Monday, May 25, 2009

Family Saga

Nope, this one not on national TV or in Astro. This one is LIVE. I have mentioned before that we (my siblings and I) are not close to the family on fathers side. Reason? they are not the nicest people (you can't choose your relative right?), especially my father's younger brother,S.

Even when they were small, he always bullied my father and the fact that my late grandma loves him more than my father, does not help either. He always have this power over my father and my father is kind of afraid of him. So, I received a call from my mom last night and she told me that my father had went back to his hometown and S took his car away and demand that my father settle a sum of money that my father owed to one of their relatives (my father owed somebody else, not S). He threathen to hold on to my father's old car until the debt is settled.

I was furious, I asked my mom to call police immediately. My father, of course 'love' his brother and wants none of this to go as far as to the police. I insist on reporting anyway. My aunt (father's younger sis) tried to help and asked S to return the car back but he refused. OK, game ON!!! I called police and lodge a report.

The police called home and asked my father to lodge official report at the station. My father was still trying to be nice and my mum made him go back to his hometown in the middle of the night to get back the car. A neighbour accompanied him there. I gave until this morning, if I did not hear anything, I will go and make official report here in PD.

Mom called this morning and told me that my father managed to bring back the car. S always do this since he was young, extort my father's money in some kind of way. Well back then I was small and knows nothing. Now he has to face ME. There is no way I am going to let him bully my family ever again, over my dead body.

I did sent a very strong message to my aunt warning them not to pull this kind of tricks again, else they will be in BIG trouble. Mess with me and you'll pay for the consequence!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Coming...

After many ding-dong, schedule differment, finally I'm going. Its pretty much confirmed (InsyaAllah).

It all started in 2007. Me and a friend (Asma) were just planning on our next trip, and we figured it really is high time for us to do this. So we started looking for suitable dates, we targeted March 2008. Two of her colleagues wanted to join, great!! Now its 4 of us. Somehow, from 4 we become 3, and 3 down to 2. Work was on their way.

So back to me and Asma, it was already mid 2008 and we still do not have any plans. In the midst of hectic schedule, we target Q2 2009. I managed to find a rather cheap package for us, scheduled for mid May, coming back end May. At this time it did not occured to me that I was missing AI finale but that is besides the point.

Paid the deposit in Feb 09. Come April, we were supposed to hand in all related documents for visa application, but somehow I missed the dateline. And then the travel agent told us they have to hike up the price (they claimed Airlines are increasing ticket price-> while at the same time oil price is dropping, ya..ha..!!)

To make things worse, Asma is down with dengue fever and was bedridden. She would not be able to make it for the trip. I am not willing to give up. Went back to the agent, still trying my luck to see whether or not I can still make it. The only available seat was on end May. I quickly agreed. Return back that night I still could not settle for end May, something is not right....

My mind was racing back and forth trying to put things together, end May, coming back mid June....NO...I have two weddings to attend in that 2 weeks, this will not work. The package for mid June was way above my budget. Still not giving up, first thing the next morning I tried my luck at other agency. Finaly managed to find one, mid June, cheaper price. So I canceled my earlier booking, paid deposit and quickly hand over my documents for processing.

Just this week I heard rumours that visa issuance is stopped due to H1N1, what?? One of my senior colleague is also going early June and he said that it was not true. The news comes form BBC, not from the embassy. So I hope all is fine, I hope I get to go, where to? So might have guessed right, but will tell more when I come back. ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Having Krisnism

KRIS ALLEN WON!!! Biggest upset to Adam's fan. I liked him since day one. Even in White Choc video I loved him. Man in the Mirror put him through. His charming boy next door is working for him. I lllllooovvveeee it. I have all the mp3 for all his performances in AI and keep listening to it over and over and over again.

Enuff said, I'm loving it :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Corner Lot Home ;)

I bought a house in SP and it was not a corner lot. However the developer messed up the calculation, and there was like 21 ft of extra land next to my house. Mind you, they have already constructed the proper road and drain next to it. And after the drain, there is a slope that borders with some other people's property.So in the end, they could not built another unit on the land.

This was how it looks in 2007.

My first reaction is trying to explore whether or not the developer is willing to sell off the land. They said NO, probably there will be future developement. At that time they only allowed us to put up temporary fence (those green wired fence).

Not more than a year later, in 2008 they allowed us to build proper fence (brick wall and all those stuffs).

So we started asking around for quotation. One contractor came back with budget estimate almost RM 18K!!! We don't have that much money. And plus we want to look different, we want it to be sort of white picket fence kinda style and no decent contractor is willing to do that.

Somehow we got lucky, apparently one on the contract workers were looking for extra pocket money and claimed that he can do the fence as we wants, at RM2K (minus the raw material cost) . In the end total cost was only ~RM4K. I'll update the pictures later, I love it, although it is not white yet, its rainy season in SP now and we could not complete the paint job yet.

And bigger news yet to come, last week the developer called me and they wants to sell off the land!!! Total area is 21 X 70 = 1470 square ft. Selling price is RM 15/sqrft, which I think is quite reasonable. Total is RM 22050. I don't have that much cash!!!! Now I need to apply for personal loan...sigh...but then it will be worth it ;)

Monday, May 11, 2009

I was on MC yesterday. What for? period pain of course. And each time I had it, I'm reminded of each eggs that I am wasting every month. I like kids, especially my nieces and nephew. Certainly would like to have my own someday. But how can I? Am still single, no prospect of marriage in the near future, well at least not for the next 2-3 years. My biological clock is ticking.

I want to get married, have kids and do what other people do. Have a family, but how to do that if I couldn't even get myself a boyfriend? Have I tried to get myself a boyfriend for that matter? After 27 years, I realized that I have never really, really,really in pursuit of a man, or a boy or a life partner. No serious effort was made, probably some goofing around but that was nothing major.

I have serious delayed response in my own feelings, even if I liked somebody, I would only acknowledge my own feelings after like what, 2 years? Yup, seriously, I have trust issue. So tell me now, how am I going to get married before I become 30? BIG challenge, but lets not go there.

But first things first, I need to get myself a boyfriend. If I can choose, my criteria would be:
  1. Muslim convert (or revert), - those who are born Muslim can be considered, as long as he is willing to REALLY practise Muslim way of life. (I know its hard to find one these days)
  2. Architect
  3. Orphan
My list is kinda weird, but I have my own reasons. Its clear that physical appearance is nowhere in my list, hence it is less important to me. Well, let see whether am I in line with Islam's best practise. Many hadith quoted these as guide to finding a mate (not in particular order) :
  • Beragama - Have strong faith in his religion
  • Keturunan - Comes from decent family background
  • Kecantikan - Beauty
  • Kekayaan - Rich
Well, sure I have the first one in my list, just that I tailored to meet my need ;). Second one, I am not really that particular. Yes, it is true that people will shape its personality from his/her background. Being raised in good family background, can or cannot guarantee what type of person you are going to be, so its subjective.

Third one, to me beauty is skin deep and again subjective, its how you view beauty that leaves a mark and physical beauty alone is not enough, but it is indeed a bonus so am not really counting on that. Last but not least, money, yup that is important. But how high you want to set the limit, what do you intend to do with all the money? How do you get it in the first place? Halal-haram? Open for debate. To me as long as he can provide a sound living for me and willing to work hard and not let fate decide, its good enough.

The big question remains. What is my next move? For now pray hard because Allah knows what best for me. As far as my own effort, it will remain effortless ;p . When the time comes, it comes,but if its not meant to be, nothing much I can do about it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sempurnakah Iman Kita?

I have been through a lot these past few months, from personal to career and even my future. I am swamped. To take my mind off some things, I have started attending this usrah and that takes up my Ugly Betty slot, its OK, I can watch the re-run.

So far I've attended 3 sessions and when I started, I promised myself, if this forum ever got political, I would do my best to block out what others are saying, and focus on what really matters, keeping my faith strong and learning Islam.

Nowadays people tend to loose sight and finding excuses to mix the two. No doubt that Islam and politic are interrelated, but in Malaysia, people are confusing between the two. Religion is being manipulated in politics and I don't fancy that.

More often than not during the usrah we were debating, and keep on making references. Always the case the sentence would sound like this..." Bagi mereka yang tidak sempurna imannya....."
I started to ask myself, is it really 'mereka'? or is it 'kita'? I always believe that my 'Iman' is not perfect and can never be no matter how much good deeds and 'ibadah' that I do it can never be. And that is why, I am still required to continue my 'ibadah' and in the hope that it is accepted.

Many people (some religious ones) have the 'holier than thou' attitude. I have a feeling that sometimes during the usrah these behaviour surfaces. If I stick to my hardhead stigma, I would have walked away but I know my intention is to learn and I will stick to that. Just have to keep reminding myself not to fall in the grey area. Always be true to myself and stay grounded.


I thought I screwed it

And here I am, could not stop feeling excited about my ticket reservation. It is confirmed, at least I have made my payment. Lucky I checked in time to proceed for the payment, else I will miss it again.

I actually tried to book for Shaz, but it is no longer available!!! Now I have one tick for match 56 and another one for round of 16. Not sure who I will be watching. Portugal is not qualified yet. I don't mind, as long as I'll be there.

South Africa, here I come!!!!