Monday, May 31, 2010

Confirmation pix!!!

As requested by Dieya ;)

Candak Sotong Weh!!!

Always wanted to do this since I watched Majalah 3 back in school days. So when my friend Jija offered me to join she and her ex-classmate, I jumped right in ;)

We depart from KL at 10pm on Friday nite. Believe it or not this is my first time taking bus at Hentian Putra (I don't have that many east coast connection). Reach KT around 5 am and Jija's friend, Baya pick us up and we crashed at her place in Hulu Terengganu. Later that day around 3.30 pm, we made a move to Jeti Lembaga Perikanan at Chendering (some 20 minutes away from KT).
There were 8 of us altogether, another 3 girls were Jija's classmate, and the rest were friend of one of the classmate. Simply put, I went on this adventure with total strangers (apart from Jija)
We depart around 5.00 pm. The boat is quite comfortable, handled by 3 men. It has its own pantry, sleeping place, 2nd tier sleeping place, and a place to do 'small business'. I dare not do 'big business' in the open sea ;p

We heard the pakcik were betting how long can we survived without falling sick. According to the non first timers, last time they went, they threw up almost immediately after the boat moves. This time we took the anti-seasick meds. So we were still smiling and laughing till we reach the target area, some 1.5 hours away from the jetty.
The pakcik help us all to set up the 'candat' and taught us how to 'candat' sotong (squid fishing). The guys gets the first squid, none of the girls gets any yet, and the skies quickly turned dark.
I was getting seasick, my friend Jija has already vomitted twice. I could not look for fear I will feel sick too.
One of the pakcik prepared dinner, it was white rice, with kari ayam and fresh fried squid. I took a taste at the squid, but I could not even finish one small pieces. I can feel that it sort of get stuck in my throat. I know that if I continues eating, high chance that I will throw up. With that I did not eat dinner. The rest was happily digging in (except for 2-3 of us). The fresh squid actually tasted sweet, its a pity I could not digest it.

Happy faces gets to eat!!
At close to 10pm, I finally managed to catch my one and only squid!! I caught the medium sized, the other guy gets the biggest. The length is from his hand to this elbow, that long!!

See how big it is? Compare to the ones that we see in the market..

After around 12pm nobody gets any squid anymore, there were few occasion, the squid was eaten by big fish, hence scared the rest of the squid to come nearby us. One of the pakcik suggested we change venue. We move to another area where he sets baits for fish. We ends up getting two big fish.

Me posed with one of the fishes, a haruan tasik, weighted 35 pounds (~15 kg)
It took the pakcik and his friends almost 30 minutes fighting with the fish before we can actually brought it up. That was around 4 am in the morning.
Come 6 am, we were preparing to get back to Jetty, again one of the pakcik (seriously I don't know their name...sorry..) fried us the squid, and this time I can eat it. The plate was swipped clean by us in no time ;)

Hungry people early in the morning....

Group pics as soon as we made on shore safely ;)
As both Jija and I traveled by bus, we could not bring back any bounty. Plus, we have to rush back to KL. The rest went on to Baya's house, and I think they barbecued the squids and fish.
Baya drop us in KT, Jija and I showered backpackers style, at a surau, before we went to Pasar Payang to buy some keropok lekor to bring back. We also sampled some local delicacies, but most of it are too sweet for my taste buds.

I left Terengganu that day with a new adventure, I plan to make a family trip back here again and maybe go for another 'candak sotong' adventure.

This is my favorite picture, taken at almost sunrise, explains one thing the best, Serenity...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hutang Tag 2 - Kasut

The reason I was procrastinating on this tag is because of two main reasons:
  1. I have my shoes all over Malaysia..(cecewah....all over KL, PD (home and office) and SP actually) and also...
  2. I don't have my camera with me ;)
So since I resolved the second issue, I can sort of do this..hahaha....

  1. Shoe no 1, I bought it to be worn with long skirt for a school reunion.
  2. Shoe no 2 is used mostly for work (noticed that it is worn out, tunggu waktu nak arwah je..) .
  3. Shoe no 3 is the official work shoe. Issued by the company, it is my safety shoe, it has metal at the toes area, to protect the foot if any fallen object fall onto it (not that I expected any..).We have to wear it everytime we go into the plant area.
  4. Shoe no 4 is my official work out shoe, while shoe no 5 is used for jalan-jalan.
  5. Shoe no 6 is the famous nonetheless flip-flop.
  6. Shoe no 7 is the latest addition to the family, bought it to standby in case shoe no 2 can no longer service me.

Actually I have more shoes, some in my trunks, some in KL, and some in SP. As you can see it, when it comes to shoe colour, I prefer either black, white or sometimes brown. The most odd colour as you can probably see is in shoe 4,5 and 6 (any blue rays) see my blog header, isn't it obvious what my fav colour is? not adventurous kan? As for design, I prefer flat shoes, I am terrible when it comes to wearing heels...asyik I better not wear it ;p.

Now am thinking to buy one comfy crocs.. Nanti nak pegi jalan jauh....hehehe..(anything can justify buying new shoes..hahahaha...)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My First Ever Finished Project - Mary Jane Booties

At last!! something that I can claim credit to. I made this for my niece Tisya. She is now 4 months +. The booties is sized for 6 months infant. For a pro knitter, it will only take 2 hours to finish each foot. But for me the kint-green, I took 2 days to finish this tiny lil cutie ;p

Mostly because I was stuck at certain technique (slip slip knit, yarn over and bind off), that I have to refer to my book. When I did that, I lost count and have to disassemble the whole thing and start from scratch... well, they say practise make perfect rite?
So here are some pics during the making,
The pattern require garter stitch, the easiest of all (suits beginner like me)
One booties done, awaiting for finishing.
Finsihed it using cross stitch needle and the same yarn
Two booties ready to be buttoned up

Voila....dah siap ;)

This project is easy enough for me to complete. Now I don't have to think hard on newborn baby gift already. The only thing is that this can only be worn by girls. I have one more pattern that can be worn by both girls and boys. I am going to do that one, and will share once its done ;)

Credit for the pattern taken from HipKnitized

p/s: still a long way to go before I can make a sweater .. ;p

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I was Wrong !!

Remember when I wrote about NCIS? I thought the collaboration of LA and DC team was after the current LA running season in AXN. But when I watched NCIS last night, it was actually before the whole season started. It ends when Callen was shot.

But I thought the current running season in AXN is first season? Or the collaboration in NCIS is actually their pilot episode? I'm not making any sense am I?

Monday, May 24, 2010

We're Hunters!!

This is my first full blown treasure hunt. Well actually we named it Walk-a-Hunt. It was organised by the co's Sports Club. We started off in PD, at 8 am.
When: Last Sat, 22nd May
Where : In Awana Genting
Who : My team, 3 of us,
Team name : Proton XX (all of us driving Iswara and all are girls!!)

It was raining very heavily and alhamdulillah by the time we hit the highway, the rain stops. But it continues to drizzle as we enter MRR2 and Karak Highway. It was a very misty drive all the way up (I was driving). We reach Awana at 10am, waited for the rest of pack to arrive. It was later followed by briefing by organiser (some event company) and flag off at 1230 pm.

During the briefing, I figured that the question is really tough!!
my colleagues (the guys, with wife and kids. the two boys are the cutest, plus they were born 3 days apart)
Comprises of 3 sections, questions with clue and we were required to find the answers within certain area. Second one was pictures, they took a close up shot of certain things/signage and ask us to match where the actual stuffs is located and third of course the treasure. We had a copied strategy from the winning team last year. We took a lot of snaps and group together to match with the clues. I mean no point walking around and forgetting what you saw rite?
One of the shot I took, one of the answer is in this pics...
It was damn hard!!Time given was 4 hours, but by the second hours I can see many people kinda loose their radar already, as the place is not that big, but the questions were tough, to the point we just bantai most of the stuffs.
Hard at work...tengah bantai mana yang tak tau....hahaha....
After the hunt ended, me and my hsemate crashed and dinner was served at 8pm. When they revealed the answers, we knew we did not have any chance of winning, but to our surprise, we got 7th place out of 30+ teams that were competing!! awsome!!
After that we went up, and managed to catch Shrek 4, double thumbs up, am so watching the 3D with my sis ;) Went back at 2 am!!
Anaz tag along as his team mates pergi berjudi ;p
We sat at 2nd row from screen...nak sangat....
The next morning after breakfast, we check out and went back again, but we did not enter the theme park, as we were kinda tired. At 12pm we already headed back to PD. Stopped by Gombak for a quick lunch and reach PD on 3 pm.
Since I am holding the camera, not many of my pictures available.
We plan to join again next year, best!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sanggul Arab - Is it Haram?

I received this in my email. For sharing, and worth to ponder

It's a trend nowadays that many muslim Malaysian women are into the new hijab wearing i.e. wearing a shawl-like syrian style hijab. I posted on my Fb status recently stating that I too, would want to wear the syrian women hijab style with high bun but unfortunately my hair is short thus cannot tie or do a bun at all.I also received few suggestions to buy fake buns online or at Arzu, KLCC.

I used to study in an arabic-medium school and had learned that when you wear tudung, you're not supposed to show any indication that your hair is long by tying your hair really high/do a bun until men can notice the presence of your long hair eventhough you wear your cover/hijab. That defeats the purpose of wearing a hijab.However, I can't remember the hukum whether it's haram or harus or makruh.

Being curious, I googled about this sanggul arab issue and found the hadith related:

Quote:: “ akan muncul dalam kalangan umatku di akhir zaman, kaum lelaki yang menunggang sambil duduk di atas pelana, lalu mereka turun di depan pintu-pintu masjid. Wanita-wanita mereka( isteri mereka atau anak perempuan), berpakaian tetapi seperti bertelanjang ( nipis&ketat). Di atas kepala mereka pula(wanita) terdapat bonggolan (sanggul atau tocang) seperti bonggol unta yang lemah gemalai. Oleh itu laknatlah mereka semua. Sesungguhnya mereka adalah wanita-wanita yang terlaknat”- hadith riwayat Ahmad , jil.2, ms. 223.

Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:
Quote:: “dua golongan penghuni neraka yang mana aku sendiri belum pernah melihat keadaan mereka didunia: golongan yang membawa cemeti seperti seekor lembu lalu menggunakannya untuk memukul manusia dan juga kaum wanita yang berpakaian seperti bertelanjang, menggoyangkan badan dan berlenggang- lenggok, kepala mereka ada suatu seperti bonggol di kepala unta yang bergoyang-goyang. Mereka tentu tidak akan memasuki syurga atau mencium baunya sedangkan bau syurga itu dapat dihidu dari jarak perjalanan begitu dan begini” –hadith riwayat Muslim. Hadith no 212-

I would say that I was tempted at first as I saw some women/celebraties/ tv presenters looked really pretty wearing the syrian style hijab with high sanggul/bun.

Sometimes, bila nak cantik, manusia selalu lupa pada hukum walaupon dah belajar.I am one of them. Bila nak buat benda jahat, laju je.

Anyway, in wearing hijab,niat perlukah menghalalkan cara? I dare not jatuhkan hukum or say that it is haram wearing the fake sanggul arab.However, at the moment, I'll just forget about buying the sanggul arab thingy.

Renung-renungkan...dan selamat beramal.... :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Melted

I had a meltdown at work just now, fresh, like 20 mins ago.

One of my work requires me to do a health check, audit sort of thing, and one item is check per month. We are supposed to gather a group of people, look at the questionnaire and answer it to ensure that the system that we claimed is working, actually really works. If at all any loopholes found, we will take it as an action item and work on it. Some of the items that was checked requires participation of various field (department) . A whole year long schedule was developed and all the supervisors of these department was informed. We (my team and I) had the engagement sessions to explain what this activity was all about since early of the year. So the supervisor will nominate their subordinate, who will be prompt to take part in this monthly activity.

Normally I sent the invite to this target group of multidisciplinary people 3 days before the actual health check supposed to take place, together with the questionnaires on what are the items to be looked for. It actually serve some sort of internal audit, but then again, what kind of audit gave out the questions upfront? A not so strict audit, because we are not in the business of finding fault, we intend to look for room for improvement in our current system, thats it.

So what happened today is that, I have already sent out the materials upfront, I went to control room and met with the person that is supposed to take part, A

Me: So macam mane? Ok tak hari ni kita nak buat PSFO (that is the program's name) hari ni?
A : Buat ape?
Me: Interview la, kan dah bagitau...
A :Its not fair you come 5-6 person want to interview me, trying to audit me, I am not ready.
Me: Ha? not ready, takpelah, saya reschedule,bile ye?
A : I don't know.
Me: Well then, I'll speak to B (the supervisor)

I gather my stuffs and started to walk away, while I heard A is talking very loudly to the rest of the people in the room (some 8-10 of them)
A : Diorang ingat senang je nak datang sini audit aku, tak boleh, I'm not ready
(not his exact words, but something like that...he kinda membebel panjang jugakla while I walk away to B's room)

At that point I just wanted to ends it there, and reschedule some other time, when he is 'ready' --> whatever that means...Its not like I am testing him and giving him fail or pass anyway..dduhh...

So I ask B for another window to reschedule, B was suprised why his men is not ready as he know that I notified much earlier. B tried to reason with A on what was the issue. I stayed quite far knowing that B is also a loud person (but for good reason) . My supervisor walks in, he is part of the team as well. I went near while they are still reasoning with A.

C, A's counterpart also shared his 'feelings', dissatisfaction when we did the session last month and he was involved. He was not satisfied that the MD is part of the team, and felt as if he was put on the spot during the whole session. Of course, we, the rest of the team, didn't feel that way. In fact all the findings that day was not his action item, no consequences to him, and in the end of the process we did not blame anybody for any flaw in the system.

So I guess that is why A and C and maybe some other guys were feeling as if they were being put on the spot.

During the first round that he was raising his voice in front some other 8-10 guys, I already felt the heat, but I still managed to calm myself. He was being very defensive, and offensive (keep attacking me) at that time, that is why I walk away, consult B.

When I walked back there the second time around, I thought things would have calmed down, but no..he keep on raising his voice (more like shouting) and at that point I could not look at anybody's face anymore. At that time, I just could not contained myself, I know I was about to burst into tears anytime. I walk away, and my tears were falling down, banyak pulak tu...

I don't know where to go to calm myself, so I walked into a meeting room, another 2 managers had their room adjacent to the meeting room, so it was pretty quiet. I calmed down but my tears were still there. Suddenly B came in, trying to sort things out with me, at that time I was still feeling upset (emotional pun ade,) and once I started crying, I could not stop. B did not coax me, but rather trying to find the solution. Suddenly, my other supervisor walk in (yes, I report to 2 different people). At that point he noticed I was crying and sobbing and trying to explain things to B. The other 2 managers suddenly realised that there is commotion in the meeting room. They came out. I was sobbing and probably out of words, and B explains to them. After discussing about 10 minutes, we agreed that we should postpone today's session and I will look at other system for the internal audit.

It was very embarassing, I was sobbing in front of 4 guys, last time I sob like that was during watching My Sisters Keeper. I guess the reason why I felt really upset and emotional was because of the way A has treated me in the first place, with no respect at all. He even raised his voice, to make sure that the rest of his colleague heard what he said. He humiliate me in front of other people. The rest of the guys probably loose their respect to me already. This is compounded by my own timing. I have been busy , particularly this week, as I am in the middle of this workshop. I drop the rest on my plate, be in the workshop, causing many other people to chase me for many other my suspended work. I drop those things and cycle in to the plant to do the PSFO, and only reached there to be shouted at. Sakit hati OK....

My biggest pet peeves is someone humiliating me in front of public, face to face in front of other people.

I know that there will be no respect for this person anymore. Fine, if you do not want to cooperate with me, I'll find somebody else who will.
I can also go through the questionnaire on my own, check your system, and highlight the flaws without involving you in the first place, would you want me to do that? I am being nice enough to pass you the questionaire upfront. So you prefer to do other way? Fine with me.

Tarik nafas......hembus....tarik nafas....hembus...still feeling a bit upset, but much better...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My Monday blues is normally cured by Kick Ass Monday (8TV). They have my favorites lined up.
Currently running is NCIS (the original one) and Criminal Minds. Last night was like having a yummy carrot cake with cream cheese topping on top. The original team was required to work with LA team to solve a murder case of a Navy Private. Double serving for me :) . I like the coldness and how tacky Gibbs can be, also how the whole team operates. The new franchise NCIS LA is really an eye candy. With O’Donnel as the mysterious Callen, the team really provides good drama. Last night episode maybe towards later season for NCIS LA, as I have never seen Macy in current running NCIS LA plus the HQ at different place.
Its fun and exciting though to see multiple drama cast on the same show. I sort of melt when Gibbs meet Callen..hahaha..(ntah hape-hape...) . CSi always did and there was one time the cast from Without a Trace helps in one of CSi Vegas case.
The thing is I am digging NCIS, definitely food to my soul..really? ;)
p/s: every end of scene, they froze a shot, make it into black and white ala potrait, I really love that
p/p/s: DiNozzo is both hot and entertaining at the same time :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hutang Tag 1 - ABC

pics ehsan pakcik Google
Been tagged by Dieya, well, actually hutang satu tag dari Aida, but due to some technical error, I can only do this one first, Aida jangan marah aa...once problem solved, hamba akan langsaikan hutang zapatos tu..hehehe...

So, banyak ni, 26 points, looonngg story ;)

A- Azita, that is what most people call me
B- Buji, older families (mum,dad, cousins, pak menakan, mak menakan) calls me by this name . Want to know why? exclusive to the member of the family, so tak boleh bagitau..hahaha
C- Cerewet? ohh tidak sama sekali....only when it comes to smelly people and stuffs, I'll get cranky really fast.
D- Daughtry, listening to him right now, suara seksi woo...
F- Five for I have 5 sisters, one older and the rest younger...setengah dozen you adik beradik I...
G- Girls...yup all my siblings are girls...GIRL POWER..haha..
H- Headache? Heartache? seriuosly I don't know what to put here...
I- Independent, very independent. A bit proud to ask for help most of the time.
J- Judith McNaught, one of the first novelist that gets me started reading novel omputih...Enid Blyton doesn't count because I read the translated series.
K- Knitting, something that I will always like to do (seriously!!!) and I will die trying and K for Kris Allen too!!!
L- Love Actually, my all time favorite movie. Accidentally bought the pirated VCD kat Petaling Street. Cakap kat apek tu nak Runaway Jury..pastu dia hilang jap, datang balik dia bagi plastik hitam ngan VCD kat dalam. Lepas tu rush pegi bas stand Klang, sebab takut kena cekup beli pirated VCD, sikit pon tak tengok..dalam bas nak balik Shah Alam, baru sedar...too late then. After that I promoted the story to many people and somebody did not return the VCD to me. I ends up buying the original DVD via Amazon, hambik ko..ori DVD terus, minat punya pasal...;)
M- Movies, love it very much!! Tolak cite tamil je..hahaha..yang lain sume layan. Someday I will publish my collection here ;)
N- My full name, being Malaysian, lu pikir la sendiri N is what ;)
O- Orange and citrus really tackles my taste bud, to the point I go on a mission in finding the best Orange/Lemon Cake (found one already :))
P- P for Portugal!!!! I supported them since pre- C. Ronaldo time OK, since Pauletta was their top scorer and Luis Figo was the leading man ;)
Q- Que..porque yo?? (ni lagi satu tak tau nak tulih apa)
R- Rock kapak rules!!! Zaman sekolah dulu, punyala hafal sume lagu-lagu rock kapak ni. Tiap2 hari mesti dok melalak ngan GBS (geng bas sekolah). Sampai satu hari ada sorang junior komen, Kak Ita ni, nampak je pakai tudung, lirik lagu semua hafal...dalam tudung tu penuh lagu gamaknya...ooppsss...
S- Snooker...not the game, this is my famous pose in uni. Cuba bayangkan orang duduk dalam kelas dan mula melabuhkan kepalanya ke atas meja sambil tangan kiri atau kanan (bergantung kepada kepala jatuh atas tangan mana) terlunjur melepasi meja sambil mata tertutup layu....takke macam orang main snooker tu? hahaha... my class mate always made this statement...tu Azita dah start main snooker (their subtle way of mengumpat aku tido..hahaha)
T- Tea, I prefer tea over coffee
U- Umbrella, some of the things that I put in the car and forgot to take out. At one time, there is like 3 umbrellas in the car. And oh...I went to UiTM for my dip and degree
V- Volleyball. I only know how to serve, dig a little, but smash or somersault berpusing memang la tak boleh buat..
W- World Cup jugak (tiru Dieya..hahaha) am going to watch 2 games !!!! Excited!!!
X- X rated? X- files? X-men? Xylophone? bukannya tau main pon..hahaha...
Y- Yankee? Yoyo?
Z- Zita, when people call me like this, suddenly I feel like I am Mrs. Micheal Douglas ;p

There it goes, as you can see, more ??? than relevant point..hahaha... ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fresh New Pictures

After being out of KL working life for almost 4 years now, I kinda misssed the hustle and bustle of the city. I went to a seminar at KLCC today. Not wanting to spend loads on the parking, I chose to go by LRT, like those good 'ol days ;).

It still have the same coaches ( no pink ones..hehehe..) They still have the free copy of The Sun at the station, but now there is additional Chinese daily (not the famous one though) and also Malay Mail. I saw more stalls in the morning selling variety of kuih (tapi tak sedap...)

It was raining on the way back, so there is still people making money out of the weather, few Indonesian ladies stood by selling RM5 umbrellas. The crowd are pretty much still the same, although I may say that most of the commuters are getting more civilised, having patiently waited for the people to come out before rushing to board the train.

Somehow on the way back, I caught myself eaves dropping a conversation between two patrons. (not really eavesdropping, as they made no intention to have the conversation privately..) It was between an old Malay man (maybe in late 50s going to 60s) and a Chinese school boy. The man was asking for direction and the boy explains on how to get where was asked. Somehow they start to have a little chat. Some of the gist that I caught was the boy telling the old man about his mother and a younger siblings. How he kinda fought with the mum and how he have to do most of the work (I think). And the old man start sharing his wisdom, in a way giving advice to the boy, on how to deal with the mum. There were quite few things mentioned but I have forgotten some of it.

The sweet thing is, the boy and the man can really talk and to make a teenager opens up and talk about their problem is not easy. I have been there once, we are more comfortable seeking advise from someone that knows no better, our own friends. Some parents could not really talk to their kids and always ends up blaming the rebellious teens for all the things that goes wrong.

I was seeing a very right picture on how our society supposed to function, the old guiding the young, irregardless what races we are, because we are all human, we need each other. And the fact that this boy can talk and take advise (at least that is what I see) from a total stranger is really refreshing.

I really hope I can be like that, where people can talk to me, and we can all talk to each other.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Malaysia Lost to Japan?

I have always liked watching live sports on TV. I played badminton in primary school. Takat rules and regulation 10-20 years back, I was really well versed. And yesterday, in the midst of Thomas Cup madness, I sort of switching back and forth in between Channel 801, 811 and the rest (711, 701, 708...etc,etc...) just to keep up to date with all the hype and happening.

As we know both teams lost (Uber & Thomas) but the mens' team really irks me. They lost will little dignity as they walked out of the court. Based on my personal analysis, one single root cause, the biggest one in fact....see whether it makes sense ;p

They lost because they played badly. The played badly because the did not think Japan is a good team. They think Japan is not a good team because they always thought that they are much better. They thought they are much better, evident obviously by how they dressed. You see that sleeveless shirt that they were wearing? They think by showing off the almost nonexistent triceps can actually up their game huh? And with that shirt, they proudly walk into the court thinking, 'Hey, I look good, my muscles are potruding, these Japs are going down...' Boy were they wrong!!!

These are actually what I thought was going through the mind of the second doubles when they were playing really BADLY.

My real salute goes to Sonia Cheah sister of Lydia Cheah. She really did put up a good fight. And she had good skills too. The only thing missing from her is international experience, but even then she really entertains the crowd. Hope to see more of her and her spirit in the mens team, seriously...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Aku ada rancangan jahat (cecewah...cakap Melayu..hahaha).... sekarang aku dah tak boleh konsentrate sebab pikir rancangan jahat aku ni..

Rancangan apa? rancangan jahat la..jangan bagitau orang....sshh...... ;p

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lunch Talk : of Labour and all....

Still owe 2 tags, both from Dieya & Aida, but I have to get this one out first. Your tag on the weekend la ek? ;)

For the past two days, I have been attending First Aid course. Today, during lunch I sat with some of the participants, all of them are males. Somehow one first aid story leads to another. The next thing I know they were exchanging war stories of how they witnessed their wives giving birth. Only one guys has no experienced yet. The wife is going for delivery, in end June. So the other 8 gents were discussing quite in detail, how they saw the wife 'suffered' through child labour. The kind of strength a woman has to endure such pain, post natal stuffs and all.

They were even comparing natural birth, epidural induced and the C-section method. This father to be is nervous. He mentioned that he and his wife went for pre-natal classes and they were shown a video of natural birth, of course it was terrifying, and the wife quickly made up her mind to opt for C-Section. The gents all around the table give a practical advise, since they have seen almost all of it. I refrain from giving any comment since I am a single lady, and by right have no clue what/how a childbirth is all about.

But to the best of my judgement, these guys were right and came up with to me was a practical advise. I am amazed... Another part that amazed me was how they decribe the feeling of holding their child for the first time and also how seeing their wife in labour pain does add to the depth of respect to women, especially their wife and mother. To me, as a woman, hearing them saying all that is enough appreciation a woman could ask for.

It dawn on me, to find these kind of men, to earn their kind of respect is hard actually. Particularly when I have seen many bad examples especially in my own family, this group of gents is really a steal, and I was glad to be among their presence. I wish all men have their same attitude and appreciation. I really do, and maybe someday I'll find one, insyaAllah...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tickets Physically Confirmed!!

I went back KL last weekend, and my sis said I got a letter from Sweden. I was like ?? I don't have friends in Europe, (as if I exchange letter with any people living in Europe)..hahaha...

So I opened it, yeay!!!! its my physical confirmation to enter South Africa for the reason to watch World Cup!!!! The security level was so high that the confirmation slip even have my name printed on the bottom line (the same kind of line at RM 50 , the little shiny ones with RM50 printed on..) For money its a mass production OK la... but this is individually printed with my name ;) Will update the pics later. Hhhooooorrrraaaayyyyyy!!!!!!

One Day In Your Life

Wanted to update blog, but I'm drained for ideas. Suddenly (bukan suddenly, I choose it) I listened to this song. This is my favorite MJ's song ;) Quite old actually, he sang this in his first solo album if I'm not mistaken...

One day in your life
You'll remember a place
Someone touching your face
You'll come back and you'll look around, you'll . . .

One day in your life
You'll remember the love you found here
You'll remember me somehow
Though you don't need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
You'll remember one day . . .

One day in your life
When you find that you're always waiting
For a love we used to share
Just call my name, and I'll be there
You'll remember me somehow
Though you don't need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
You'll remember one day . . .

One day in your life
When you find that you're always lonely
For a love we used to share
Just call my name, and I'll be there.

p/s: sentimentol la plak....