Friday, June 10, 2011

C11-An animal you’d love to keep as pet

Hhmm...this is tough, as I am not an animal person. We used to have cats when I was much younger and we were living in Pahang, but after relocated to KL, we dump the ideas of having cats in the house. We have fish instead, the easy maintenance ikan puyu. It does not need O2 tank and we only change the water with rain water once a month and they eat cooked rice, yup you got it right, the normal white rice, at most once a day. Sometime we forgot to feed them for one week, but they were still alive and swimming :)

There is a believe that ikan puyu can help to chase away bad spirits, you know how Malay can be all superstitious about pukau and all...

Back to the topic. What species that can take care of their own, under very minimum supervision and don’t really need your attention that much? It goes back to fish..yup.
pic credit to mr google
I am such a lazy bum. I make no effort to take care any other living things and if would be categorize as an abuser if I keep any other pet apart from fish.   :P


  1. Hi Jeet, I remember this fish also called 'ikan betok'?
    I used to catch them at padi fields when young and rear them....they grew very big too, abut 6 inches.
    This and ikan sepat easy to keep, and yes they eat drops of rice.
    I kept haruans too....had a big cement pond in our house, with the haruans I caught when fishing....couple of Tomans too...

    Another easy fish to keep is Siamese fighting fish....and they're beautiful too.
    You have a nice day, Jeet.

  2. uncle lee, yes you are right :) but i think people in kedah called it puyu and its famous for pekasam ikan puyu,which is my all time favorite,

    i think most fresh water fish are easy to keep and maybe when i have my own home, i'll breed my own, so that i get to eat fresh fish everyday, thanks for dropping by ;)

  3. Jeet,
    Haha! How come until the point of being an "abuser", eh?

    And true, I've heard the same thing bout ikan puyu too :D

    So do you have fish in your house now? Or they're in your parents' house?

    I LOVE pets, if only they don't pee and caca. If you know any, let me know. Hehe!

  4. abuser la namanya, pandai bela, tapi x pandai bagi makan..kesian kena dera ikan2 tu..

    i know those yang don't least literally..tomagochi!!!


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