Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cerita Air Freight

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

Yesterday I finally did something constructive (kind off..hehe). In my air freight, I packed the biggest suitcase with what I thought was mostly work clothes, but when I opened it, only 1 or 2 tops was in there. The rest is my huge tudung collection. (way too much I'm telling you..) and to make things worse, the suitcase smells, and odd smell, bau hapak maybe, but alhamdulillah not all. 

So during lunch time, I sorted the clothes, turns out 2 huge piles to be washed and since my washing machine is still somewhere in the Gulf of Guinea, I have no choice but to bring to the self service laundry. So there I was at 5.30pm, tercongok kat dobi basuh baju. Well, one step in the right direction..hehe. 

I did the folding while watching 'pakcik' and co at 7pm. There is still a huge mess in the living room, but I am giving myself another day to live with it. Taking procrastination to the max...huhuhu...

Gambatte kudasai! you can do it!.

Till next time, wassalam.  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu


I think I'm going to consistently blog again..for obvious reason. Hehe.

I am now hooked on this drama. I don't have Astro since I don't think its worth the money, but I got hooked on this drama after 1 month stay at the hotel. The thing is, this is a typical malay drama with over the top crazy rich family with their own family issues, nothing new. Its just another novel turned drama by this writer, which is not my favourite as her story are always elaborate and heavily dramatized (nama pun fiksyen kannn..). I tried buying the book, but the review is horrible in MPH website hence I passed. So why did I got hooked?

I think mainly because of the soundtrack. Lagu Siti memang berhantu, and the fact they chose an old song, but somehow related to the story line, that actually impressed me. Melodramatic ballad as soundtrack is a big pull factor for viewer like me..hahaha..Also I think Nelydia Senrose played the part well (just googled who actually acted, never can tell her apart from Uqasha :P) . The dialogues are funny, a bit hyperbolic but funny. I can now understand the bad ratings and comments about the book using childish language. Well, I wouldn't want to read a book with language standard not at par as well (which is why I've not read the Twilight trilogy, bahasa budak-budak sangat). But when it comes to drama, definitely I can tolerate that as that's how informal we are anyway.

I wanted to binge watch over the weekend, but I am not that patient. I actually watched the live stream last night..hahaha. Bila dah emo, macam-macam boleh jadi. See if I can hold the temptation tonight.

Till tomorrow. Daa... Wassalam. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

One Month in Miri!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

As planned. I managed to leave PHC on 6th Dec last year. The whole transfer progress was smooth, alhamdulillah. Allah really make it easy for me. Now I am posting from Miri, my new base. Already moved into the house after a month of staying in the hotel. For the past one month, I've been going back and forth all over Miri town sorting things out for the house. Just received the air freight yesterday. Bought some new furniture and stuffs since I knew that the sea shipment will only come in realistically end March.

There's few hiccup already and I am tired. Tired of following up. The dining table was delivered with wrong set of chairs, so they took back the chair and I am just too tired to call and ask when is the right chair coming in. The gas stove is not working, gas was discharged but does not ignite. The service man is not yet available. Again I was too lazy to call and follow up but alhamdullillah today somebody from the shop call. Hopefully they will be able to send someone this week.

I left my air freight right smack in the living room, all taken out and halfway sorted. These past two days, I was sooooo tired, I didn't do much actually, nothing physical at work either. I guess I am at the tipping point. I am drained. I have been moving around with thousands (lebih la kan..) things going through my head. The weekend before I moved in, I had to spend time waiting and following up on 7 deliveries/appointment.

So this is how it feels living alone...... When I moved to PHC, I had a good support system, the Malaysians are ever willing to help, the rest of the Asians are available as well. I was not alone. I had my nanny with me as well. This time, I am really really alone. I can't ask for help, as I am new to this place and all the people are busy with their own things. If I'm in KL, I'll have my siblings that can help me out. Don't get me wrong, I like it here. Its just that this whole moving and setting up new place thing is really tiring.. and to make things worst, I have to do it all by myself. I really have to think through what to buy, how to put things up, what else do I need, arrange the timing, sneak out during lunch time just to buy an iron and all kinds of other stuffs. Sedih pun ada kena buat semua sendiri. Maybe because I'm on my menstrual right now that I am a little bit emotional. Maybe thats it. This too shall pass.

I'll let the things bersepah in the living room for another few days. Anyhow I still need to get things sorted. Aku jugak yang semak tengok nanti, bukan orang lain... nasib badan.

And to think that this is going to be the my life pattern for every 4 years to come, I have to suck it up and soldier on. This too shall pass. I have no hope in getting married, I am still hoping to meet that special someone, but my head gets the better of me. At this point in time, it would be a miracle if I ever meet someone and get married. So as pathetic as it seems, this is my life, embrace it.

Ok, enough whining. Simpan untuk lain hari pulak. Wassalam. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Tazabar- 45 more sleeps to go!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

So here's the thing. My transfer progress has been slow, but its moving. This week I'll be talking to both the transfer advisor and relocation advisor, and hopefully everything will go smoothly. Regardless of how it will go, I already have a specific departure date in mind :) My leave is approved from 11th December onward. The policy says I will have disembarkation leave of 5 days that is to be taken here in host country, which means from 4th Dec onward I will be on disembarkation leave :) .

Let say that it will take 2 days for the packers to finish packing my stuffs, that is 4th and 5th Dec, so insyaAllah I will be able to leave on 6th December. Based on these estimation, I have decided to hold my farewell lunch on the 3rd December. The menu would be.... (Ya Allah..typical Malaysian, apa2 hal sikit makan aja mulu..huhuhu....)

1. Nasi lemak daun pisang - the plan is to balut with paper and daun pisang...can already smell it!
2. Ayam goreng berempah - sub to Vivi to fry
3. Bihun goreng - sub to Kak Nonie to fry
4. Roti Jala and Kari Ayam
5. Bubur Chacha - madam Raquel volunteer to make :)
6. Karipap - kak Nonie nak payung :)
7. Kuih sagu
8. Kuih koci
9. Popia sayur
10. Cekodok pisang
11. Popsicles - red bean and cendol flavour (may I have the strength to make this..hehehe)

I am thinking to have all the food for 50 pax. Nasi will be half portion size, macam nasi lemak singgit tu, because we still have other heavy food (bihun and roti jala). Banyak lagi nak buat tapi takut tak habih nanti. Depa ni bukan gheti makan banyak2.

I may make extra nasi lemak, in case some wants to take back. Maybe buat 70 small pax? Ok kot.

Now I am busy going through my things and sorting out which one to keep, throw, or sell. Quite a messy task actually because when I moved from PD to here, I did not really have the time to sort all these, so the packers actually packed all my sampah jugak..hahaha. I already went through the main bedroom, already one big bag of rubbish to throw. I foresee more when I go through the buckloads of papers and electronics garbage that I have collected. We'll see. Until next time, wassalam..

p/s: Bapak bosan weh.. works has wind down, at least for me. My teammates is very poor at delegating, I've asked them to pass whatever load they have to me, now that I am readily available, tapi tak... semua buat bodo. One meeting, three of them is attending, and I was not kept in the loop. Lantak hangpa la.

The more I voiced out, the more rude I am seen as, so why bother? For now, settle bab transfer ni lagi best..hehehehehe. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Next: MYY

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Last entry was in July..huhuhu... I was on roller coaster emotional ride of hope and disappointment these past few months. From May to be exact. That was when I started looking around for my next job. My expiry date here is 1st Jan 2018, after that I am no longer valid here (figuratively speaking). From May I have been keeping my eyes open on the next job, however, Shell Malaysia has one restriction. No back to back overseas posting. Dang! There were lots of jobs floating around in Iraq, Netherlands, US and even Brunei, and I was not allowed to apply to any of them.

So there I was at the mercy of Shell Malaysia to create that opportunity to me. I've mentioned my options before should I fail to get a position within Shell Malaysia and alhamdulillah, none of the options will take effect. I have just received a good news, not official but almost certain now. I will be placed in Miri for the next job.

When I started looking for jobs, I talked to many people and the message is clear. My only option was either in KL or just KL. Miri has no opening, neither is Sabah. Even after HSE team in EP Malaysia had their succession planning meeting in August, still no job in Miri. There is one job available in in KL and I've applied with very high hopes, only to be turned down. I came back from raya haji almost heartbroken (despite knowing that things can potentially goes that way, and having 5 options laid out by myself).

Somehow Allah SWT works his miracles. A person in Miri resigned, and a position was opened up. To cut the story short, they are not advertising the position and decided to place me there. I basically has no competition at all. Just had a chat with the team lead and she verbally confirms it. It has always been this way with me. Allah blocks all the possible way for me even before I get to the doorstep, just so I will continue on the road that He has chosen for me. I am not like most person, who gets 2-3 offers at a time, and dumbfounded as to which one to choose. That has not been my case.

So, Miri is next. Port Dickson>> Port Harcourt >> Miri. Praying for a smooth transfer process. :) InsyaAllah...

Pic from Google - Tusan Beach, Miri. Looking forward to go back to beach life :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017


That moment when you both look up from afar just to smile and wave goodbye.

I keep on saying this, I hope I can have this exact feeling again...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh....

If yesterday I wrote about my dreams should I be able to land a job in KL, today I will share what my plan is, if that did not happen.

This is my final year here, and although I have not spoken to the GM yet, I have a feeling that my service here is not going to be extended. Reason is, my boss gave me a non-hesitant approval to start looking for jobs, now that I am reaching the end of assignment. That is indirectly saying, we no longer need you, please go ahead and make the necessary plan towards the end of your time here.

For the past 2-3 years, Shell has been cutting jobs all around the world, Malaysia is not excluded. Been looking for job since May and I have yet to find anything. I don't even see many job in my field that are being advertised, at least not within Shell.

So, if I fail to get a job in Malaysia, by end of this year, what will happen? Big question....and indeed I have been thinking a lot about this as well. For the first time in my life, I am worried that I will not be able to provide for my family. Back in 2006, when I resigned from MP without having even 1 offer in my hand, it was less terrifying. Maybe because I don't have much commitment back then. Now all are on me.

Having that in mind, I came up with back up plans.

Plan A:
Take a break from working, and maybe pursue full time Masters Degree course. I've been wanting to do this for quite sometime. I have no discipline to commit to part time study. So a full year course should be fine and I have confidence that I can complete it. The only problem is $$ or should I say £££? Hehehe. Well, I did my diploma and bach degree in UiTM, so rasanya tak salah kalau nak berangan buat Masters kat oversea kan..

For this plan to work, I need to save up ~ RM 240K, that will roughly cover my tuition fee, cost of living in UK, cost of living mak in SP and some basic overheads for SJ apartment.

The semester in UK starts in September, but I will be free January onwards (depending on employment T&C with Shell is, so during the gap time, I have to think of something, my sister actually suggested doing Uber..hahaha. not bad, boleh la kot dipertimbangkan.

Plan B:
Venture into business, cake business maybe but I have to save some start up cost. So anyhow I still need to save money. For this one, I need to attend classes, take proper training and have some target customer. Maybe balik dok Kedah pun ok. Spoken to a friend that works with Mardi, she suggested bisnes cendawan tiram, menarik jugakla kalau pikiaq balik. So yes, this one definitely an option.

Plan C:
Find job with other O&G company. To be honest, I am kind of tired of working in the corporate world. Selagi ada rezeki with Shell, OK, but to apply to another company....boleh, tapi... banyakla tapi..hehehe. We'll see how. Rezeki ada kat mana-mana kan..?

So anyhow, life has to go on, and rezeki Allah ada di mana-mana. We will see how this will turns out.

Till next time, wassalam.