Wednesday, June 29, 2011

C25-10 Things I am Thankful For

Ya Allah...I am thankful for:
  1. Being born a Muslim and gets to practice it as openly as I wish.
  2. A set of super understanding parents. Although they are the typical Malay that doesn't offer words of encouragement, they have never said 'NO' to all the things that I do, not even once, as far as I remembers. (this includes staying out way past midnite when I was in Form 4 to volunteer at World Aids Day in Dataran Merdeka, and I went back by public transport)
  3. A family that has been showing me what life really means, but yet remain cohesive through our multiple life challenges.
  4. A sane mind,able to make decision on my own, and most of the time don't really bothers what people say. (my parents' treatment made me behave this way, and I love it!!)
  5. A physically fit body with no serious illness. I may not be in the most fit in shape, but I can still walk and able to run if by any chance a dog chases me :P
  6. The chances to live a fulfilling life thus far, living by my own definition.
  7. A good brain, that I may say not even 5% utilized yet (according to research, most average human being only utilize 3% of their brain, the rest are extra capacity waiting to be used, so start thinking now!!)
  8. My education life so far. I enjoyed my student days a lot, in all the places that I've been to. Not so much of the academic part, but more of the camaraderie, the adventures, the one or two not so good things that we've been through. I was never a depressed kid in school, in fact I escaped from other worldly issues in school.
  9. My rezeki, in Islam, we believe that rezeki is something Allah has written for us even before when we born, right at the Lauh Mahfuz. It is all has been fated, and I am thankful for all things that I have so far.
  10. Today, I am even more thankful to Allah SWT kerana telah diberi kesempatan menghirup nikmat Allah selama 30 tahun, a very long time, that it shames me for I have not really done any significant contribution to my deen, Islam.


  1. Jeet,
    Happy 30th birthday girl! So are we gonna see the carrot cake soon? :D
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and may all your dreams come true :)

    And true, we just have lots to be thankful for. Bila ada rasa syukur, lagi berganda rasa nikmatnye :)

  2. Jeet
    I would love to have another daughter just like you cumanya just bear with me shd you have a mother like me, owwhhhh *sambil lap dahi yg belum berpeluh* .. CS

  3. aida, carrot cake have to wait till i am back balik kampung ;) thanks a lot, yeah, we should count all those blessings, we'll end up running out of numbers!!

    CS, aawwww....jgnla ckp camtu..kemvang vontot i tau..x pasal2 kena spend beli sluar baru :P am sure any relationship is a test to both parties, i am from time to time did test my mum's patience, just that dia terlebih sabar kot.. hehehe...


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