Tuesday, June 21, 2011

C20-What makes you different from everyone else?

Before this I used to think that I am unique. Truthfully, among my close knit friends, I am. I will be the one to break the uni's rule by wearing short sleeve shirt to class, the only girl who wore torn jeans and maybe the only lady who wore tracksuit to a night class. I was like an alien put right smack in the middle of well behaved Malays in UiTM.

I would not study in my room, either I will be taking a shelter in my classmates dorm, or I will go to TV room to study. I was able to concentrate in midst of all the noises around me. At the very least I will always have my earphone on when I was studying. I went to library alone, I seldom wait for company. I was quite a lone ranger whenever I feel the need to.

That lone ranger part I still have it till now. I can go out, spend the whole day alone,browsing through shops, bookstores, went in and out of 2 movies back to back, have lunch at Delifrance alone. I have no qualms in doing stuffs alone. My colleague often said, even if she has to eat alone, she will sort of heard the Akon's song 'Lonely" playing in the background, I thought that was funny.. :)

What else that makes me different? I have a very high level of patience. I never knew I had this up till I started work here. I met all kinds of people and I learn that there is no use to be upset about how people behave. Even if it affects my work, I managed to keep it cool. There is also a downside to this. I may not be taken seriously, but I guess my style suits me. I think it is important to be grounded, not to get all jumpy for any other things that came in my way. Here, there are few people that can get crossed easily even with the slightest remarks, and I am thankful that I have slightly more tolerance towards nonsense, or sometimes I just don't bother, but I never told people off. I have had meltdown at work before, but I did not go and blurt it out in front of everybody. Does that make me unique?  I don't know.

I always suprises people. I seems to do the unexpected. Nobody would have expected me to go all the way to Cape Town just to watch World Cup. I don't look like someone that crazy, I didn't even talked about it. And now that I have the precedence, I guess the people here are looking forward to what are my crazy plans next, that is a big expectation....stressed!!

And one last thing, I am crazy about knitting. Though I am a vvveeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyy slow knittter, but I love it to the core. None of the person that I knew are crazy about knitting as much as I do!! So yes, I am different from everyone else that I personally know in this department.

p/s: bear with me, since I have spare time now, I am doing catch up on the challenge ;)


  1. kaktek tau jeet ni memang unik....
    selalu owang unik ni genius....
    bila nak mai texas? kaktek belikan topi..

  2. Jeet,
    Hey.. I agree. Nobody that I know (tho we've never met but it's ok to say that I know you? Acceptable? :D) would go all the way to Cape town to watch the World Cup.. and it has to be a girl too! Hehe!

    Salud to you being you! :)

  3. kak tek...unik mungkin, genius tu ala the kurenngg sikit..kalo betui genius, dah sampai amareka dah ni, sy tgh simpan duit ni, dah penuh nanti, kasi pecah tabung ayam, sampai la ke mexico..(a.k.a texas) geografi fail..hehehe..

    aida, yes, you know me alrite ;) salud to to you being you too!! :)

  4. Jeet
    I kinda like CikTek (cant call her KakTek sbb dia baru sweet 17) punya komen that you are unique n genius. Perhaps all Cancerians are like that? Waaah... I tumpang sekaki, heheh.

    Dah a few times I kesini baru pagi nih perasan apa you tulis kat header tu - Laskar Pelangi. I sempat tengok sikit aje cerita tu. Smlm or tadi baru dimainkan kat tv lagi.

    You suka knit? Baru tadi I terjumpa blog one lady who likes to knit. Maybe you dah terjumpa blognya but if you are interested, jerit jer kat I eh?? Regards, CikSom

  5. Hi Jeet, always be yourself. Never follow the crowd. Be who you are and what you are. Be different and stand out.
    Live your life as how you want it to be. And have fun.

  6. CS, oohhh... yes, cancerian genius tu sy setuju :k tgkla laskar pelangi, dijamin suka!! and yes, i want that knitters link, bagi semangat sikit nak buat project :D

    uncle lee, thanks a lot, its not fun taking the road often traveled i assumed? ;) will hold on to your words, you have a good weekend ahead..


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