Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why not Chelsea?


I couldn't sleep a wink last night. After Grey's went to bed but I was tossing and turning for half an hour before deciding to go back down and watch more TV. It was showing repeat between Everton and Chelsea on ESPN.

Way half trough the second half and its still goal-less. I can see that Chelsea is a bit shaky, sloppy passes everywhere and bad defending. If it not were for Peter Cech, Everton would have at least 2 goals. I don't like Chelsea, it used to be because of Jose Mourinho. But now they are lead by Big Phil, which is one of my fav manager. So why I still not in their favour?

They have good line ups, that's for sure with Deco,Ballack, and quite a number of Portuguese players which is also my fav. Hell I even think Lampard is cute :) but I could not bring myself to be on their side. But then again, who's asking? hehehe.....

Game ended with no goals, although there is one contreversional goal in 84th min if I'm not mistaken, overuled by linesman. After that I still could not sleep, turn to Hallmark, watch The Nanny..only then I managed to doze dreams.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cinema Week!!

Last week was my cinema week!! I watched 3 movies in cinema.
  1. The Day The Earth Stood Still - Thursday
  2. Cicakman 2 - Saturday
  3. Los Dan Faun - also Saturday :)
I must be crazy or something to have done it in one week..hehehe.... well its actually something that I do on quarter yearly basis ;p

The first one is so-so..typical pre apocalypse kinda a thing. Girls watched because of Keanu Revees and guys watched it because of Jennifer Connelly. But does carry a good message, that the human beings are destroying the earth and should be all exterminated...

Second and third is of course due to my strong support of the local film industry. I know that the KRU brothers are good artist and expect good results from them as well. They did not dissappoint me :) Highly recommended!!!

Afdlin Shauki is another director that gets my highest respect when it comes to sister and I was laughing like mad throughout the movie. Also highly recommended :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Green Me

The idiot/stupid box (whatever you may call it) is no longer stupid. I watched Discovery Channel, after subscribing for how many months and not even utilising it. The series Planet Green really captures my attention. Last night it was about transportation.

The series is about a scenario in 2050 in a mock up city call Ecopolis. The situation is created such as things stay as where they are today in terms of emission, greenhouse effect, rising CO2 in the air and basically, pollution on the rise. 4 main alternatives were introduced in the series that is projected to lessen the effects.

As the world is currently facing the energy crisis and the depletion of conventional fossil fuel, more choices is pretty much needed now. Let see if my memory will fail me to capture the main points. The options that we may have in the futures are;
  1. Biofuel from algae- the best alternative to biofules so far as it does not compete with any of the food crops. However the large scale production is no where near the future yet. R&D is still ongoing and the ideas give some promising hope instead of just relying on the conventional fossil fuel. Even Shell has a work on this in the island of Hawaii..( I wanna work there!!)
  2. An electrical driven engine which generates power via reaction of hydrogen gaseous and Platinum catalyst on a fuel cell. By product is water, which is harmless to the ecosystem. This one is cool..there has been 20+ years of research by General Motors to come up with the technology that is viable to all. Platinum cost is so high and the hydrogen tank is bulky making the concept is not so attractive. Thanks to technology, they managed to develop a prototype that is almost viable to normal consumer. They are almost there, provided another few years of work, it can be materialised.
  3. E-Jeepney: its a trademark for Philipines. Jeepney is a mode of public transport and does creates the largest traffic in Manila City. The e-jeepney is powered by engine that runs on methane. Methane gas is extracted from the daily domestic waste generated by consumers. Brilliant huh? Use a problem to tackle another problem.
  4. New aerodynamic design of aeroplane using the 'bended wing technology'. As quality of live increases, expected in year 2050 people will use aviation mode 7 times more than today, hence creating a lot more pollution ( in terms of sound) and increase of toxic gas emission due to increase fuels combustion. The current design is not environmental friendly due to the fact that it uses excess amount of fuel to keep the plane afloat. Hence, inspired by jet fighter (not sure the exact model) which aims to fly the plane at very reduced sound, the new generation of commercial plane made its way. The plane is expected to produce the sound emitted to 63 decibel, average noise level that we experience in a normal office. I must have dozed off when it comes to the engine part...but something like the energy cell used during space travel is utilised here.

All in all, I am thrilled to know that we have lots of choices and it all powered by one thing..TECHNOLOGY.. hence as the saying goes 'Knowledge is power!!'

Oh how I wish I am as brilliant as these people who came up with great ideas for the benefit of human kind, but I'm not. I can't even solve the bloody compressor and desalter problem...

Whatever it is, I am pledging my support to Green Technology. If at all the hybrid/green/eco friendly car is sold in Malaysia, will work on using that. That's the least I can do to help...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Somebody that I've met

Was on course in KL last week and guess what? One of the participant is a woman from South Africa!!!! Woo hoo......and so happens she watched football as well ;). She's from Cape Town and most of the matches held there as well.

I am so thrilled that I met her, we've talked about the Man-U Man-City matched and some other stuffs. I told her I wanted to go there for World Cup and she was excited. We parted ways exchanging contact no's and I promised to keep in touch. ( I should...definitely a big help to plan my trip there!!)

Managed to convince Shaz to come with me and seems like Ija is interested as well. Now have to save up ....I have to get there!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Last weekend I was in Pahang attending my ex-roomate's wedding. I encountered 3 rainbows along the way. First one was on the way from Seremban to KL. The next one is somewhere approaching Karak area. It was later followed by very heavy rain. Once I entered Bentong going towards Temerloh there was lots and lots of beautiful clouds.

It was mesmerising as I could not recalled when was the last time I've seen such beautiful group of clouds. It was picturesque!!! I had camera with me but it was way deep in my handbag. Since I am driving alone, I didn't bother to pullover and took out the camera.
Upon entering Maran, again there is this string of rainbow and this time I just couldn't resist. I slowed down (although I should've pulled over) and took out camera and with one hand on the wheel, another was trying to capture the here goes...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Penchant for Profanity

What does it mean? For a person whom mother tongue is not English, my vocab range is rather limited. Therefore when found an expression which I am not familiar with, that attracts me the most. I was browsing online for the world news and came upon this article, which has the expression mentioned above. Read more here.

Upon looking up the meaning, I realize that you can be rude without appearing rude..hahah...the expression above means likes to swear. Well... umm..if you put rather non common words, its not as bad as it may means, rite? Its interesting though how having a wide range of vocab enables us to express ourselves better..or confuse your reader at the same time..hehehe ;). For celebrity blogger, I must admit, Marina Mahathir is the most person that makes me look up for the words that she puts in her writing.

There is pros and cons for having bizarre choice of words, and I tend to go to the pros part. More words for me to learn. Bet you this time I am holding on to that Wazzaword Champion title. Beware time you won't even stand a chance !! ;p

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tagged by Shaz

Its Monday morning and I am having the Monday blues..with two colleague out for a course, less people to talk with, which bores me to death.

Rules of the tag:Link to your tagger and post these rules in your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Fact 1 [random] I only learned to drive above the 110 km/h speed limit recently (after 2 years on the road..hehehe..) always been scared of speed and still are.

Fact 2 [weird] I am afraid of going to high places, not because the fear of height itself but more of afraid that I might jump.

Fact 3 [random] Can be easily cheered up by music. No music no life ;)

Fact 4 [weird] Wearing tudung but memorise Linkin Park songs by boss was dazzled!!

Fact 5 [random] Have a vast collection DVD/VCD both original and pirated ones-->have one particular interest of collecting gang type of story Infernal Affair I,II,III, Young & Dangerous I-V, The Godfather I-III, Rondo 2006 (Japanese-Korean movie). During my Bali trip, I actually bought more than 30 DVDs at one time!!

Fact 6 [weird] Mostly enjoyed window shopping alone...I can go anywhere I want, go back anytime that I wish to, see anything that I like and not bother to respect other people's time ;) I also like to watch movies alone..refer to the above, don't bother what films other would like to watch!!

Fact 7 [random] Hates talking too much. And just been told I have to speak to more people at work......tak suke!!!!

7 lucky people that I tag are as follows: -
..malas nak tag..bole? ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Next Move?

I just had a 30 minutes session today. Its actually to determine whether or not I can move to another job that I have been eyeing for the past one year. I have one competition though, and she knows about my intent when I didn't know hers. So frankly speaking I don't know who am I up against.

I'm suppose to answer few question i.e how does this job relates to my career progression, and some other stuffs. In return, I get to the chance to ask back. This is a problem, as I never was good in asking question. I don't like challenging people and I am not the provocative type. Since the position is within the department, there's pretty nothing much that I don't know.

But lack of question does not look good for I turn to power of 4th dimension for solution, which is what again? the internet..hehehe...I found this page and found it very useful for people like me who don't know what to ask the interviewer. Click here for the full view.

I hope I did good, and I did used one of the questions. The session went well and how I wish I can get that job ;) Wish me luck!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

BBGS 98 Reunion

It all started last year, when I voiced out to Shaz and Elaine. I say we need to do something that will remind us by our school days. Hence, the idea of a 10th yr Reunion came about. Things get really serious sometime March this year. At first there was only 3 of us. Later when words starts to get around, more are willing to help.

Ohh.. but lets not forget a bunch of fakes..yup, like what Shaz mentioned in her blog, there were few people that was REALLY excited at first, asking for MoM and such, later did not responded to any of our emails. Then come Zuien, Farrah Shamilla a.k.a Fasha, and Poova. Fasha did bring in lotsa sponsors and Zuien does create the hype and managed to get more attendees to come.
We started to draft the main stuffs for the event, goodie bags, where to have the dinner, how much to charge, how may ppl we expect to be there, etc, etc, takes a lot to get this done. With me being in PD and could not attend most of the meeting, I can only do so much. Shaz is the main force with all the contact info compilation and RSVP.

Did I mentioned that some of the ppl are just plain ignorant? No reply whatsoever to indicate whether or not they are coming. And mind you, these ppl are actively online every single day on Facebook and Friendster. That is simply annoying. We are making an effort to reunite Batch of 98 but apparently some just refuse to be re-connected.

Be as it may, we targeted if only 50 BBGS-ians willing to turn up, we are going to have it anyway, and we DID!!! Last Saturday, 1st Nov 2008, Class of 98 had our first reunion in 10 years!!! I can say the event went well. Everybody had a good time catching up and we did have lotsa fun. One memorable moment was when the montage was played...many were moved and big Thanks!! to Lili for putting it together in the most beautiful ways that I can imagine. No photos yet for the moment, as I didn't even took out my camera. We had a dedicated photographer throughout and still awating for the whole shot. Will have a moments by moments description later when I have it all with me.

Anyway, am still feeling bit tired after all the hardwork. Thanks to the committe for making it worth it to sweat our blood and tears for the event. Thanks to all the attendees for making time and not let our hardwork gone down the drain..thanks a lot you guys!! Although the building is no longer there, The Spirit Lives On..

BBGS 98 rocks!!! Nisi Dominus Frustra...without God all is in vain. :)

May there be a 100 years more.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Makan @ my place

I moved to this new house early of the year and since then people from work has been bugging me to host a housewarming party. Having postponed it for quite some time, I think Raya is the best time to deliver. Since the landlord leaves most of kitchen utensils, my life gets more easier!!

So here are some pictures of last nite's food :

Kuah lodeh, nasi himpit and rendang in the making..

The serving...
Total spread
Kek Lapis from Miri..yummeh..

The people......
BY, me , NKOTB
Most of us

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Visit from Fariny

Who is she? She's a former colleague whom is now based in Amsterdam. Fariny was on home leave for Raya and decided to drop by and pay a visit to us. Why is she featured here? Let me tell you, if it wasn't for her, I would not be where I am today at work. No details required but enough said that has caused me to turn things around at the most crucial stage of my career in PD.

Chatting with Fauzi before he dashed off.

Its nice to know somebody who has made it outside still remembers you and care to meet up even if it just for lunch. Both her and hubby are working in Shell Amsterdam and their daughter were born there!! She's cute with the big eyes but at that time she just woken up and was terified to see the crowd I guess....

Shy Baby AJ with her dad

Anyway, definitely a morale booster for me to work better and hoping that one day I earned the kind of recognition that she gets now.

Group pics!! ;)

Aildilfitri 1429H/2008

This year I spent the most time on holiday which resulted in the most money spent. Probably due to new home, therefore needs new stuffs to make it liveable for our Raya break. Take a look at some of the pics..

The sofa from Courts Mammoth (the most convinient store,cos they have outlet like almost anywhere plus I am on tight budget) Although I would love to have my kinda sofa (L-shape) my mother was against it for undisclosed reason..hehehe..

Dining table from local furniture store...I wanted with the Lasy Susan, but they ran out the one that is within my budget but its OK, I can always add on later :). Notice the seashell curtain. Was bought by my cousin in Labuan

Finally completed the kit cab!! this one after strings of drama with my cousin who claimed that he can make it..long story..anyway it's done!! But I don't know where the pic..I thought I had it somewhere...

This year, my sister and I were determined to make our own dodol...we've been warned that it will take 8 hrs to complete (continuous stirring and all) but nothing can stop us..some pics....

Najwa and Najmi having their first taste of Raya in Kedah . Playing fire crackers with adik.

And the family photo on first day raya...I know the walls are empty but its a new home..what do you expect? Next year we'll think of something to hang..probably this photo? :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raya Time!!

Today is my last day of working. I will be out of office for the next 1 week++ ;) It's Raya!! Am going back to my newly bought house in SP. I will be driving after Subuh tomorrow with the rest of the family.

This time we are going to stay in our own home, not like before when we used to stay at my aunties' places..finally someplace to call our own. Although the house is not fully furnished yet, I am happy!! Even my room is still empty, what the heck, I am not living there full time anyway. I am going to take my own sweet time to furnish the house as how I want it to be.

This Raya will be the most memorable one. I am a bit nervous because I have never driven that far before, what more with the rest of the family in the car. Wishing myself a safe journey to and fro and wishing others a very good break....

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin :) Am sending this out tomorrow...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Click to view my Personality Profile page

Completed this test and yup, I am introvert :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

I am a panel !!!

I am going to my alma mater tomorrow, UiTM. Was invited to be one of the panel for a forum. The topic would be "The Path of Chemical Engineering Students after Graduation". Not sure what to talk about. This is my second time doing this kind of talk. First was in UTP, but that was more of open session with the student. This time around, moderator is one of the lecturers. Man, I am going to expect some tough questions to be thrown on the floor.

Am nervous, have not prepared anything yet. Must be well prepared as I am bearing my company's name, which is not just a name, its a brand on its own. The forum will be in English, I hope I will not mumble in case I'm lost for words!! Will have to do some homework..aish...Plus I got a tip, that maybe they are interested in the company's efforts/works for biofuel..what the?? that means more reading for the rest of the day.....

Just when I thought going there as one of super duper senior is cool....anyway, hoping that I can do my best and would do the company no shame... :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

South Africa, anyone?

I have been lingering with this idea for quite some time.I want to go to South Africa for the WC final. Now trying to find people to go with me. Heck I didn't even save money for this yet. Whatever it is, I want to go there, friends or no friends, I'm going. So opening the offer now, who wants to go with me?

Its 3rd Language Time!!

I have always been linguistically inclined, means I like different language and I think I have the tendency to picks up quite well given an appropriate amount of attention. My 2007 to do list was to at least learn one foreign language. I have been writing to few language institute in KL and receive some info. The only thing I need to do now is devote my time and my money and I'm almost there.

I am just sorting priorities right now, which one first? German or Spanish? I think Spanish are easier to pick up and probably won't require as much effort as German. So I think I'll start with German first. Had a chat this morning with my Deuscth colleague and said he would ask his wife on some activites promoted by Goethe Institute. Should be fun!! I learned some in uni but now I couldn't even count to 10 in German to save my life.

Probably get started after Raya or early next year...
So gutes Glück zu mir

Monday, September 1, 2008

Truly Malaysian..

I'm in PD this Merdeka weekend on duty, therefore miss all the celebration in KL. (not that I joined any of it previously..) My family came down for a picnic on Saturday and there was a little incident...I injured my ring finger. My sister, did not saw that my hands was still at there car door unintentionally closed the door and causes my two fingers to be squashed in between the closed door....yes it was really hurts like mad..

Pictures below was taken after almost 2-3 hours post the incident;

and today the swell has not subside, bet you it will take another one week before it can be restored to its original condition..ouch... lucky nothing happens to my nails, or else it could have been worse.
Anyhow..that's not the main thing that I want to blog about today.

What does it means to be a Malaysian? In difficult times like now where most all prices gone up, us lead by clown government (not all but the top most are), how do you gauge how much Malaysians are we? Last week we had a farewell lunch for one of our trainee, my boss decided to read something about the late Leftenan Adnan Saidi who was killed by Japanese when they occupied Malaya during WWII. What's a patriot history got to do with a farewell? Nothing actually, he just wants to be remembered..

The thing is, he was all hyped up about the late Left. Adnan weeks before as if its a new thing (just because it is) to him. Mind you he's a Malay..mean how can a Malay not know about the late Left. Adnan? But then again if you ask any Malay on the street, how many of them do actually knows about that? My gut feels says that not many...Does it takes a good knowledge in history to say that you are a good Malaysian?

What about honouring the National Language? The fact that I am writing this in English doesn't help either, does it? I don't know actually how to define a Malaysian, is it actually lies on how you live, where you eat, how you talk or is it how you dress? In the millenium age, I guess people are starting to look alike. You would wander around the streets of Sydney and the people dress (hell even looks) alike people in Bukit Bintang. So what diffrentiate us from a bunch of Aussies?

I would say that its all in your heart, the moment you are proud that Lee Chong Wei brought back an Olympic silver medal, rather than trash him for that 39 minutes defeat to Lin Dan, I guess we are on the same boat!! I am for now proud to be Malaysian. Well there is occasional thoughts of landing a job in Europe or Middle East (who wouldn't?) but I know I will always settle in Malaysia.

For this year, its been a sober Independence celebration, all clouded by the current political state and I hope someone better step up and fix whatever things that they can to save this beloved country of ours. (I don't think the current opposition is the best candidate, tho). I love this country, its the only country I ever know but what the future holds for it, am not sure yet.

Long live Malaysia, may Allah bless us.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jab We Met

Watch this one last night. Actually this is my second time, first one I fell asleep in the middle on the first song..hehehe...(it was not that boring, I was just too sleepy) Anyway, Shaz has been putting very good words for the movie and how cute Shahid Kapoor is and I just give it a second chance ;)

After not watching Hindi movies for quite some time, it is refreshing to watch this movie. I can say that although the storyline is typical Hindi style with the cheesy lines at some part and also the perfectly synchronised dance moves, it was actually not bad. Kareena's character (Geet) was bubbly at first but took a complete turn when the love of her life rejected her. For Aditya (Shahid) it is cool that he does not over-do (unlike SRK..whom I think always over the top in terms of acting) his character or else it will just fall into some other Hindi movie.

Do I fall in love with Shahid? Probably a crush...oohhh he is so cute and charming and handsome and......(this can go on and on..hehehehe..;) Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie, but they only sold it in India though, probably can get Shaz to ask her cousin to buy in bulk so that she can become the sole distributor here..sounds like a good opportunity? You bet!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mundo distante faraway

I need to go somewhere, been bidding my colleague to go to Krabi with me but to no avail. A colleague went there once and she said it was cool. She has asked me to join her for umrah next year. InsyaAllah if everything goes well, we will make some booking come this Sept Matta Fair.

Meanwhile I will be heading off to Miri next month for 3 days (Shell Games). I was supposed to play netball, but I'm not good at it so they just put me as reserve, what the heck, free travel to Miri!!

But seriously, I need to go away, Shaz and her Diva gang is going to Bandung. I could not go as my sister is getting married in Jan..oopps, I need to save for that South Africa trip in 2010 for World Cup. That would probably be the only opportunity that I will get.

I need to go away!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lazy Bum Syndrome

Darn, I have been slacking off today. Am suppose to finish up my shutdown report...the unit is about to start up anyway!! Why am I so lazy? I am fasting since last week and I know for a fact that when I have lack of O2 coming into my brain, I will be lazy and unable to concentrate.

So can I blame it on fasting? That is sooo not appropriate, how could I, all the bad things comes from me, oohhh.....I should stop now since its lunch time here anyway. Already booked a meeting room so that I can have quite moments before I start on the report.

Actually I have the draft and mainframe ready, just need some boost to actually start writing. Once I started, I can go on and on and on until its finished....I know I can do it. I have produced good report before and I know I can repeat that achievement if not top it!!

Way to go Azita!!! now get off the net now!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

World of Men

There has been occasions in my life where I was involved with so many men at one time (nothing personal). I was in ROTU back in UiTM and 70% of the population is guys. Now I am working in this industry where latest statistic shows in this company only 10% of the population is women.

So what's the perk of being in this male dominated industry? A lot..(none of it again...personal). After 2 years in SRC, I've met more guys that I have ever met my entire life. They comes in all form, best buddies, saviour,confidante,father figure or just gossip partner. Right now we have not yet wrapped up from our Turn Around..still there will be some task to settle before the actual schedule start up mid this month.

I am blessed to be given the chance to work with the team. They trully defines what teamwork is all about. There was one particular job that I was suppose to lead, and because it was not scoped earlier, it became emergent work, hence there are no proper team set up for the task and I have to lead the whole thing. Come in the midst of execution, problem..I shouted for help and boy am I relieved that I AM working with these people. Everybody is willing to chip in ideas to get things moving, extreme support and companionship showed and I could not have asked for more.

The only reason I am so thankful is that I've been in worse position. Working in company where people only care of only what tasked to them, apart from that, I don't care...Here, it is totally the opposite. there has been one too many occasion that I was saved by my saviour in my line of work here.

This is by far the best team I ever had and for that I am grateful.

I like the guy that is on the my farthest left, I think he's cute ;)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sepi Movie

Watched Sepi, it was indeed for the lonely hearts...just that I think there are so many other ways to describe the word itself. Sepi means alone,lonely, solitude, lonesome..etc etc..I was crying like nobody's business throughout the whole movie.

The touching part was when Adam question himself how to find that special one? I think for people like us..(those who have not yet found that special one) it is one big mystery black box. For most of the lonely soul out there, it is as if there is this wall around us that guard us and not allowing us to slip. I came across this saying....

"Sometimes people put up walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to tear them down...."
For Adam's case, he did tear his own wall when he reaches to Ilyana.

I was deeply stirred when the part Imaan recites the poem for the first time to Ean, she really capture the feelings well and my heart sort of sink in together as the word slips through her lips. It was beautiful. Everything about the movie is stunning. The cinematography, the shots, angles, even the story line is beautiful.....let alone the background music.

Enough said, go watch it, definitely worth my RM7 (in Seremban..hehehe..)
To compare I like Cinta better but Sepi is still a must watch!! ;)

Monday, June 30, 2008

TuRniNg 27

I am 27 today!! Went to work like normal. Already booked tickets to watch Sepi tonite with my hsemate. Didn't really expect much. Still in Plant TA (turn around) period. Attended the daily progress meeting at 9am. The TA project manager (Heng Cheh) wished me birthday first thing during the meeting. I am a bit suprised ;) I told him like 2 weeks back, never thought he would remember.

Towards end of the meeting, Kak Yati slot in bringing some assortments and Secret Recipe's box!!! (Its my suprise b'day cake!!!). I was like...aaawwwhh..It turns out that one of the engineers (my movie buddies told the TA manager and they decided to celebrate ;) ) I did not managed to take any pictures coz I was so touched...:)

I actually have another cake in my OWN office courtesy from my Dept that is waiting to be cut :) so in the end I have 2 cakes :). At 11.30 I cut the second cake in the office.

Late last night my older sis text me saying that she has been hospitalised, she is waiting for the day. I did joke with her once, that come June 30th, I myself will take her to hospital and asked the doctor to induce her so that she will deliver on June 30th. My mum called at 12pm saying that she safely delivered my newborn niece at 10am!! What more can make my day?

Alhamdullillah, she is in good condition, and so are the latest member of the family. Too bad I cannot be with her due to this TA. I am happy, and glad coz all of this is happening today!!! I may not get fancy gifts, never has anyway..but I guess happiness is the best gift of all. For that one thing, I guess Allah gives my happiness in installment. I could not bargain for lump sum. So for now, this is it ;)

Hope this day never ends...tonight I am expecting to have a very good cry watching Sepi...its that a good way to end this day or what?

.......................m(_ _)m...................................

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The tops are not in...

Ducth loss to Russian and now its up to Spain and Italy to prove whether or not Shebby's theory is valid. After the Croatia vs Turkey match, he said that the well rested teams have lost their tempo and therefore during task game, the did not manage to step up to the game. On the other hand, the not so rested teams has been keeping the beat once every 4 days and hence could pick up much better.

In last 2 q-final games, the least rested team managed to sustain their performance till extra time whilst not losing focus to score. Probably his theory is right. We'll see about that come tomorrow morning when Azzuri takes on Spaniard on the last place for semi final.

I did watch the Portugal Germany feat last 2 nights and bet you I love Portugal even more. Although there were sarcastic remarks from Shebby about Ronaldo being selfish and all, I beg to differ. Who cares what he says? It is just his opinion. From what I saw, superb skills by most of the Portuguese players and teamwork is at the top of their priority. Excellent passes and brilliant moves. I am looking forward for more of the sorts.
the team that was defeated

just before Turkey-Croatia shoot out

pics from Euro 2008 official website

Friday, June 20, 2008

And then they were out.....

I missed the game last night. Have to wake up early this morning for this shut down!! And they lost 2-3 to Germany. I am devastated, sad to see my favorite lost. I do have a fear before the game, physically Portugal has 'smaller' people on the pitch if compared to Germany but was hoping that it will be an advantage to them. Apparently not.....sedih.....

Thinking of watching the repeat tonight..since I read the review on web that there were ..
"some mesmerising passing movements involving the likes of Deco, Simão and Cristiano Ronaldo before, in between and after the two German goals." more here

I am going to miss their movements and brilliant passess for the rest of Euro. Nothing against Germany, they are good but I wish Portugal won the game!! But I guess they did a good job, man scoring 2 goals against Jens Lehmann is really a big deal.

I am so watching the match tonight...

pics from Euro 2008 official webpage

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kick Off!!

I know I shouldn't but I have to. I know I am suppose to focus on TA but I couldn't. Not until I get this one out!!

Euro 08 kicks off and Portugal won their first match. I know it is still too early to celebrate but I am happy :) Seeing the looks of Nuno Gomez as Captain thrills me. Although last nite was not his lucky nite, but he got some good shots.

But then again, I have been repeating this for quite a few times....Portugal has to really work on their finishing. Last night the some of the passes are sloppy, can be more neat. Good teamwork especially on the front line and good talent considering that Pepe scored (being freshie in the international scene)

All in all, I am satisfied and at the same time anxious to see how Portugal will fare throughout this tournament. Boa sorte Portugal!!! and... Christiano Ronaldo is HOT!!! although I didn't fancy that tight fitting jersey, its that the trends nowadays ??

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Work and Wednesday poem

Work have been hectic and with preparation for Reunion still not getting anywhere, I am a bit drain. But not to the point of breaking up yet.

A fren forwarded a poem by her fav poet to get me through the day..compliments to Asma;

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
Some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
Who violently sweep your house
Empty of its furniture,
Still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
For some new delight.

- Rumi

.........beautiful words......

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Malaysian Artiste for Unity

Love the video, ala-ala bodoh2 kelakar gitu. But with good message of course. The ensemble however seems to belong to only one group. Harmony as they may seem, whatever project they come up with, definitely some of the groups got invited too. Sh. Amani-Yasmin-Choo Seong? Afdlin-Awie-Ida Nerina?, Nikki-Ning?

But then again, I am not complaining, they are the talented lots and I enjoyed the video :) So you enjoy too!!

First video posting.. I made it yeah!! although it took like 20 mins to upload the clip ;)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Another blog??

Actually had a frendster blog, but since most of my frens have blogspot acc (even my boss and Dr M) and hard to comment if you do not have a profile I set up one :)

Wanted to put time for knitting since forever. Having this blog will push me to have the extra drive to complete certain project, display some nice pics and probably keep my mind sane.

So, welcome to me :D