Monday, June 30, 2008

TuRniNg 27

I am 27 today!! Went to work like normal. Already booked tickets to watch Sepi tonite with my hsemate. Didn't really expect much. Still in Plant TA (turn around) period. Attended the daily progress meeting at 9am. The TA project manager (Heng Cheh) wished me birthday first thing during the meeting. I am a bit suprised ;) I told him like 2 weeks back, never thought he would remember.

Towards end of the meeting, Kak Yati slot in bringing some assortments and Secret Recipe's box!!! (Its my suprise b'day cake!!!). I was like...aaawwwhh..It turns out that one of the engineers (my movie buddies told the TA manager and they decided to celebrate ;) ) I did not managed to take any pictures coz I was so touched...:)

I actually have another cake in my OWN office courtesy from my Dept that is waiting to be cut :) so in the end I have 2 cakes :). At 11.30 I cut the second cake in the office.

Late last night my older sis text me saying that she has been hospitalised, she is waiting for the day. I did joke with her once, that come June 30th, I myself will take her to hospital and asked the doctor to induce her so that she will deliver on June 30th. My mum called at 12pm saying that she safely delivered my newborn niece at 10am!! What more can make my day?

Alhamdullillah, she is in good condition, and so are the latest member of the family. Too bad I cannot be with her due to this TA. I am happy, and glad coz all of this is happening today!!! I may not get fancy gifts, never has anyway..but I guess happiness is the best gift of all. For that one thing, I guess Allah gives my happiness in installment. I could not bargain for lump sum. So for now, this is it ;)

Hope this day never ends...tonight I am expecting to have a very good cry watching Sepi...its that a good way to end this day or what?

.......................m(_ _)m...................................

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The tops are not in...

Ducth loss to Russian and now its up to Spain and Italy to prove whether or not Shebby's theory is valid. After the Croatia vs Turkey match, he said that the well rested teams have lost their tempo and therefore during task game, the did not manage to step up to the game. On the other hand, the not so rested teams has been keeping the beat once every 4 days and hence could pick up much better.

In last 2 q-final games, the least rested team managed to sustain their performance till extra time whilst not losing focus to score. Probably his theory is right. We'll see about that come tomorrow morning when Azzuri takes on Spaniard on the last place for semi final.

I did watch the Portugal Germany feat last 2 nights and bet you I love Portugal even more. Although there were sarcastic remarks from Shebby about Ronaldo being selfish and all, I beg to differ. Who cares what he says? It is just his opinion. From what I saw, superb skills by most of the Portuguese players and teamwork is at the top of their priority. Excellent passes and brilliant moves. I am looking forward for more of the sorts.
the team that was defeated

just before Turkey-Croatia shoot out

pics from Euro 2008 official website

Friday, June 20, 2008

And then they were out.....

I missed the game last night. Have to wake up early this morning for this shut down!! And they lost 2-3 to Germany. I am devastated, sad to see my favorite lost. I do have a fear before the game, physically Portugal has 'smaller' people on the pitch if compared to Germany but was hoping that it will be an advantage to them. Apparently not.....sedih.....

Thinking of watching the repeat tonight..since I read the review on web that there were ..
"some mesmerising passing movements involving the likes of Deco, Simão and Cristiano Ronaldo before, in between and after the two German goals." more here

I am going to miss their movements and brilliant passess for the rest of Euro. Nothing against Germany, they are good but I wish Portugal won the game!! But I guess they did a good job, man scoring 2 goals against Jens Lehmann is really a big deal.

I am so watching the match tonight...

pics from Euro 2008 official webpage

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kick Off!!

I know I shouldn't but I have to. I know I am suppose to focus on TA but I couldn't. Not until I get this one out!!

Euro 08 kicks off and Portugal won their first match. I know it is still too early to celebrate but I am happy :) Seeing the looks of Nuno Gomez as Captain thrills me. Although last nite was not his lucky nite, but he got some good shots.

But then again, I have been repeating this for quite a few times....Portugal has to really work on their finishing. Last night the some of the passes are sloppy, can be more neat. Good teamwork especially on the front line and good talent considering that Pepe scored (being freshie in the international scene)

All in all, I am satisfied and at the same time anxious to see how Portugal will fare throughout this tournament. Boa sorte Portugal!!! and... Christiano Ronaldo is HOT!!! although I didn't fancy that tight fitting jersey, its that the trends nowadays ??

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Work and Wednesday poem

Work have been hectic and with preparation for Reunion still not getting anywhere, I am a bit drain. But not to the point of breaking up yet.

A fren forwarded a poem by her fav poet to get me through the day..compliments to Asma;

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
Some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
Who violently sweep your house
Empty of its furniture,
Still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
For some new delight.

- Rumi

.........beautiful words......