Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jab We Met

Watch this one last night. Actually this is my second time, first one I fell asleep in the middle on the first song..hehehe...(it was not that boring, I was just too sleepy) Anyway, Shaz has been putting very good words for the movie and how cute Shahid Kapoor is and I just give it a second chance ;)

After not watching Hindi movies for quite some time, it is refreshing to watch this movie. I can say that although the storyline is typical Hindi style with the cheesy lines at some part and also the perfectly synchronised dance moves, it was actually not bad. Kareena's character (Geet) was bubbly at first but took a complete turn when the love of her life rejected her. For Aditya (Shahid) it is cool that he does not over-do (unlike SRK..whom I think always over the top in terms of acting) his character or else it will just fall into some other Hindi movie.

Do I fall in love with Shahid? Probably a crush...oohhh he is so cute and charming and handsome and......(this can go on and on..hehehehe..;) Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie, but they only sold it in India though, probably can get Shaz to ask her cousin to buy in bulk so that she can become the sole distributor here..sounds like a good opportunity? You bet!!