Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FIFA The Best 2016

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

I can't remember when was the last time I posted anything about football. Must be aeons years ago..haha.

Tonight was the first ever FIFA The Best Award for all best achievements in football for 2016. I was not sure why the Ballon d'Or was announced earlier and not together but hey its OK, that just means that Cristiano won 2 awards for 2016..:)

What I think of other winners?

The Best FIFA Men's Coach Award - Claudio Ranieri

Hebat pakcik ni..even Zidane pun kalah, but his magic that brings Leicester City on top of EPL last year was superb, and lawak jugak bila dia berucap, boleh tahan pakcik ni. All the other candidates are my favourite as well, so anybody wins, I'm happy and besides Zidane has a long way to go, he'll make it there someday.

The Best FIFA Fan Award - Borrusia Dortmund and Liverpool

This was another category that I don't mind if any of the nominees won, all of them are deserving and it does warms my heart to see the playback. Football fans around the world has had fair share of shenanigans but more often than not fans cheers for a game and celebrates even if the opponent scores if the goal is a good one. Unlike NBA, where the game atmosphere is so negatives, from the commentator to the fans, morally degrading for the visiting team, tak ada semangat kesukanan langsung. They mocked and boo-ed the opponent each and every opportunity they can. I adore supportive fans, I admire the spirit, but I strongly condemned mental bullying in that sense. Football on the other hand, has isolated cases like this, but always you'll see fans enjoy the game together. That's the beauty of it.

 PUSKAS Award - Mohd Faiz Subri
Need I say more? I've been ecstatic since I saw his nomination in top 10 and has been campaigning in FB and IG for people to vote him, and it was well paid off :) Tahniah Faiz!

Till next post. Wassalam!

Friday, December 23, 2016

How my wedding would be...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Shaz's wedding was a grand one. Despite her claim of not enough budget and all, the celebration went on for 3 days 3 nights on her side (causing us to be mostly sleep deprived..hehe) and later continued for a reception in SG. I enjoyed most part of KL side, and had I had the chance to attend the SG side, I think I would enjoy it as well. 

However..... that's not how I want my wedding would be. We girls have our dream wedding even though we do not have the other party to play the groom part yet :P. My idea of my wedding has evolved along the years, along with my perception of what's good for me, and I guess pretty much influenced by what Islam wants a wedding to be. So here goes:

My wedding would be in a masjid, it can be either Masjid Wilayah or Masjid Besi Putrajaya. Both Muslim and non-Muslim guests will be invited to the masjid. The guests will have to reach the masjid before maghrib. We (pengantin included ok) would join the congregation for Maghrib prayers, after that, we will have the akad nikah ceremony. That ~1 hour window between Maghrib and Isyak should be ample enough for the event. The non muslim guests would be seated outside with a video live feed of the nikah (if there is any opposition to non Muslim entering the prayer hall). If they are no protest, all guests are welcomed to witness the nikah in the prayer hall. After the nikah, by that time it would be Isyak, all guests, my future husband and myself will also be in the congregation. After solat baru la upacara batal air sembahyang, sarung cincin bagai. That should not take more than 15 minutes. 

I would be ready with wudhuk and had make up done before maghrib. No need for elaborate make up, I just need to be in purity state until we finish Isyak. Should not be that hard insyaAllah. And oh.. I would like to hold 3 stalks of gerber daisy (pink or red colour preffered) as my bouquet. Simple, light but makes a bold statement. Wedding gown..hhmmm...a white abaya, detailing not sure yet, will probably let the expert designer decide. The groom will be fully clad in white satin baju melayu, even if he is not melayu, he's marrying one, so he has to wear it :) hehe.. Sampin songket warna-warni like sampin Sarawak or sampin Indonesia, I can't remember which part, but I love that sampin.  

After which, then we will all adjourn to small reception at the masjid. Masjid Besi Putrajaya is perfect for this setting! During the reception, both my husband and I will then mingle around and say hi to the guests. And that's it. Potentially, I don't expect to get more than 100-150 guests. If more people are willing to attend the masjid wedding, then alhamdulillah, all the better.  

This is not my original idea. This comes from Baba Ali, one of the founder for the muslim marriage site, Half Our Deen. 

Now if we expect to entertain more guests, then maybe we can consider a reception on the following day, noontime. No bersanding whatsoever. Just a small reception, takde berarak bagai. Hantaran will be exchanged during the nikah. Pelamin pun tak payah, but if anybody (makcik2 la normally) insist, then maybe we can have that for photography session, definitely no bersanding. The thing with reception nowadays is, there are so many 'other' elements that comes with it, there's photobooth, music playing, speeches, etc. And its quite hard to control the flow, but we will see how. 

So, that's it for now on how I dream my wedding would be. Am pretty sure if the thoughts keeps coming, more details will be added in..haha. 

Till next time, wassalam. :)

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pergi Tak Kembali

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

My last post talks about my then emotional state of being. I did went for my Nordic adventure. Had loads of fun, but before that had some series of unfortunate events or bad luck (as KBB put it). First it was my worry that something were to happened at home while I'm on holiday, and then there was this incident in the work place that caused me to be hospitalized for 4 days!

I fall on my back on the last day of a site visit to a terminal. Quite fair bit of fiasco, to the point that MEDEVAC were to be activated. I told my travel mates, they assured me that they will help me with my luggage, and it's not like we were in Amazing Race or something :). I was working from home until the day I traveled.

And my series of unfortunate event did not stops there, the day I was supposed to travel, Nov 23rd, Lufthansa's pilot decided to launch a strike. So I had a choice of waiting for a later flight, or change to another flight. Without much thought I booked Turkish Airline ticket direct to Copenhagen to meet up with the rest. The original plan to transit in London went bust because of it. There goes my another pair of cheap Clarks! hehe..If I were to wait for the later Luthansa flight, the whole itinerary will have to be changed as well, so no can do.

So there I go happy-happy joy-joy in Scandi. I will save the travelog later. Our last destination was Stockholm. I have to leave early to make it to Shaz's wedding. I was supposed to meet with my parents at the wedding and head home direct to NG after that wedding. Before I touched down KL, mak informed me ayah is already on wheelchair, definitely could not make it to the wedding. Without further ado, I've tried to delay my return flight back to Nigeria, but all Emirates flights seems to be fully booked on the tentative fly back dates. I've tried both ticketing offices, Stockholm, and Dubai and by the time I touched down KL, I knew for sure that I will not be able to change my flight ticket back to Nigeria.

That very day I touched down, I bought a one way Air France ticket, end destination Port Harcourt. No point for me to return to Lagos and waste another day there. Booked MAS return ticket to AOR and I attended Shaz's wedding with the peace of mind that I am travelling back to SP on Monday, the day after the reception.

I flew back with 1.30 PM flight to AOR, adik fetch me and rather than heading straight to the hospital (ayah was admitted on Friday night, mak spare me the news, as I was busy with Shaz's wedding), I went back to take a bath and quick nap as I was having massive headache from few days lack of sleep. The plan is to go to the hospital at 6PM.

Around 5.50 PM, another sister texted the news, ayah no longer there. He has peacefully passed away. Innalillahi wa inna ilahi rojiun.. This was on the 12th Dec 2016, Monday. We head straight to the hospital, and when we got there, ayah's remains was still in the ward, yet to be transferred to the mortuary. I stayed with mak, clearing all the hospital documentations etc and was with mak in van jenazah heading back home. Some people may beat themselves up for not being able to see their parents before they finally departed, but for me, I will not do that. Terkilan maybe, but I am even more thankful that I was there back in SP when all these happened. Imagine if I were in Nigeria, or on a cruise somewhere, how much help can I render to the family. I am really thankful of Allah's planning, the timing especially. Syukur sangat-sangat, dah besar rahmat I was there to help mak uruskan mana yang patut, and not be scrambling for flight tickets and what not.

Meanwhile my neighbours quickly helped to set the house ready for us. By the time we got back, all has been prepared for us. Jenazah was laid to rest the following day around 12 PM. The whole process were smooth alhamdulillah. My sister witnessed the ghusl at the masjid, and she mentioned that the kariah took time to properly complete it, they were not rushing, which is good for the jenazah I guess. Should be handled with care. So there it is, ayah has left us, went to see his Creator. Until a few days after his demise, there a few people came over to the house to look for Pak Long Usop, as he was fondly known off by the kampung folks. Some of them did not get the news, and ayah is the kind of person that can talk to anybody he met at coffee shop. Ayah's phone was not working and even if it was, these people are the random people that he met all around. You know how kampung folks are, some has mobile, some doesn't. But I guess by now, most of ayah's acquaintances already knew about his passing.

Till next time, wassalam...

Friday, November 11, 2016

How is my heart today?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Read this article today.

Its a beautiful piece of writing, and it surprises me to know that the writer is a 'he'. Rarely do I get touched by a man's writing. There are certain nuance that I always associated with male writers, people like Khaled Hosseini wrote beautiful and touching pieces but not quite like this. Maybe because what was written is personal to the writer, it has a little bit more soul into it. Ok, enough about the writer, back to the question.

How is my heart today?

Better. At least better than the last few days. It was pretty emotional throughout the week. Hormones raging if you knew what I mean. I still feel anxious. Ayah is not well and has been in hospital for at least 2 weeks. He's getting better but with his condition there is no way he can fully recover. At one point it was almost a life and death situation. While I rushed back in Sept because of this, my sisters asked me to stay put for now. Not to rush into things but I'm ready to go home anytime.

I'm not sad because ayah fell sick, we've seen it coming, and if its his time to go, we are all ready for it. Maybe its for the better. But I don't quite understand why I am feeling more melancholic these few days.

I'm due to set for another adventure on 23rd, of to the Nordic region, and followed by a short trip back home for Shaz wedding. With whats happening back home, I've started to second guess my plan. If I go and 'enjoy' my trip, what if something happen back home? But I've made all the arrangements, paid what needs to be paid, I'm all set. Its not so much about the money, but more of the opportunity to go and see things.

Voiced out my dilemma to KBB, the feedback that I get comes in a form of questions, what if ayah's condition continues for months and months to come? Would I stop doing things that I want to do just because I am so called on standby? Basically do I want to put my life on hold? Its a heavy question. But it did crossed my mind even before I was asked. Life has to go on. My life has to go on.

For now, I have to play by ear. We'll see what will happen. Ayah's condition can go from OK to worse overnight. Anywhere I will be, it will be equally challenging to organize a trip back home, that was KBB's argument. And I have to admit, that is the case.

So we'll see. Till next time.
Beds of roses outside NASA Centre in Houston. January 2016. 


Monday, October 31, 2016


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Have you ever made some one that is so kelam-kabut, so all over the place and at the same the same time very aggressive? Have you? I have, every single day. Its my dear boss. Sakit hati betui. Kita dah explain, but since he refuse to hear and understand, he said that he didn't have any knowledge of it. Depan2 kita dia p cakap lagu tu. Mendidih la.. last2 I just ignore the discussion and put on my head phone. He continued discussing with my colleagues on other topics.

Luckily I did not raised my voice, I just make faces, when I'm crossed, that part is obvious no matter how much I want to control my anger. Muka memang tak boleh blah.

After things has cooled down, I went over to talk to my boss about other things. My emotion has been normalized and his edginess seems to have subsided. Turns out there are few things on his plate that of Urgent and Important that seems to be not quite together this morning. On top of that we are having some restructuring exercise right now, and he is bogged down by resume screenings, interview, the whole enchilada, even for other departments. So I can imagine the level of stress that he is having right now.

Ok, I've calmed down and he even apologize for being a bit jumpy this morning. So its all good now. Haih.. drama pagi-pagi Senin ni.

Ikutkan hati, I wanted to leave this corporate world. I really do. But fikir-fikir balik, my family depends on me and I am still afraid to venture on my own. Kurang keyakinan (or is it malas?) hehe.. Boleh kot, if push comes to shove, I think I can survive outside O&G industry. Cumanya la ni dah selesa earning and spending :D

Sapa nak bagi ai fixed income every month? Kalau meniaga sendiri mahu la tiap2 bulan dok pening buat cash flow...So seriously kena kick myself in the back once in a while supaya bersyukur dengan kerja ni. I am not at a point I hate my job. No, I still very much like my job, and looking forward to more adventures, cumanya ya lah..kadang-kadang down jugak.

Oklah, very much looking forward to my trip 23 days from now!!! Now that justify the job. Dingo (my neighbour, one of the kuyas) keep on asking me, "Remind me again, why do we have to work?" and my standard answer would be "So that we can go on holidays". That should be it!

Till next time, wassalam.

p/s: I've not watched the last week's Suri Hati Mr Pilot. Nak kumpul tengok terus 8 episod this weekend, dah nak habis kan.. my way of delayed gratification (just learned this phrase ..hehehe) . Apa kena mengena pon tak tau :P

Monday, October 24, 2016

Dalam Hati Ada Taman

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

Tajuukk... tak agak-agak..haha. Well its nothing really. Just that this past weekend somehow I was in 'dalam hati ada taman' mode. I seriously don't know what triggers it, but I've read 2 novels, Hikayat Si Pematah Hati and Isteri Untuk Disewa within the few days and on top of that I watched until episode 8 of Suri Hati Mr Pilot online. Haaa ko.. mana tak berbunga-bunga. Baca novel cintan-cintun, tengok pulak drama gitu, dah tumbuh la taman dalam hati.. haha..

Well...its just one of those days. I have this habit, I have all kinds of feeling bottled up inside me, with no way to let it out (how can I?) nak sembang takda sapa, so whatever feeling that I feels will just have to sit deep down inside, waiting for any trigger for it to be released. And all these lovey dovey feeling got unleashed over the past weekend.. :) La ni mula la tak boleh move on. Dok ternampak-Nampak Fattah Amin senyum, cara dia pandang Neelofa, pastu dok senyum sorang2. And when I watched this, I really don't picture myself in that, or FA senyum to me or something like that, no. I just like seeing both of them. I've never really watch Neelofa before, and though she might not be among the best actress, but she's not bad la.

My definition of not bad is surpass the basic requirement, applies to everything. So if I say 'not bad', its actually a compliment, if you want me to give a scale, maybe 6-7 out of 10. Some people might feels disheartened hearing a 'not bad' feedback, but if you get that from me, that is good enough.

Ok, now still tak boleh move on. Sat2 senyum.. parah.. Kerja wei.. baru hari Isnin. Better wait till weekend to watch the whole week's episode. Sonang kojo eh.. takyah tunggu tetiap hari.

Signing off now, really need to get back to work. Tata peeps (whoever you are, which I seriously doubt ada orang dok mai baca lagi blog ni..hahaha)

Till next post, wassalam.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

3 hari yang sangap...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Its day 3 now. My hard disk (work laptop) were showing signs of crashing on Tuesday and fearing for the worst I copied all the documents to my external hard disk, painfully.. One click took the processor 5 mins to respond. I managed to copy all the documents. Hopefully it is safe and sound for now.

Whole day Tuesday was gone, doing the back up, yesterday I couldn't start the laptop at all and sent it right away for the IT people to rectify it. I did told them on Tuesday, but nobody took any action. They said the HP people was scheduled to come here on Tuesday to repair / service, and from what I see, already there are another 2 laptops that is waiting for repair. The HP people did not showed up on Tuesday, and yesterday was no show as well. The reason? it was raining.. I was like.. WTH? Ni bukan pedalaman ceruk mana nak kena naik sampai harung sungai arus deras time hujan. I don't know what to say anymore. There were no replacement laptop or PC, which makes me furious even more.

Today I demanded a replacement laptop but they keep on promising that HP people will come and fix my laptop today. I can't do anything much for now.

So for the past 3 days, I've been doing literally nothing. Untuk mengubat hati yang lara (chewah...hehe) jom layan few pictures from our US trip.
Breakfast at Houston Airport, LA bound. Met Sakina at Houston and then onwards from LA RV with the other 2.

First destination Hello Disneyland!!
Lady no 1: Wanah

Lady no 2: Mawar

Lady no 3: Sakina