Monday, October 24, 2016

Dalam Hati Ada Taman

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

Tajuukk... tak agak-agak..haha. Well its nothing really. Just that this past weekend somehow I was in 'dalam hati ada taman' mode. I seriously don't know what triggers it, but I've read 2 novels, Hikayat Si Pematah Hati and Isteri Untuk Disewa within the few days and on top of that I watched until episode 8 of Suri Hati Mr Pilot online. Haaa ko.. mana tak berbunga-bunga. Baca novel cintan-cintun, tengok pulak drama gitu, dah tumbuh la taman dalam hati.. haha..

Well...its just one of those days. I have this habit, I have all kinds of feeling bottled up inside me, with no way to let it out (how can I?) nak sembang takda sapa, so whatever feeling that I feels will just have to sit deep down inside, waiting for any trigger for it to be released. And all these lovey dovey feeling got unleashed over the past weekend.. :) La ni mula la tak boleh move on. Dok ternampak-Nampak Fattah Amin senyum, cara dia pandang Neelofa, pastu dok senyum sorang2. And when I watched this, I really don't picture myself in that, or FA senyum to me or something like that, no. I just like seeing both of them. I've never really watch Neelofa before, and though she might not be among the best actress, but she's not bad la.

My definition of not bad is surpass the basic requirement, applies to everything. So if I say 'not bad', its actually a compliment, if you want me to give a scale, maybe 6-7 out of 10. Some people might feels disheartened hearing a 'not bad' feedback, but if you get that from me, that is good enough.

Ok, now still tak boleh move on. Sat2 senyum.. parah.. Kerja wei.. baru hari Isnin. Better wait till weekend to watch the whole week's episode. Sonang kojo eh.. takyah tunggu tetiap hari.

Signing off now, really need to get back to work. Tata peeps (whoever you are, which I seriously doubt ada orang dok mai baca lagi blog ni..hahaha)

Till next post, wassalam.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

3 hari yang sangap...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Its day 3 now. My hard disk (work laptop) were showing signs of crashing on Tuesday and fearing for the worst I copied all the documents to my external hard disk, painfully.. One click took the processor 5 mins to respond. I managed to copy all the documents. Hopefully it is safe and sound for now.

Whole day Tuesday was gone, doing the back up, yesterday I couldn't start the laptop at all and sent it right away for the IT people to rectify it. I did told them on Tuesday, but nobody took any action. They said the HP people was scheduled to come here on Tuesday to repair / service, and from what I see, already there are another 2 laptops that is waiting for repair. The HP people did not showed up on Tuesday, and yesterday was no show as well. The reason? it was raining.. I was like.. WTH? Ni bukan pedalaman ceruk mana nak kena naik sampai harung sungai arus deras time hujan. I don't know what to say anymore. There were no replacement laptop or PC, which makes me furious even more.

Today I demanded a replacement laptop but they keep on promising that HP people will come and fix my laptop today. I can't do anything much for now.

So for the past 3 days, I've been doing literally nothing. Untuk mengubat hati yang lara (chewah...hehe) jom layan few pictures from our US trip.
Breakfast at Houston Airport, LA bound. Met Sakina at Houston and then onwards from LA RV with the other 2.

First destination Hello Disneyland!!
Lady no 1: Wanah

Lady no 2: Mawar

Lady no 3: Sakina

Friday, October 14, 2016

Whats Up?


Sebulan satu post je...? Hahaha..sedih weh.. dulu-dulu (like 4-5 years back) I blogged almost everyday, and so does my other blogger friends. Hidup rasa warna-warni waktu tu sebab hari-hari ada update macam-macam cerita. Sekarang...? sendu.. haha.. The same gang yang gigih ber-blog sama2 dulu dah mostly tenggelam. I missed Aida with her gorgeous pictures, Dieya with her travel adventures, Kak Yong with her daily stories about dak Ammar, Alisya, Kak Tek dengan cerita anak-anak dan Abe Gapo.

Miss all of them. I guess its life. We moved on and other priorities supersedes blogging, and in my case, malas nak mams...hehe.

For the past month, many things has happened. One of which, I have to travel back due to some family emergency. One week in and out. Super efficient this time, tak buang masa kat London dah..hahaha... (boleh pon straight to the point balik rumah, saja ja nak melencong selalunya tu..) :P

And I will be back to KL again in December for 3 days. (Gilo ko?) hehehe.. when your best friend is getting married, you'll get all kinds of crazy! Shaz will be tying the knot, insyaAllah in December. We discussed about that during our London-Scotland trip and we aimed Feb 2017 initially so that I can take longer leave to attend the wedding. (Dia punya wedding dah apa hal kena ikut kalendar ko? hehehe..)But somehow dah jodoh kan, dipercepatkan ke December.

So happened I already plan a trip in November to home country of KBB, but of course not with him la, with my primary schoolmate and 2 of her friends. Trip is scheduled to end at the same date of Shaz's wedding. So I have to cut short my trip, fly balik Malaysia and attend the wedding, and crazy as it seems, I actually like it! (Suka kan buat kerja gila camni...hehehe)

I've arranged for henna session for us girls. I super love inai, so what is a wedding without inai? Gigih tau cari henna artist yang available at that time. Almaklumlah, peak season, December, semua tengah musim kahwin, and these people normally are booked way in advance. Alhamdulillah dapat jugak satu. Just hope that the majlis will go smoothly.

I am trying to re-ignite my blogging mojo. Doakanlah..haha.

Till next time, wassalam..

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stupid experiment, rasakan! :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I did something stupid, it started off last year and the impact is felt until yesterday. So here goes.

Every calendar year, I have been allocated a certain amount of travel budget. In 2014, I miraculously managed to utilize the budget and walk away a happy camper. In 2015, by the time I was done with the US trip planning, I realized I still have some budget left, but I was running out of time to use it. I wanted to let the budget slide when suddenly the topic came up when I talked to Anton.

So based on his advise, I find the cheapest ticket that suit my remaining budget (that is not under any kind of promotion), buy the ticket with tentative travel date in 2015. Once all claim is done, I can change the travel date to my actual travel date in 2016 (changes cost bear by yours truly), which is fine, its only a fraction compared to the budget that I would consider to be under utilized.

Long story short, I bought a round trip ticket to London from Lagos with Royal Air Maroc. Its a 4 hours flight to Casablanca and few hours transit before another 3 hours flight to London. Date is adjustable. So throughout 2016, I've been trying to squeeze in my travel so that I can utilize that ticket. Some failed (unconfirmed) arrangements happened one after another, and I was pressed to use the ticket.

Suddenly there was a light bulb moment. Why not I travel back to Malaysia from London, using MAS :) taadaa.... I've been wanting to fly with MAS (long haul) since MH370 happened. just to show my solidarity with our national airline.. So that was what I did, for Raya Haji. This was how the travel looks.

Date               Day           From              ETD     To                  ETA           Flight         Airline
8 Sept-16       Thursday   Lagos             0630     Casablanca    1100          AT0554      Royal Air Maroc
8 Sept-16       Thursday   Casablanca     1330     London         1650          AT0800      Royal Air Maroc
10 Sept-16     Saturday    London          1155      KL                0745 (+1)  MH003      Malaysia Airlines
11 Sept-16     Saturday    KL                 0850      Alor Setar     0850          MH1204    Malaysia Airlines
15 Sept-16     Thursday   Alor Setar      2125      KL                2230         MH1253    Malaysia Airlines
17 Sept-16     Saturday    KL                 2315      London         0555 (+1)  MH002     Malaysia Airlines
18 Sept-16     Sunday      London          1810      Casablanca    2135         AT801        Royal Air Maroc
19 Sept-16     Monday     Casablanca    0100      Lagos            0530         AT0555      Royal Air Maroc

Tengok pon pening kan...hahaha.. and I have to explain one by one each time people here asked, how do you travel this time? (We asked the questions a lot here.. somehow flight plan is not a private information among the expats..haha)

I didn't realize it was a stupid plan, until I arrived back yesterday. Imagine I started my journey back in Malaysia on Saturday, Ija picked me up at Putrajaya 8PM

17th Sept (GMT +8)
2000H : Ija picks up
2100H: Reached KLIA, check in
2315H: ETD, but the flight was delayed due to technical issues

18th Sept (GMT+8)
0200H: Departed to London
1500H: Arrived in London

18th Sept (GMT+1)
1000H: Arrived in London
1810H: ETD to Casablanca, Alhamdulillah departed on time
2135H: Arrived in Casablanca

19th Sept (GMT+1)
0100H: Departed to Lagos, on time
0530H: Arrived in Lagos.

The thing that I failed to realized is, Lagos is not my final destination...hahaha.. bodoh kan..

I booked a domestic flight back to PHC at 0700H same day, but after discussing with my colleague, in anticipation of delays etc, I switched my booking to the afternoon flight.

1515H: ETD to PHC (we were delayed due to bad weather)
1700H: Finally departed to PHC
1800H: Arrived in PHC waited for the bus to RA
1830H: Arrived in RA

1830H 19th Sept GMT+1 is equals to 0130H 20th Sept GMT+8

So in total, I spent 53 hours on the road for the leg back from KL to PHC... hahaha.. amek kau, nak sangat pengalaman kan...

Serik weh.. biaq la bayaq mahai sikit. Tak nak dah travel camni. The moment I got home, took shower, had dinner, solat maghrib and tak dan isyak I was totally knocked out! Mangkit midnight for Isyak.

Pengalaman kan... hahaha..

Till next time. This year nampaknya akan ke London lagi...another pertimbangan kurang bijak dari saya ya tuan2 dan puan2..

p/s; KBB p tanya how many days I was away. Bila jawab 1 and half week, dia macam tak caya, tanya dia balik, rasa macam lama ka...? dia cakap ha'ah.. Aik.. sibuk pulak orang cuti lama..hehehe. (menurut firasat hamba, tak la lama mana pon..) :)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Under the weather

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Last weekend I was on Bonga to deliver a training. Got there on Friday afternoon after an episode of commotion with the immigration sitting at Caverton terminal in Lagos. Long story short, my trip was delayed by few hours and I got a detour to two immigration offices..hehe.

One was located in MMIA (the international airport) and another was at this private hangar for all those filthy rich Nigerians (duit mana depa dapat tak tau) to keep their private plane. This is one of them.

On second day on Bonga, guess what? My P comes. I had the hint before the trip, but I wasn't sure as sometimes the signs can come and I only got my period one week later. Regardless I managed to pack some ponstan and there was already some sanitary pads in my bag, but its always not enough.

I consumed ponstan on regular basis when I was on Bonga, reason being is I was having training session, there is no way I can appear even remotely unwell. Uh uh..not gonna happen. On that 2 days I consumed 10 tablets of Mfenamic Acid 250 gm. I know its not good, but its not every month, and I really need to fight all the pain.
On the last day on Bonga, managed to capture few pictures outside the E deck. Wish I can venture more but I was too tired for the whole weekend, having to speak for almost 8 hours a day.

Thats the escape boat, should we need to evacuate the vessel and run (or swim?? hehe)!!
Finally got home on Tuesday afternoon after of course some more delays...(what's new?). Yesterday resumed coming back to office, only to feel something is not right. The aircond seems much colder and already I was not feeling good. Despite layering up with thermal clothing on the inside, I succumbed to cold. Took half day yesterday. Went back and made some 'mat saleh' style chicken soup. The taste is not bad, consumed 2 oranges to boost my immune system and went to sleep with a bad headache. I was holding my head till I fall asleep.

This morning, I am even more prepared. 1 tumbler of Ahmad's Lemon and Lime tea, and these supplies :)
Dah layout siap-siap atas meja. And that is my last Vicks, updating my shopping list balik raya haji nanti. That panadol is courtesy of Tawheed, my colleague. I ran out of mine. Again, have to update my medicine list..

So hopefully I can survive another day in this cold office. There are only 5 of us in this space that can easily hold 12 people. Not much heat generation, and we rely on centralized air conditioning unit, so you do the math.

Itu ja nak update kali ni. Nak share somewhere, but since my IG is now a more public space with I don't know how many strangers now followed me, malas la pulak nak share benda2 camni kat IG. And another thing is nobody reads blog anymore..haha. So it is now has became my private sanctuary. :)

Till next time, wassalam. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A cast member is walking out..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Something unexpected happened today. Somebody decided to pull out from and agreement that we have. Its a social agreement nonetheless. I should not be so offended, but somehow I am. Guess you can't control your heart eh? 

I seriously didn't see it coming. So this is how getting rejected feels. It sucks. I have no choice but to move on. I should be thankful that this person agrees to enter the agreement in the first place. So now I need to find a new person to replace that void. Its OK, have faith that there is other people that is willing to help me with it. Allah is with me. Have faith!  

Till next time, wassalam. 

p/s: 29th Syawal, my last day of puasa 6! yeay! alhamdulillah... :)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Post Raya Depression

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..
Amboi tajuk..tak agak2..haha. My Solat Apps says its 27th Syawal, and I've been back to work since 10th Syawal, so I came back at the time all the open houses are about to start. My FB timelines are filled with people either hosting or attending open houses.
I hosted one (can't really say its an open house) the previous weekend. Cooked mee rebus, rendang daging with pulut kuning, roti jala with kari ayam, and for dessert I made chocolate brownie and kek suji CMG. Nak kata puas makan, macam kenyang jugak la, siap ada leftovers which took me almost 2 weeks to finish, but still I craved for many other foods as well.
I just realized, on each of my trip back, I've never really go for 'jalan-jalan cari makan'. Normal catch up with friends and family pakai main tangkap muat nak makan kat mana. Waaaa... As of now, my cravings include:
  1. Pasemboq
  2. Durian - not so much of cravings per se, but more of teringin dok tengok orang post gambaq durian dalam FB..huhuhu
I have another 3 days to go for puasa 6. I will finish on 29th Syawal, insyaAllah. Am seriously thinking of making pasemboq as a mark for my 'raya' celebration..hehe.
Malam ni kena rendam kacang hijau for the tauge, and maybe by Sunday I will be able to enjoy my pasemboq, that is, if I didn't change my mind in the course of this week. Haha.
On another note, am sponsoring the fun run this Thursday. The menu would be:
Appetiser :
Cucoq udang with kuah kacang
Mains :
  1. Nasi putih
  2. Sambal kering - kentang, tauhu, fucuk, suun (made the tauhu last weekend, now sitting nicely in the fridge, and I just realized, I have tooo many fucuk and suun, so better start consuming now.
  3. Kerabu daun selom - I cannot NOT have this :)
  4. Snake gourd kootu - Snake gourd is a vegetable that is of peria, petola family, originally came from India, I used to have it in my garden but somehow it refuses to grow anymore. Will share the recipe if its a success.
  5. Ayam goreng berempah.
Kuih sagu
That should be it. It looks a lot, but its not actually. The previous fun run I had a theme going on, but this time I didn't really have a proper plan, so the theme is 'wing it'! haha. We'll see.
Until next time. Wassalam.