Thursday, June 16, 2011

C17-Nicknames you have

I have it is , by chronological order.
Buji - given by my then 1 year old sister, right after I was born. She was still pelat, mom asked her to call me adik zi, but a one year old could not pronounce the 'z', hence it becomes 'ji', how they add the 'bu' at the front, nobody knows.All family members that are older than me called me that, pretty funky, don't you think? may pass for a Japanese or Hawaian's name ;)

Kakcik - this is common for most Malay family. In our family, kakcik is for second sister, so each family has a kakcik. My cousin is also a kakcik, and I even have few abang chik. The only way to differentiate is by attaching their parents position at the back of their names, for example, Abang Chik Ngah, Abang Chik Tam, Abang Chik Njang...etc..etc... (hard core Malay y'all!!)

Jeet - this was given by my form 1 partner. Her name is Izzati, and mine is Azita. you change all the vowels position we got each other's names :D

As - as I was called by my comrades from ROTU batch 21. The reason is, my roomate name is Norita, and she was called Ita, the rest are too lazy to call me Azita ( that is extra one syllable..from Ita) , hence they cut short my name to As.

Kuri-kuri - was given by my seniors during the orientation week. We are all required to be given nicknames, some gets a pretty groovy name, but some are so lame. At that time Dr Calcutta was so hit, and there is this one verse from his song...kuri-kuri nam-nam from some taxi driver song. The seniors thought it was catchy, but I don't know how it associates with me though. But it was quite a hit name, I bet some of the guys from my batch still doesn't even know my real name :P

Ajieta Rai - this one I loike!!! hahaha....this was either chosen by me or given by my friends from my diploma gang. Back in early 2000's Hindi movies did make some big waves to our shore, and my friends and I were quite a fan (not so big but still...) We all have our own favorite actress, and mine was (maybe still is) Aishwarya you do the math!! 8)


  1. The last one - me like it!!! :-)

  2. buji? mcm nama budak lelaki nakal zaman dok sekolah asrama :-D

    ajieta rai! achhhaaa!!!

  3. Hi Jeet, ha ha, now I know why or how you have this name. Love it....
    Cute too, has 'sayang' behind it.
    Interesting post, at least now I know.
    Have a nice day.

  4. maya, me like it too, though nowadays they don't call me by the name anymore, but still i love it,

    dieya, now that you mentioned it, baru perasan :P

    uncle lee, thanks!! but which part is the 'sayang' part, ? :)

  5. Jeet,
    Agree with the girls, the last one should STICK forevaaaaa! Ahaks! Having said that, is there any chance we would be seeing Ajieta Rai in sexy sari, swaying her hips to the hindi song? Vavavava! :D

  6. ajieta rai in saree...swaying hips?? bergegor PD ni weh...x sanggup koi, nanti siap guruh kilat sabung-menyabung... :P


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