Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Royal Drama

Me : Z, thanks!!

Z : about what la??

Me : AR just called me, abt safety day tomorrow,u nominated for something ?

Z : me? nominated for what la?

Me : nominated me?

Z : heh heh... yes sirreee bob!

Me : whatever it is thanks, though i dont think i deserve anything yet,

Z: really?? i think you do...

Me : not untill you know what has just been resurfaced, BIG issue...

Z : we could have a right real pickle if F251 went the same way as F201..what la? how BIG??

Me: actually MVU PSA action item,

Z: uhhuh

Me: it was not loaded in Fountain

Z: uhhuh

Me : somehow i totally dropped the whole thing

Z: ok

Me : and we only realised now

Z: okay..whats required?

Me : when some of the action item due already

Z: RAM Red? Yellow?

Me : some high criticality item has not been worked on yet, RED item, some i did closed already

Z: aiyooo...but i thought MVU is G's??

Me: nope, at that time still under me, this was in 2009,tu la i ckp, i totally lost it, i cant remember why

Z: yup.. but when you move over to HDT/HDS, takkan you still carry MVU issues with you?

Me: my comitment to finish off because i started the work ma..

Z: but that's not the norm ma...you move onto a new role.. takkan the old role issues you kena jaga?what if you moved on to E&S ke

Me: but the thing is irregardless who is the unit tech, i still bear the resposibility to get it loaded to fountain which that did not happen

Z: ahhh.. okaylah...thats an issue lah..

Me: since its still within PS boundaries, that is why i agreed to follow thru

Z: but i thought fountain upload is via fountain focal point

Me: but if we did not supply to them, pun tak boleh jugak and some of the item needs TA, (this TA, ) so meaning we missed the window already

Z: but the PSA team tak give them a copy of the report?? thats strange.

Me: i am the PSA team, so unless i initiate, they won't have a clue

Z: kalau macam FAIR, the FAIR team will get it sent to the FOUNTAIN focal point.. then they upload after we review and accept.. but they're triggered by the FAIR team

Me: yup,i did the documentation but when i traced back i stopped at getting the rest of the action parties to agree on the due date, somehow i tak follow up from then on

Z: so this RED items nie.. banyak kerja ke babe?

Me: minor actually

Z: so how minor is minor? ada fabrication?

Me: 11 red item, 10 done, but only pending the evident je, 1 still needs a little bit more work

Z: so this remaining 1 item? okay.. what needs to be put into the field now?

Me: there is one require RV relocation at C-190, i raised the EWR in end 2009, but PDR/PCR tak raised,

Z: okay... and the relocation point needs modificaiton?

Me: yup, drill to the column shell,

Z: alamak.. this is a problem...why ah?? the relocation i mean?

Me: the concern is, if demister is fouling, then we will have a blocked in case and during column overpressure scenario, the column will not relieve via RV

Z: okay....

Me: but since we open and clean during TA, we can leverage on the fact we start new, meaning clear of fouling, so that can buy sometime, but we still need to make that modification

Z: how big of a drilled hole are we talking about here??

Me: 8inch

Z: okay... at least we have some cerita la..you know where this new location has to be?

Me: tu la... i totally screw up this man...i know,

Z: well.. everyone screws up once in awhile babe...

Me: but mine is BIG,

Z: i've some right royal screw ups too

Me: royal eh?

Z: ROYAL! can lead to dismissal kind of ROYAL..

Me: i think am close to that also la...takut gile ni,

Z: but the system and the management is normally more tolerant of mistakes than most people think..sabar babe... times like this you need to keep a cool head... don't let the fears get to you..

Me: yup, that is what i have been telling myself as well

Z: it always look really bad when this things happen,but take a breather, get some discussions going.. things will turn out okay..would it affect appraisal and stuff, maybe.. but don't worry too much about that for now.. you show effort and zeal in closing the issue, can turn out to be a win. S and F almost got the boot a year back for the 'supposedly' LSR violation..but they turned it around and smelt like roses..

Me: hope so la...i told M, i will bear all the consequences,

Z: okay... you might also wanna talk to the PSA focal on what can be done.. are you on good terms with him/her

Me: PSA focal P&T ok, so far ok la, x penah gaduh beria lagi

Z: then just talk to him.. and get him to support what ever steps we need to take..

Me: hhmm..before that, i think i need to deal with our ppl first, PW x bagi ckp ngan outsiders yet, so now am working with WJ on how do we sell the case,

Z: wellll.. okay.. but it can help quite a bit if you know an expert who can give advise confidentially.. expert = someone from P&T

Me: tu la..am thinking the same thing as well, tapi i tkt i will overstep pow wee, 'kang jadik cerita lain pulak

Z: nolah.. thats whay i mean.. confidentially...so kalau ada member ke.. someone you're comfortable with, and can advise you confidentially... how are you and F??? can he give you some advise?? saw him today

Me: yup, he's very comforting, i'm sooooo gonna miss him

Z: yup.. me too.. but ceritalah kat dier.. sometimes its good to just cerita..btw.. where is this new line supposed to be installed??

Me: right at the column, the postion is upstream of the demister

Z: okay... and its all about making sure the RV doesn't get clogged right?

Me: yup,

Z: ok...

Me: thanks for the advise :) rasa lega sikit,

Z: no dramas... been in your shoes before.. its mighty worrying at times i know, eh.. tonight dinner kat mana?

Me: i think S2 kot,

Z: shows at 2100?

Me : yup

Z: okay.. planning to be there about 1900...we can have makan makan together..

Me: can,

Z: cool!!!okay.. gotta go entertain my P&T guest... nanti karang we cerita some more okay

Me: ok, thanks!!

Z: no dramas babe! take care!!

Me: will do :)


  1. Jeet,
    Hey.. I hope things are gonna be fine. No worries, I'm sure they would :)

  2. got a bit lost halfway reading.. may everything be okay, amin!
    *abrazos grandes para ti!*

  3. aida, dieya, thanks, me too, hoping for things to be ok xo


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