Monday, July 2, 2018

World Cup 2018 Russia

Assalamualaikum wbt

Its that time of 4 years again, yes, World Cup is heating up worldwide as we speak, with group stage completed and now we are at the round of 16, things are heating up pretty fast. And alhamdulillah, I will be going again this year, my 3rd world cup :)

This time around the fight to get the ticket was so intense, we did not get what we wanted, we only managed to secure a 3rd match ticket and I bought a quarter final ticket for myself. This time around there will be 3 of us, Dieya at first almost could not make it despite having completed (purchased) all the flight tickets and hotel stay and all, but by some lucky turn of event, she will be going! We have a new member joining the GCK, Fizah my BBGS mate. This is her first world cup and bet you she is ecstatic! Ija and Adin had to pass this trip due to some personal constraint. 

I will be going first, my flight is departing this Friday 6th July. As of now, only my body is here, my soul has partially departed..hahaha..My first destination is Samara, langsung tak research lagi nak buat apa kat sana. I will have 8,9 and 10th to go around jalan-jalan. The girsl will join me later on 10th in St Petersburg and then we will proceed to Moscow and then final destination Kazan. 

Hopefully everything will go well, insyaAllah. Till next post. Tata.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

WLC Update

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

I started this journey in early April, weighted about 88kg. Today, when I weighed myself this morning, it was 81.8 kg. That is 6.2 kg in almost 2 months. I did cheat in between. The week of the election, I was in KL, all things goes out of the window..hehehe.. Other people easily loose 6 kg in one month.

I know it will be (forever and ever) an uphill battle for me in terms of loosing weight. I can tighten my belt, exercise like crazy and yet I will still see my weight plateau. I totally broke down yesterday morning, the weight was stagnant at 82.4 kg for few days despite it being fasting month. Stress ok. Orang lain follow the meal plan and they easily loose 2-3 kilo a week. Me? Jangan harap. I would have to supplement the meal plan with a 5K walk to even loose 1kg a week. It is so unfair and I hate my body for this. I really do, but not to the point of damaging it. I won't be going to jamu store and buy whatever ubat kurus available. Tak la sampai macam tu.

The key now is to keep telling myself, I'm doing fine, its ok to slack off once in a while, but just keep doing this. Physically, I've not felt any significant difference. My body hasn't change that much. People are still not able to tell that I am loosing weight. It will take loosing another 5 kg easily if I were to feel it I guess. Punya la ketegaq lemak-lemak ni semua.

I plan to have a full medical check up closer to my birthday. Hopefully I'll be out of obese zone by that time. I need to start looking for personal insurance. Who knows what will happen in the future. The company will not be there for me the whole time, my days are numbered. In order to not pay for a hefty premium, I need to get myself out of the high risk zone. InsyaAllah I can do it.

Till next time. Wassalam.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

WLC April 2018

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I am in this challenge for the month, WLC (Weight Loss Challenge). Before I came back, I think my weight was hovering around 83-85 kg (not good!) and during the first 2 months I'm back, I gained few more kilos. Thanks to the availability to eat out, fast food, cravings and most importantly my poor discipline.

I came across few ad on IG and was drawn into one. They boasted that the program is about eating healthy. I am having a lot of pains all over, hence I could not commit to exercise, but I know I need to loose weight pronto! Last time I was heaviest at 87kg before I start my gym session (yang tak berapa nak disiplin jugak tu..) That, over few months I managed to get the lowest 81 kg. I have never remembered myself being lighter than that. Sedih kan. Always obese. Things that I've tried, protein drinks (Herbalife) - twice, once via Shaz, and one more time via my gym trainer.. tak jalan..tak habis pun, last2 buang ja protein drinks tu.

I've tried Sendayu Tinggi in uni, at one point I've tried the diet soup, ala, the cabbage soup 7 day diet.. tu pun 2 minggu pastu lapsed balik.. No results jugak. I've considered Atkins diet, but I can't stay away from carbs..hehehe. I've tried the I Quit Sugar menu plan when I was in PHC, it was going well, but there were many ingredients that I could not find there, so there it goes again. All of the plans are either halfway or didn't even get to the starting line. I was hopeless when it comes to dieting.

But this is chronic. I'm going to be 37 in 2 months time. I don't want to be at this weight. I don't want to keep buying bigger clothes because the existing one could not fit anymore. So I've decided to join this program. Paid the fee and the coach sent a pack for me to be used throughout this month. Herbalife protein shake again... aiyoookkk... Nak buat macam mana, kena kuatkan hati jugak. My starting weight (with work clothes on) was 88 kg..whhaattttt??? Huhuhu...

The good thing ( I think) about this time is, they set up whatsapp group and we are required to update the progress everyday. They've provided meal plan for the whole month. The critical ones are for lunch. Breakfast and dinner is the shake, so no brainer. Snacks 2 times a day that is normally either nuts or fruits, again no brainer. Lunch is properly planned such as you only have one carb and one protein portion. Veges are considered carbs - complex sugar. So for lunch, the combo would be either nasi + ikan, or ayam + salad, or telur + sayur, that kind of combination. So far, one week into the program, with me cheating some in the middle (hari tu tempted tengok keledek goreng kat pasar, bila nak beli rupanya sukun goreng..ahh... dah terliur punya pasal ku beli 3 keping.. buat lepas gian..hahaha), I am losing close to 2 kg. So kena la kuatkan hati sampai end of month.

If I get to shed more than 5kg this month, its a big success already. As with all the diet program, initial round will be abrupt loss, later it will slow down and it will plateau at some point. That part, exercise would be very key. Target before raya is to get to 80kg. Ringan sikit nak jalan p Russia. :)

Tomorrow is the second weigh in. Hopefully istiqomah la this time around nak survive to end month and not to relapsed to this weight again. Nak jugak merasa normal least before 40..huhuhu..

Till next time, wassalam. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

4th April 2018

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

Day 4 without a phone. By right I was supposed to receive it yesterday, but somehow it's not here yet. Life without a mobile phone has been a bliss so far. I may be disconnected, but I am somewhat more peaceful. Not checking on my phone once every few minutes is actually quite liberating. Last night was the q-final for champions league, I sort of knew it but did not really keep a tab minute by minute, and this morning I found out that Juve got trashed in their own home :)

Called mak yesterday after work just to update her that I have not gotten my phone yet. Mak will know how to reach me should there be a need. For now my only worry is if Chiew try to reach me. He was supposed to be in Miri 4-6th April to collect his stuffs that are in my sea freight. Sent him message via FB, hope that he will see it in time.

This has actually made me to reconsider having a smart phone. I still need a phone number as transaction online is more common now. I've been holding buying flight ticket for G's wedding (Put's brother) since I don't have my phone with me. Ni lagi satu... kenapa masa Shaz invite p wedding Nat I feel as if the invite is just for the sake of inviting. I think I am demanding too much from this friendship, Ija didn't get invited at all, she didn't even knew that Nat was getting married. Shaz totally ousted her. Put actually sent a private message that actually sounds private.. I can sense the level of genuine there. Tengokla, when I get my phone and the ticket price is still not more than RM 350, I'll buy and attend the wedding. Hari tu baru meroyan nak p wedding kan? hehehe...

I still have loads to do at home, organizing things, the dining table is still full of stuffs. Headache betul. I am taking this really slow. Last week I was almost on full gear, but as usual, my period kicks in and this week I am still recovering from the flu. Nowadays my antibody seems week. I recall the last menstrual cycle, I was also down with flu, I hope this will not become a trend. Susah macam ni, I will easily loose 7 days camtu, tambah flu lagi, maybe 10 days in total. The garden is neglected, I didn't prepare proper food. Life is a mess. Okla.. till next time.


Monday, April 2, 2018

1st April 2018

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Yesterday was not a good day. Things that could possible gone wrong, did went wrong. I went back to SP for the weekend, taking advantage of the Good Friday holiday. I was scheduled to depart from AOR at 3PM and later took a flight back to Miri. Somehow at the back of my mind, I keep on thinking I have 1.5 hrs to spare at the airport until my next flight.

But before that, top of the list for series of unfortunate events yesterday started with me forgetting my phone and only realized it when we were already on the highway. Realized it too late, so I made a decision to just carry on my travel and get my sister to mail the phone to me later. I should be able to survive without a phone for at least 2 days right?...... well..almost right, but not really.

So after checking in, the flight from AOR to KUL was delayed for 15 minutes, not a big deal, I do have 1.5 hrs to spare till the next flight.. or so I thought! After the touchdown in KUL, I was itching to buy some burger for the road. So I went out to the arrival hall, get my burger and then went up to departure hall and get in line for some bubur ayam McD. I've been having cold and runny nose. That bubur will perk me up a bit for the next 2 hrs flight. The queue was quite long and the service was quite slow. After paying for my bubur, I stepped aside waiting for my orders to be ready. Somehow I felt something was not right. I took out the boarding pass for my next flight and it shows 1705H departure time, and I asked for time from the people behind me, it was already 1715H!! Holy cr*p! I'm screwed. Took my bubur and quickly made a dash to MAS counter, and indeed I've missed the flight, and alhamdulillah, there is still available seat on the next flight which will depart at 2105H, and cost me another ~RM 300 for the next ticket..adoila.. I honestly thought 1730H was the boaridng time and depart at 1830H. What gave me the idea.. I don't know...

2 unfortunate events down, more to come.. Flight departed on time, and landed on time as well in Miri. After custom clearance, I took my luggage and made way to the taxi counter. No phone, means no Grab..huhuhu.. By the time I was at the taxi stand, it was already 2356H, the midnight surcharge started at 2345H..amek kau.. The taxi ride from the airport to the office where I parked the car was RM 61 (midnight surcharge rate..) ameeekkk...

Okla fine, as long as I go home safe, I don't mind paying. I got to the office around 0020H, and guess what? The car wont start.....! Battery problem. The office AP (Auxiliary Police) tried to help jump start my car, but it just wont budge. So they decided to send my home. Finally got home 0130H. Long and tiring day. I thought of taking the stronger flu medication, but it will totally knock me out for a good 8 hour, so I just settled for the normal flu tablet.

This morning I called the Proton service guys (using the house phone..hahaha) and get them to pick me up at the house and sent me to the office and check on the car. Bateri ni pulak pandai..when  the guys checked it, nothing is wrong, all is good. Confuse hakak tau..

Ended up I clocked in the office at 10AM. A personal record by far, as I am always the early one.

I should really evaluate back my barriers/safeguard for travelling alone. From what I gather last night, my barriers are not independent. A simple act of forgetting my phone caused a pretty screwed up day.. Ohh well... I don't get much drama, this is as drama as I can get with my mundane life...hahaha..

Till next time, wassalam..

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cerita Air Freight

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

Yesterday I finally did something constructive (kind off..hehe). In my air freight, I packed the biggest suitcase with what I thought was mostly work clothes, but when I opened it, only 1 or 2 tops was in there. The rest is my huge tudung collection. (way too much I'm telling you..) and to make things worse, the suitcase smells, and odd smell, bau hapak maybe, but alhamdulillah not all. 

So during lunch time, I sorted the clothes, turns out 2 huge piles to be washed and since my washing machine is still somewhere in the Gulf of Guinea, I have no choice but to bring to the self service laundry. So there I was at 5.30pm, tercongok kat dobi basuh baju. Well, one step in the right direction..hehe. 

I did the folding while watching 'pakcik' and co at 7pm. There is still a huge mess in the living room, but I am giving myself another day to live with it. Taking procrastination to the max...huhuhu...

Gambatte kudasai! you can do it!.

Till next time, wassalam.  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu


I think I'm going to consistently blog again..for obvious reason. Hehe.

I am now hooked on this drama. I don't have Astro since I don't think its worth the money, but I got hooked on this drama after 1 month stay at the hotel. The thing is, this is a typical malay drama with over the top crazy rich family with their own family issues, nothing new. Its just another novel turned drama by this writer, which is not my favourite as her story are always elaborate and heavily dramatized (nama pun fiksyen kannn..). I tried buying the book, but the review is horrible in MPH website hence I passed. So why did I got hooked?

I think mainly because of the soundtrack. Lagu Siti memang berhantu, and the fact they chose an old song, but somehow related to the story line, that actually impressed me. Melodramatic ballad as soundtrack is a big pull factor for viewer like me..hahaha..Also I think Nelydia Senrose played the part well (just googled who actually acted, never can tell her apart from Uqasha :P) . The dialogues are funny, a bit hyperbolic but funny. I can now understand the bad ratings and comments about the book using childish language. Well, I wouldn't want to read a book with language standard not at par as well (which is why I've not read the Twilight trilogy, bahasa budak-budak sangat). But when it comes to drama, definitely I can tolerate that as that's how informal we are anyway.

I wanted to binge watch over the weekend, but I am not that patient. I actually watched the live stream last night..hahaha. Bila dah emo, macam-macam boleh jadi. See if I can hold the temptation tonight.

Till tomorrow. Daa... Wassalam.