Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mundo distante faraway

I need to go somewhere, been bidding my colleague to go to Krabi with me but to no avail. A colleague went there once and she said it was cool. She has asked me to join her for umrah next year. InsyaAllah if everything goes well, we will make some booking come this Sept Matta Fair.

Meanwhile I will be heading off to Miri next month for 3 days (Shell Games). I was supposed to play netball, but I'm not good at it so they just put me as reserve, what the heck, free travel to Miri!!

But seriously, I need to go away, Shaz and her Diva gang is going to Bandung. I could not go as my sister is getting married in Jan..oopps, I need to save for that South Africa trip in 2010 for World Cup. That would probably be the only opportunity that I will get.

I need to go away!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lazy Bum Syndrome

Darn, I have been slacking off today. Am suppose to finish up my shutdown report...the unit is about to start up anyway!! Why am I so lazy? I am fasting since last week and I know for a fact that when I have lack of O2 coming into my brain, I will be lazy and unable to concentrate.

So can I blame it on fasting? That is sooo not appropriate, how could I, all the bad things comes from me, oohhh.....I should stop now since its lunch time here anyway. Already booked a meeting room so that I can have quite moments before I start on the report.

Actually I have the draft and mainframe ready, just need some boost to actually start writing. Once I started, I can go on and on and on until its finished....I know I can do it. I have produced good report before and I know I can repeat that achievement if not top it!!

Way to go Azita!!! now get off the net now!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

World of Men

There has been occasions in my life where I was involved with so many men at one time (nothing personal). I was in ROTU back in UiTM and 70% of the population is guys. Now I am working in this industry where latest statistic shows in this company only 10% of the population is women.

So what's the perk of being in this male dominated industry? A lot..(none of it again...personal). After 2 years in SRC, I've met more guys that I have ever met my entire life. They comes in all form, best buddies, saviour,confidante,father figure or just gossip partner. Right now we have not yet wrapped up from our Turn Around..still there will be some task to settle before the actual schedule start up mid this month.

I am blessed to be given the chance to work with the team. They trully defines what teamwork is all about. There was one particular job that I was suppose to lead, and because it was not scoped earlier, it became emergent work, hence there are no proper team set up for the task and I have to lead the whole thing. Come in the midst of execution, problem..I shouted for help and boy am I relieved that I AM working with these people. Everybody is willing to chip in ideas to get things moving, extreme support and companionship showed and I could not have asked for more.

The only reason I am so thankful is that I've been in worse position. Working in company where people only care of only what tasked to them, apart from that, I don't care...Here, it is totally the opposite. there has been one too many occasion that I was saved by my saviour in my line of work here.

This is by far the best team I ever had and for that I am grateful.

I like the guy that is on the my farthest left, I think he's cute ;)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sepi Movie

Watched Sepi, it was indeed for the lonely hearts...just that I think there are so many other ways to describe the word itself. Sepi means alone,lonely, solitude, lonesome..etc etc..I was crying like nobody's business throughout the whole movie.

The touching part was when Adam question himself how to find that special one? I think for people like us..(those who have not yet found that special one) it is one big mystery black box. For most of the lonely soul out there, it is as if there is this wall around us that guard us and not allowing us to slip. I came across this saying....

"Sometimes people put up walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to tear them down...."
For Adam's case, he did tear his own wall when he reaches to Ilyana.

I was deeply stirred when the part Imaan recites the poem for the first time to Ean, she really capture the feelings well and my heart sort of sink in together as the word slips through her lips. It was beautiful. Everything about the movie is stunning. The cinematography, the shots, angles, even the story line is beautiful.....let alone the background music.

Enough said, go watch it, definitely worth my RM7 (in Seremban..hehehe..)
To compare I like Cinta better but Sepi is still a must watch!! ;)