Tuesday, June 21, 2011

C18-Someone you see yourself marrying in the future

Sorry, I have been lagging on the challenge for a few days already. I was busy with something over the weekend. Will share more once I have the result with me. For this topic it will have to be on two categories. One is imaginary type, and one is the realistic type.
Ok, for the imaginary type, I have this list:
  1. Orphan/sebatang kara/mualaf – so that every single damn year we will balik raya to my parent’s place
  2. Architect – so that I can get him to design and build my dream home
And you know what? There is one person that meets the criteria Azhar Sulaiman...and too bad he is married :( I am 10-15 years too late..hahaha..
So let’s get back to the challenge, someone that i would see myself marrying in the future. He would have to be rich, as i intended to stay at home, yet still earn my monthly pay. He must be able to tolerate my football craze (not all men like football), so yes, a footballer will work out fine to me. He need not be a Malay, but must be a Muslim either by birth or via reversion (there goes my chance with Christiano Ronaldo...)
What else? My mind is jammed. So thats it, if Christiano Ronaldo sees the light, i would go all the way to Madrid and ask him to marry me ... :D
p/s: looks like my realistic type is not realistic at all... :P


  1. Jeet,

    ur imaginary type tu mmg beshhh. err, mesti ramai lagi kan aside frm azhar sulaiman. takper, usaha tangga kejayaan...

  2. hehehe...i have thought about that as well, now i have to start going to :
    2.Architectural firm

    nak pergi orphanage, nanti kena charge harassing the minor pulak...hehehe.. :r

  3. jeet.....

    he may not seem as the person he potrays to be.

    he may hv been married for 15 years...bt has been having affairs at least for the past 5 yrs!!!

  4. RGRT, really?? well, its hard to predict people's behaviour :v

    and i think the criteria that i imagined have nothing to do with a cheater or not, so no relations at all :O

  5. Jeet,
    Dok terbayang Jeet and Ronaldo melambai-lambat dari balcony mansion korang (dia design mansion korang, he's a pro footballer tapi hobi design :D). Itu kad kenduri, jangan lupa pos kat pekan hulu ni taaaaaaaaaaaaau! Hehe!

  6. aida, bayangan mu, bayangan ku jua...hahaha...
    jgn kata pos, hand delivered sampai depan pintu pon boleh... 8)


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