10.00 a.m – decided to have my OWN made breakfast and voila…
1 packet of 3 in one Instant Quaker Oat Chocolate flavoured
10 tbsp of Quickcook Oatmeal
1 whole mandarine oranges (free supplies for the CNY)
1 cup hot water

Am I healthy or what :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can he? or Will he?

The world is as if rejoicing. The fact that the newly elect President of USA is none other than Barack Obama. The inauguration was highly publicised. There is even line up of celebrities that performed during the ceremony. They also have after parties. Most of the major TV networks aired the ceremony live for the rest of the world to see and witness.

Is it real? Is it true that he will bring change to US politics atmosphere?What about US foreign policy? will they stop labelling Muslim as terrorist? Will they stop funding the war in Gaza? Will they be able to restore the downfall of world economy?

Questions and more questions....

Truly, I have my doubts, the war in Gaza for one thing. His cabinet line up is headed by an Israel by blood. And the fact that there has been continuous and strong support from the states to Isreal will not be impeded just by mere fact a non-Bush rules the government.

I am not an optimist, at least not how the world would be with America as the main power.

We'll see how it goes. I don't think there are many fingers crossed when it comes to Middle East conflict. The only way we can see some change is when the OIC act on it, else, it would be status quo.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Something about Kedahans...

Kedahan: Ke-da-hans

1. a person who is associated with the state of Kedah, located in North of Malaysia . Connection can be either birth,family connection,schooling days or having families residing in Kedah.

You'll probably won't find this definition in any other dictionary in the world because it is one of a kind. See, I was born in Pahang and raised in KL.Spend most of my life in the Klang Valley and now working in PD. But..because both of my parents are from Kedah, the rest of my siblings and I are considered Kedahans as well.

Mind you I can speak fluent Kedah dialect eventhough have never really lived in Kedah.

I will know a Kedahans when I see one,how? well...its subjective actually. We tends to be drawn to one another..or rather we have strong connection to each other. There is this strange patriotism that exist among us. I used to think that my mum is a hardcore Kedahans and gets over excited when she stumble upon another Kedahans. When I first bought my car, the plate no was registered in KL..but my mom went and buy this 'bunga padi' sticker and stuck it onto my car plate. Bunga padi is a proud symbol of Kedah as it signifies the states major production whihc is paddy.

After living in PD and driving long enough I noticed that my mum isn't the only one. The car plate no may be from Penang, Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan and many other states is you care, but if the owner is from Kedah, chances are you can spot the sticker quite often.

I have this colleague from different dept that so happens have parents that is from Kedah as well. In one of the conversation, he found out that we share the same pattern and shortly after that I was welcome to the Kedah clan working in PD. It is not an obvious network, its just that people relate to me better when they know a little bit of background. Before it was just "Hi" when we passed by each other, now its like "Bila nak balik Kedah?" kinda question that pops out.

Its interesting actually when people start introducing you as ..."dia ni pon oghang Kedah jgk...".There is this sense of belonging and with me having a house in Kedah now, I felt even more.

So here's a toast of Kedahans..... :)

More about Kedah read here.....

Budget Estimation

I have been doing a bit of research and here goes;
  1. Flight ticket : RM5000 (surveyed few airlines..MAS among the cheapest compared to others, once date are set, go to MAS fair and potentially can get 40% discount.
  2. Football Match ticket : USD 150-200(RM 450-600) -- Subject to preference, for sure I am trying to buy, no matter how much it is...well RM 500 is my ceiling price, I mean what's the point of going there if not watching one of the games right?
  3. Accomodation and food : Not sure the exact ones, lets target around RM1500-2000, to be on safe side
  4. Others : to shop for souvenirs or for safari tour fee..etc..etc
  5. Total : RM8000 , give some margin, say, RM10000.
  6. For RM10,000, if we start saving now till May 2010, we will have 18 months to save up.Which comes down to 10,000/18 = RM 555.6 per month..

So am I up for the challenge? Hell ya.....:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Get A Card!!!

Today I received a CNY card!! first time ever..I am not a Chinese in the first place and I did not celebrate CNY, but what the heck :)
Its from my current trainee, well if he's hoping I would give him good grades, this card will not be really much of help. But I guess that is far from his intention.

Thanks Chua!!

Truth Speaks..

Nothing much...just sharing what I received yesterday.....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Of Humanism

There has been to many mails received on Israel nonstop attack and the inhumane massacre in Gaza. I received this mail forwarded by a good friend to spread the words and urge people to boycott some products that are known to be funding the Zionist. They are cooperations like Starbucks and McD to name a few.

I guess its time we Muslims do something, its not much but at least something. So I decided to forward the message to fellow Muslims, in hope that we are in this are some reply that I received;

"thank you for the reminder... good call especially with the current scenario in the Gaza. " - a Sr. Manager

"Yeah, seems like we should also throw our laptops out.... Actually surprised that the website didn't mention Cisco.."- an IT freak guy

"There is Burger King, Ramli burger, Carl's Jr, Wendy's, A&W, KFC, pizza hut .... :)" - a good fren of mine

"Boycotting products sold in our country means decreeing a death sentence to our own people.
A point in case was a friend of mine who invested his whole life savings in chicken rearing.When we boycott KFC, the company did not wind up, but my friend had no way disposing his chickens but to burn them ......................
Be careful of what you wish, for it might just come true.
We might mean well when when we disseminate information, but the end results could be disastrous. Think again of all the employees of the companies that were listed down. Are none of them without your own brothers and sisters in employment?"
- somebody who has opinion on almost everything....

Well, he does make sense, but it all boils down to choices..Instead of hanging out at Starbucks, why don't you try Old Town? I know the variants in Starbucks are much more better, but for a pro-Zionist cooperation, they are making millions from sales daily. Would you rest well knowing that part of your money is funding the massive killing in Gaza?

I am for sure starting my own pledge against Starbucks, for which clearly stated in their website that they fully support the Zionist. The rest like McD, Kotex and many other household names, will slowly work on that..

So NO to Zionist killing Palestinians, or any other killing that is by no means demeaning the human value itself.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


This time around, my summary of achievement is a bit delayed. Just recovered from very hectic schedule of organising a wedding. Not mine, but my younger sister..hehe...of course I get more of 'the' question, but I have developed enough thick skin to kow-tow most of it. Even my mom is not directly asking, I know she is worried its just that it has never came out from her mouth. Anyhow.....

Last year I had summarise these as my achievements in here. For 2008, not sure what I have accomplished...I think its not much but I can say enough for now.

I know for sure that I have achived these;
  1. Renovating the house in SP in progress : 50% done (not including the furnishing part..)
  2. Holiday trip in Bali with frens :)
  3. Gone through yet another Major Turn Around (plant shut down, without falling sick and managed to shed some 5 kg..hehehe..)
  4. Celebrate Aidilfitri in our new home in SP. My sis and I even made our own dodol ;p.
  5. Help Shaz organise the BBGS Class of 98 10th year reunion!!
  6. Attended more than 30 weddings (not sure whether this achivement but definitely a record)
  7. Drove all alone from JB to PD, from PD to Maran, and many other places..I am no fan of driving and would be prefer to be the passanger, but always the case I am either travelling alone, or with those who cannot drive, so no choice.
Other than that, not sure what I have proudly done during the rest of the planning to accomplish few stuffs in 2009. Not listing here, will update as we go a long 2009. Can expect more spending...... sigh.....

Actually my new year starts at 1 Muharram 1430H, slightly earlier than the Gregorian that leaves me less day to pursue my wish. Hopefully I can become a better Muslim this year, insyaAllah.....