Friday, June 3, 2011

C07-A picture of someone or something that has the biggest impact on you

I may sound cliché, but what the heck. He did have the biggest impact to me. The story about him selling 'goreng pisang' when he was a child inspired me, as I was also helping my mom selling kuih when I was young. The part where he came to aid my late 'tok' without any pay, back when he was still practising, shows that how big his heart is. I was never really a political follower. I admire the man for his personality. His audacity to speak up, his vision that is not one but at 3-4 steps ahead of the rest. It will take sometime for Malaysia to find another leader of his aura. I'd be lucky if we can see one when I am still alive. To me he is bold, maybe sometimes in not so good way, but hey, nobody is perfect.

Its hard to deny what a nationalist he is, people just can't wait to bash him up the moment any of his decision and moves backfires on us, but at least he tried right? What have we done for Malaysia? The country that we claim to love very much?


  1. Jeet, klu takdek dia ni, idok le kita senang hari ini, no matter what people say, I also admire him long long time ago

  2. betul kan? time orang forward email yang memperlekehkan (fuh...siap imbuhan bagai...) dr m, sy balas balik siap bagi ceramah, x kira la sapa yang bagi email tu...berani dorang ckp mcm2 :P

  3. i like him because of his:
    1) sharp tongue
    2) sharp mind

    concur with Yong, kalau dia takde, tak maju ler mesia nie kan kan kan...

  4. he's been ruling for 22 yrs and will never be forgotten... while samy vellu.. ayyo amma.. dia punya quote yg kaktek takleh lupa...

    "orang mau bikin highway mereka tidak mahu..
    apa kita mau naik keta lumbu sampai kelantan?..."

  5. Jeet,
    Setuju. Sampai skang memang tak nampak sesiapa pon lagi yang ada aura Dr M.

  6. maya, exactly, i wish i am half sharp as he is :)

    kak tek, samy vellu nyer statement mmg xleh lawan, banyk yang klasik, x lapuk dek hujan, x lekang dek panas...hehehe..

    aida, tu la, one in a million kan? anak dia pon x boleh lawan lagi,


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