Thursday, June 30, 2011

C26-A picture of you last year and how have you changed since then?

In front of Sony tent, fanzone inside the stadium, some 2 hours before Portugal-Spain kick off
Around this time last year, I was having the time of my life in the midst of football craze, while in the middle of some foreign land. It was a birthday that I hope to remember forever. How have I changed since then? I would like to think that I am lighter...(well, one can only hope..hahaha...) But honestly, I used to imagine that I can do things but now I actually believe it. The trip has caused few wings ruffled, and I learned to let go off some friends. I became more accepting of human behaviour and I learned what is feels to have your friend says one thing, and means another.

But, I have also learned to keep the few friends who remains true to me no matter what. Compared to last year, I nowadays seeks condolence from more ways than I thought I would have. I laid it all here, to be read by a bunch of warm strangers, you know who you are. Only one that I really met eye to eye, the rest, though we never see each other, I feel like I know you already, always offering kind words, even though halfway across the world :) thanks a bunch!! 

atas kayangan, Table Mountain
Today is my birthday, I TTT (turns thirty today!!!!) ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

C25-10 Things I am Thankful For

Ya Allah...I am thankful for:
  1. Being born a Muslim and gets to practice it as openly as I wish.
  2. A set of super understanding parents. Although they are the typical Malay that doesn't offer words of encouragement, they have never said 'NO' to all the things that I do, not even once, as far as I remembers. (this includes staying out way past midnite when I was in Form 4 to volunteer at World Aids Day in Dataran Merdeka, and I went back by public transport)
  3. A family that has been showing me what life really means, but yet remain cohesive through our multiple life challenges.
  4. A sane mind,able to make decision on my own, and most of the time don't really bothers what people say. (my parents' treatment made me behave this way, and I love it!!)
  5. A physically fit body with no serious illness. I may not be in the most fit in shape, but I can still walk and able to run if by any chance a dog chases me :P
  6. The chances to live a fulfilling life thus far, living by my own definition.
  7. A good brain, that I may say not even 5% utilized yet (according to research, most average human being only utilize 3% of their brain, the rest are extra capacity waiting to be used, so start thinking now!!)
  8. My education life so far. I enjoyed my student days a lot, in all the places that I've been to. Not so much of the academic part, but more of the camaraderie, the adventures, the one or two not so good things that we've been through. I was never a depressed kid in school, in fact I escaped from other worldly issues in school.
  9. My rezeki, in Islam, we believe that rezeki is something Allah has written for us even before when we born, right at the Lauh Mahfuz. It is all has been fated, and I am thankful for all things that I have so far.
  10. Today, I am even more thankful to Allah SWT kerana telah diberi kesempatan menghirup nikmat Allah selama 30 tahun, a very long time, that it shames me for I have not really done any significant contribution to my deen, Islam.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

C24-Something you are proud of in the past few days

I have been toying with the idea for quite some time. Thanks to Dyanna, who introduces me to this. Since then, I have been contemplating to make one, but what is the occasion? Then it hits me!! My Cape Town trip, and to make things better, Ija's birthday was just around the corner (it was June 11th). So I decided to make one for her. So it maybe more than past few days, but yes, am proud of it.

I spent a solid 3 days to put things together, this is not including the time stolen here and there to organize the picture, and cracking my head to come up with a proper storyline, so at last I just follow our trip's chronological order..(ddduuhhh!!)
back cover, i took the imagewrap photobook
I have it delivered to her office and she received it on Thursday (9th June) she was thrilled and overjoyed. We meet on Sunday, and I asked her to bring the photobook along as I have not seen the final product yet.
And since that day Ija has been carrying around the photobook like newlyweds did to their wedding albums... :D
Shaz looking at what she missed while Put was explaining the OZ map to me...
Us, the ori Cape Town 2010 gang

I actually made another one for my boss's farewell. Will update when I get the pics ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

C23-What would you find in my bag?

I have few bags that I used quite frequently. But most of the time, I would resort to this RM10 sling bag bought at some "Pesta Barang Siam"

the bag & segala isi perut
 Take a closer look at what I have:
the daily staple
 From L-R : wallet (or purse?), car key, spec, camera, EPO, RD

Don't be fooled by the double appearance of 'Bonia' items. The wallet (or purse?) is only RM10 bought at some stall somewhere along Berjaya Times Square, the specs is ori 'Bonia' frame and case (courtesy of my optical claim... ;) )

Car key, of course, or else I'll be in training for the next marathon. EPO, I need to take daily due to my 'issue'. This is after being told off by the doctor :P . Camera is owned by dept, I am holding it and abused for personal usage as well. (My sis had my Sony A-200 for quite some time now... !!) and last but not least last month's (can also be last year's) issue of RD. I never read the magazine on time, somehow I could not even finish the whole issue!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

C22-Your favorite 5 books

I like fiction books a lot. I like reading poems too, but never had a single anthology yet. I have read many books growing up, both Malay and English. These might not be my most favourite book, as I believe I may have forgotten some of it, but these that I still remembers to be among the best :

1. The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini - I had the book reviewed here, the story line is simple, about a boy and his friend, how he was 'betrayed' and how they moved on from the Taliban ruled Afghanistan. (I own)

2. Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami - A story set in the late 1960's, when Beatles' music were booming, when most of youth movement starts to form worldwide. Its about a guy's relationship with his deceased friend's girlfriend, and how he got through his student days. There was also an elaborate part of a sanatorium, where the girl lives after an emotional breakdown. Its a Japanese novel translated to English after almost a decade being in top spot of its own country. (I own)

3. Putik, Aziz Afkar - A very sad story of a young girl named Putik. She was born out of wedlock and the mother left her to a friend, while she fled the kampung and finds work in KL. In the mean time Putik was not well taken care off, she was pushed to do all sorts of chores at such a young age. From the writers description, she could not be more than 5 years old. She was not living like any other kids her age. The story ends with Putik died, after being brutally beaten and ****. I was crying uncontrollably during reading the book. I only read it once, yet I still remembers the plot and even some parts quite clearly. (I borrowed)

4. The Runaway Jury, John Grisham - Maybe the first John Grisham's novel that I read. The plot is complicated, twisted, and so full of lawyer-y terms. I became a fan since. (I own)

5. Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery - I read this book during primary/secondary school. I did not own the book, and the one in the school library was the hard cover version, so it was not up for the kids to borrow. So what I did, everyday I would go in and read 1-2 pages. I can't remember how long it took me to finish the book, but I did it. I tried to continue with Anne of Avonlea, somehow I did not finished it. Maybe I should buy a copy now and actually finish reading it ;) (I read slowly in the library)

I have the tendency to like the book that makes me cry. The darker the story line, the better, the more I cried, the more I think the book is good. Something wrong with me? because I also have to have once in a while my cry fix, be it books or movies. :(

C21-Something You Crave For A Lot

Enough said...
pics credit to google, my version insyaAllah next week!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

C20-What makes you different from everyone else?

Before this I used to think that I am unique. Truthfully, among my close knit friends, I am. I will be the one to break the uni's rule by wearing short sleeve shirt to class, the only girl who wore torn jeans and maybe the only lady who wore tracksuit to a night class. I was like an alien put right smack in the middle of well behaved Malays in UiTM.

I would not study in my room, either I will be taking a shelter in my classmates dorm, or I will go to TV room to study. I was able to concentrate in midst of all the noises around me. At the very least I will always have my earphone on when I was studying. I went to library alone, I seldom wait for company. I was quite a lone ranger whenever I feel the need to.

That lone ranger part I still have it till now. I can go out, spend the whole day alone,browsing through shops, bookstores, went in and out of 2 movies back to back, have lunch at Delifrance alone. I have no qualms in doing stuffs alone. My colleague often said, even if she has to eat alone, she will sort of heard the Akon's song 'Lonely" playing in the background, I thought that was funny.. :)

What else that makes me different? I have a very high level of patience. I never knew I had this up till I started work here. I met all kinds of people and I learn that there is no use to be upset about how people behave. Even if it affects my work, I managed to keep it cool. There is also a downside to this. I may not be taken seriously, but I guess my style suits me. I think it is important to be grounded, not to get all jumpy for any other things that came in my way. Here, there are few people that can get crossed easily even with the slightest remarks, and I am thankful that I have slightly more tolerance towards nonsense, or sometimes I just don't bother, but I never told people off. I have had meltdown at work before, but I did not go and blurt it out in front of everybody. Does that make me unique?  I don't know.

I always suprises people. I seems to do the unexpected. Nobody would have expected me to go all the way to Cape Town just to watch World Cup. I don't look like someone that crazy, I didn't even talked about it. And now that I have the precedence, I guess the people here are looking forward to what are my crazy plans next, that is a big expectation....stressed!!

And one last thing, I am crazy about knitting. Though I am a vvveeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyy slow knittter, but I love it to the core. None of the person that I knew are crazy about knitting as much as I do!! So yes, I am different from everyone else that I personally know in this department.

p/s: bear with me, since I have spare time now, I am doing catch up on the challenge ;)

C19-Picture of Something That Makes You Happy


 ¡Estoy muy feliz cuando me hornear!

C18-Someone you see yourself marrying in the future

Sorry, I have been lagging on the challenge for a few days already. I was busy with something over the weekend. Will share more once I have the result with me. For this topic it will have to be on two categories. One is imaginary type, and one is the realistic type.
Ok, for the imaginary type, I have this list:
  1. Orphan/sebatang kara/mualaf – so that every single damn year we will balik raya to my parent’s place
  2. Architect – so that I can get him to design and build my dream home
And you know what? There is one person that meets the criteria Azhar Sulaiman...and too bad he is married :( I am 10-15 years too late..hahaha..
So let’s get back to the challenge, someone that i would see myself marrying in the future. He would have to be rich, as i intended to stay at home, yet still earn my monthly pay. He must be able to tolerate my football craze (not all men like football), so yes, a footballer will work out fine to me. He need not be a Malay, but must be a Muslim either by birth or via reversion (there goes my chance with Christiano Ronaldo...)
What else? My mind is jammed. So thats it, if Christiano Ronaldo sees the light, i would go all the way to Madrid and ask him to marry me ... :D
p/s: looks like my realistic type is not realistic at all... :P

Thursday, June 16, 2011

C17-Nicknames you have

I have it is , by chronological order.
Buji - given by my then 1 year old sister, right after I was born. She was still pelat, mom asked her to call me adik zi, but a one year old could not pronounce the 'z', hence it becomes 'ji', how they add the 'bu' at the front, nobody knows.All family members that are older than me called me that, pretty funky, don't you think? may pass for a Japanese or Hawaian's name ;)

Kakcik - this is common for most Malay family. In our family, kakcik is for second sister, so each family has a kakcik. My cousin is also a kakcik, and I even have few abang chik. The only way to differentiate is by attaching their parents position at the back of their names, for example, Abang Chik Ngah, Abang Chik Tam, Abang Chik Njang...etc..etc... (hard core Malay y'all!!)

Jeet - this was given by my form 1 partner. Her name is Izzati, and mine is Azita. you change all the vowels position we got each other's names :D

As - as I was called by my comrades from ROTU batch 21. The reason is, my roomate name is Norita, and she was called Ita, the rest are too lazy to call me Azita ( that is extra one syllable..from Ita) , hence they cut short my name to As.

Kuri-kuri - was given by my seniors during the orientation week. We are all required to be given nicknames, some gets a pretty groovy name, but some are so lame. At that time Dr Calcutta was so hit, and there is this one verse from his song...kuri-kuri nam-nam from some taxi driver song. The seniors thought it was catchy, but I don't know how it associates with me though. But it was quite a hit name, I bet some of the guys from my batch still doesn't even know my real name :P

Ajieta Rai - this one I loike!!! hahaha....this was either chosen by me or given by my friends from my diploma gang. Back in early 2000's Hindi movies did make some big waves to our shore, and my friends and I were quite a fan (not so big but still...) We all have our own favorite actress, and mine was (maybe still is) Aishwarya you do the math!! 8)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

C16-Plans/Goals/Dreams you have

I have always been superstitious, whatever dreams I have, I would not share it with anybody, not even my mom. I was scared that it won't come true. But off late, I am a bit more open. Let me share some of it....

Plans :
I plan to work my butt off for the next 2-3 years here and then look for opportunities outside. People may ask, why another 2-3 years, why not now? The market is quite shaky now, and I myself is not ready yet, mentally and I think I can still learn a lot here, so why not make full use of it? People from my batch are slowly moving out and I am getting more of the question. Of course I won't settle here forever, I have my plan and I am sticking with it. I will not make a move simply because people expected me to.

Goals :
One of my biggest goal is to bring my parents to Hajj before I turn 35. InsyaAllah, this goal can be achieved.

Dreams :
This one I have a lot. I would want to design my own home, I want to build a mosque (literally build a mosque) where it has an orphanage, and we manage on our own, generate enough cash flow to sustain the home and the mosque, not to count on charity only. I want to see the world. I want to live in a strangers land where not a single soul knows me. I want to be able to live a simple life with no debts at all. I want to spend all day knitting and reading and baking.
(You'll see no end to this I want theme...)

By having it posted here, I hope its a do'a, and may Allah grant my wish and it will all come true :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

C15-Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day

After giving much thought, I am still clueless as who should I switch life for one day...come should not be that hard. I just need a little bit of imagination, what are the things that I want, that I still doesn't have? I know!!...aarrggghh... I still don't know, ok, quit the drama, just get on with it!!

I know, I would want to be Kamila, bener deh...bukan aja cantik..jadi rebutan 2 chowok ganteng lagi. Iya bener, masalah sering bangat dekat ama dia, tapi dia kan ada Fadil? Asal hidupnya berantakan, pasti Fadil mampir jadi palawan gitu. Asik bangat!! Pasti enak deh jadi perhatian chowok kek Fadil, kepingin makan apa, dicariin. Saat jiwa lagi nga tenang dikusuti Edo, Fadil pasti ada ngasi kekuatan. Pokoknya nyaman deh kalo aku bisa jadi Kamila buat satu hari aja.. ;)

Tolong la layan drama queen ni for one day only..huhuhu....

Monday, June 13, 2011

C14- Picture of Something that Makes You Smile Today

The original title, is another picture of myself, but I changed it to suit my liking...(again!!)

 Aren't they cute? Surely brought smile to my face, hope it does to you too!! Happy Monday people :D

Taken from flickr :

Sunday, June 12, 2011

C13-Your favourite movie

The original title of the challenge is your favourite song, but since for the past few post, I have been talking too much on music, therefore I change this one to 'your favourite movie'. And now I am stucked....hahaha...

Where should I begin? Malay? English? European? Hollywood?Bollywood? Let me tell you one of each, ok?

Malay : Definitely Yasmin Ahmad's, all of them, but the no 1 spot is a tussle between Sepet and Mualaf. I think I will settle with Mualaf, self explanatory, need no further justification.

English (meaning Brit movies) :  This one I must admit, I only watch one Brit film, but I will love that move till forever and ever (drama terlebih sudah...) This is none other than Love Actually, its an intertwining love story about few couples, not just male-female or husband and wife, its about love among siblings, father and a step son, and a comeback rock star with his manager, the tag line is Love Actually is All Around ;)
European : Run Lola Run!!! Its a German movie I watched back in uni days during German class. Suit for us, who learnt intro to kindy german...hahaha.. not many dialogue but the storyline is just brilliant. Its about a couple desperate for some money and decided to rob a bank, they did, and there were hiccups that lead to unsuccessful heist. They thought about it, and rewind their steps, correcting where they have made the mistakes, and each time they rewind, they made a step further. Not logical huh? yet, entertaining.
Hollywood : Aaaaahh....this is too much, I could not pin down to one only.

Bollywood : Mohabbatein, because of the beautiful scenery, great dance move and very catchy songs, story line? what do you expect? For that have to give it to 3 Idiots 8)
(disclaimer: am not a SRK's fan, more of Aamir Khan's)

Hong Kong : Infernal Affair Trilogy, apart from my secret love towards Tony Leung, I also have the affinity towards liking the triad (I am soo screwed..) The story from 1-3 is twisted, poignant,depressing and yet I keep watching it over and over again.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

C12-Your favourite musician

Its hard to choose my favourite, as I have too many of them. Having said that, I never really followed any musician to the point of having each of the albums or singles.What is a musician? the person who played the music, or the person who actually created it? Its both actually, and not many talented ones that I really like. It will come down to these 3 then:

  • Too Phat
  • Linkin Park
  • Kris Allen

But in the spirit of supporting Malaysian product (though their product not always sound Malaysian) I am choosing Too Phat. I like their songs, be it Malay or English. Their rap rhymes in a very good way (compare with Ahli Fiqir, you'll understand what I mean). The poetic verses matches lines by lines and the most of the time you have to read between the lines, as it is not really straightforward. But sometimes the advice is as forthright as this...

Kucing bawak tidur...
Rimau bawak ngigau...
Masuk tempat orang...
Bawak otak bukan pisau.. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

C11-An animal you’d love to keep as pet

Hhmm...this is tough, as I am not an animal person. We used to have cats when I was much younger and we were living in Pahang, but after relocated to KL, we dump the ideas of having cats in the house. We have fish instead, the easy maintenance ikan puyu. It does not need O2 tank and we only change the water with rain water once a month and they eat cooked rice, yup you got it right, the normal white rice, at most once a day. Sometime we forgot to feed them for one week, but they were still alive and swimming :)

There is a believe that ikan puyu can help to chase away bad spirits, you know how Malay can be all superstitious about pukau and all...

Back to the topic. What species that can take care of their own, under very minimum supervision and don’t really need your attention that much? It goes back to fish..yup.
pic credit to mr google
I am such a lazy bum. I make no effort to take care any other living things and if would be categorize as an abuser if I keep any other pet apart from fish.   :P

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kitab Cinta di TV AlHijrah

I think its no longer a secret that I am a sucker for Indon drama. Today I just watched a half Indon drama, but I liked it already (this is premature liking), just because Fazura is in it. I never praise any beauty openly as I strongly believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes things that I deemed beautiful, some may not concur. But with Fazura, I think she has the pure Malay beauty, her face is classic, borderline to royal. Even some royal doesn't have her persona, most of them are tainted by pan-asian looks already. (now I sound like some beauty consultant/spokesperson pulak).

Not many info on the drama yet, some that I managed to find, taken from this blog .

C10-How you found out about Blogger and why you made one

It all started when Dr M started his blog in blogspot. I was an avid reader, but at some point I would like to comment and and it was troublesome as I don't even have any Google ID (not even a gmail account). I was blogging via friendster and they have so many limitations. The pics came out waaaayyyyy to small. I did not know how to embed video (yeah...I still blame the rest for my IT blindness). And many of the friendster's features are not user-friendly.

It was in 2007-2008 and some friends has migrated to blogger. At the same time I started reading some, and I found that the feature is much better in blogspot. The freedom to add in widget, customize the page, and some vibrant design caught my eye. Hence I decided to migrate as well ;)

I actually tried to set up the blog quite a few times but I could not get passed even the first post..ya.. silalah gelakkan saya, I am a self proclaim IT blind girl :P I even failed to load some design from XML file back then. I started  this blog with a different link, but after some drama last year, I settle with this one, my not-so-menyamar nick name... :D

It did came across to me to change to Wordpress, as it looks kinda cool. What more with bloggers went berserk for the past few days, but for now, maybe not yet. But don't count on me, I may change my mind, as easy as the weather changes... 8)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

C09-A Photograph of your Town

The busiest part of PD town
PD is a small town. The centre is actually made of 4 main blocks, with one way road making a big round around it. That is where most of my banking, postal, healthcare necessities get taken care off. Its a very small town, and nope Teluk Kemang is not PD town. One can easily park at one side and cover the town by feet. You may cover the whole are in less time than you need to cover Mid Valley, I mean seriously. Its a quiet town. By 7pm, most of the shops are closed, and it became almost dead.

On weekends, most of the shops are not opened. Its a very laidback town, and I like it :D

p/s: I just noticed the location feature on the post, guess this is why blogger had gone bonkers for the past few days?...hhmm...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

C08-Songs I Listen to when I am...

I am changing the order of the challenge, simply because its my challenge..hehehe... (alasan... :D ) So for today's topic, maybe may favorite of all. I listened to songs most of the time, at work, in the car, at home (when I don't have my TV on). I listened to all kinds (minus dangdut and some ridiculous remix). So what do I listen to when I am....
1. Feeling down at work : Take That - Shine

2. Want to paarrrtttaaaayyyy : Usher - Yeah

3. Suddenly reminded of somebody : MJ's - One Day in Your Life

4. Stressed out for whatever reason : Runaway - Linkin

5. Tiba-tiba rasa insaf : Raihan - I'tiraf
6. Thinking of an ideal relationship : SO7 - Buat Ku Tersenyum
7. Feeling all lovey dovey : Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love
8. Reliving my craziness of Kris Allen : Heartless AI version (what the heck...all his AI portfolio...). The embedding was disabled, but if you have to choose, watch this one ;) my fav of all time. ;)
9. Feeling hopeful : Nidji - Laskar Pelangi

10. In the mood for raya!! : Raihan n d gang - Lebaran Ini

11. Feeling that I am being tested : Saujana - Suci Sekeping Hati

12. In need of companion : Glee - Lean on Me

I think that is too much already ;)

Royal Drama

Me : Z, thanks!!

Z : about what la??

Me : AR just called me, abt safety day tomorrow,u nominated for something ?

Z : me? nominated for what la?

Me : nominated me?

Z : heh heh... yes sirreee bob!

Me : whatever it is thanks, though i dont think i deserve anything yet,

Z: really?? i think you do...

Me : not untill you know what has just been resurfaced, BIG issue...

Z : we could have a right real pickle if F251 went the same way as F201..what la? how BIG??

Me: actually MVU PSA action item,

Z: uhhuh

Me: it was not loaded in Fountain

Z: uhhuh

Me : somehow i totally dropped the whole thing

Z: ok

Me : and we only realised now

Z: okay..whats required?

Me : when some of the action item due already

Z: RAM Red? Yellow?

Me : some high criticality item has not been worked on yet, RED item, some i did closed already

Z: aiyooo...but i thought MVU is G's??

Me: nope, at that time still under me, this was in 2009,tu la i ckp, i totally lost it, i cant remember why

Z: yup.. but when you move over to HDT/HDS, takkan you still carry MVU issues with you?

Me: my comitment to finish off because i started the work ma..

Z: but that's not the norm move onto a new role.. takkan the old role issues you kena jaga?what if you moved on to E&S ke

Me: but the thing is irregardless who is the unit tech, i still bear the resposibility to get it loaded to fountain which that did not happen

Z: ahhh.. okaylah...thats an issue lah..

Me: since its still within PS boundaries, that is why i agreed to follow thru

Z: but i thought fountain upload is via fountain focal point

Me: but if we did not supply to them, pun tak boleh jugak and some of the item needs TA, (this TA, ) so meaning we missed the window already

Z: but the PSA team tak give them a copy of the report?? thats strange.

Me: i am the PSA team, so unless i initiate, they won't have a clue

Z: kalau macam FAIR, the FAIR team will get it sent to the FOUNTAIN focal point.. then they upload after we review and accept.. but they're triggered by the FAIR team

Me: yup,i did the documentation but when i traced back i stopped at getting the rest of the action parties to agree on the due date, somehow i tak follow up from then on

Z: so this RED items nie.. banyak kerja ke babe?

Me: minor actually

Z: so how minor is minor? ada fabrication?

Me: 11 red item, 10 done, but only pending the evident je, 1 still needs a little bit more work

Z: so this remaining 1 item? okay.. what needs to be put into the field now?

Me: there is one require RV relocation at C-190, i raised the EWR in end 2009, but PDR/PCR tak raised,

Z: okay... and the relocation point needs modificaiton?

Me: yup, drill to the column shell,

Z: alamak.. this is a problem...why ah?? the relocation i mean?

Me: the concern is, if demister is fouling, then we will have a blocked in case and during column overpressure scenario, the column will not relieve via RV

Z: okay....

Me: but since we open and clean during TA, we can leverage on the fact we start new, meaning clear of fouling, so that can buy sometime, but we still need to make that modification

Z: how big of a drilled hole are we talking about here??

Me: 8inch

Z: okay... at least we have some cerita know where this new location has to be?

Me: tu la... i totally screw up this man...i know,

Z: well.. everyone screws up once in awhile babe...

Me: but mine is BIG,

Z: i've some right royal screw ups too

Me: royal eh?

Z: ROYAL! can lead to dismissal kind of ROYAL..

Me: i think am close to that also la...takut gile ni,

Z: but the system and the management is normally more tolerant of mistakes than most people think..sabar babe... times like this you need to keep a cool head... don't let the fears get to you..

Me: yup, that is what i have been telling myself as well

Z: it always look really bad when this things happen,but take a breather, get some discussions going.. things will turn out okay..would it affect appraisal and stuff, maybe.. but don't worry too much about that for now.. you show effort and zeal in closing the issue, can turn out to be a win. S and F almost got the boot a year back for the 'supposedly' LSR violation..but they turned it around and smelt like roses..

Me: hope so la...i told M, i will bear all the consequences,

Z: okay... you might also wanna talk to the PSA focal on what can be done.. are you on good terms with him/her

Me: PSA focal P&T ok, so far ok la, x penah gaduh beria lagi

Z: then just talk to him.. and get him to support what ever steps we need to take..

Me: hhmm..before that, i think i need to deal with our ppl first, PW x bagi ckp ngan outsiders yet, so now am working with WJ on how do we sell the case,

Z: wellll.. okay.. but it can help quite a bit if you know an expert who can give advise confidentially.. expert = someone from P&T

Me: tu thinking the same thing as well, tapi i tkt i will overstep pow wee, 'kang jadik cerita lain pulak

Z: nolah.. thats whay i mean.. kalau ada member ke.. someone you're comfortable with, and can advise you confidentially... how are you and F??? can he give you some advise?? saw him today

Me: yup, he's very comforting, i'm sooooo gonna miss him

Z: yup.. me too.. but ceritalah kat dier.. sometimes its good to just cerita..btw.. where is this new line supposed to be installed??

Me: right at the column, the postion is upstream of the demister

Z: okay... and its all about making sure the RV doesn't get clogged right?

Me: yup,

Z: ok...

Me: thanks for the advise :) rasa lega sikit,

Z: no dramas... been in your shoes before.. its mighty worrying at times i know, eh.. tonight dinner kat mana?

Me: i think S2 kot,

Z: shows at 2100?

Me : yup

Z: okay.. planning to be there about 1900...we can have makan makan together..

Me: can,

Z: cool!!!okay.. gotta go entertain my P&T guest... nanti karang we cerita some more okay

Me: ok, thanks!!

Z: no dramas babe! take care!!

Me: will do :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Writer's block and I am mourning....

Yes, I am having my writers block, since the weekend. And I am also mourning....why?

Mr Sams died on has been my loyal companion for the past 5 years. I had it when I moved here, and not a single day gone by without us being together. As if on auto mode, each time I entered the home, after turning on the fan, I tuned on Mr Sams. Though I may not be sitting in front of it, but the sounds in the background keeps me company. I have tried tuning it on and off few times, no response, I don't know how to resuscitate it :(
Samsung 21 inch SD TV
Hence today, I made a trip to get Mr Sams' replacement. Without great difficulty, I brought Mr Shib home. Yes, the latest dude in the house is effectively in service. 

Toshiba 32 inch LCD TV
Actually I am quite suprised with myself. Knowing how crazy I am about TV, I should have bought Mr Sams replacement long time ago, complete with its entourage (read:home theater system). But somehow I managed to put up with Mr Sams till its dying day. I guess I am a sentimental fool after all, as Mr Sams were among the first significant things that I have, so yeah, the bond is deeper...

To Mr Sams, thanks a lot, may you RIP...

Friday, June 3, 2011

C07-A picture of someone or something that has the biggest impact on you

I may sound cliché, but what the heck. He did have the biggest impact to me. The story about him selling 'goreng pisang' when he was a child inspired me, as I was also helping my mom selling kuih when I was young. The part where he came to aid my late 'tok' without any pay, back when he was still practising, shows that how big his heart is. I was never really a political follower. I admire the man for his personality. His audacity to speak up, his vision that is not one but at 3-4 steps ahead of the rest. It will take sometime for Malaysia to find another leader of his aura. I'd be lucky if we can see one when I am still alive. To me he is bold, maybe sometimes in not so good way, but hey, nobody is perfect.

Its hard to deny what a nationalist he is, people just can't wait to bash him up the moment any of his decision and moves backfires on us, but at least he tried right? What have we done for Malaysia? The country that we claim to love very much?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

C06-A favorite Super Hero and why

I don't really watch much of Superhero shows (movies, comics,cartoons, etc) But if I have to pick, I'd choose Batman. He's the only super hero that doesn't have any super powers, at all. However...he did have much money ( I mean A LOT!!). So with big money comes big responsibility, right? definitely. He was able to build Batmobile, a secret ops centre underground, that is attached to his outskirt mansion, I mean how cool is that? And maybe it all just a fantasy, but the gadgets are a revolution, well, maybe some of James Bond's can top that :P

Batman shows that in order to give back, you need to have more, and yes, money is important. You can go all Robin Hood, but the ends does not justify the means, right?

So yes, its Batman, my man ;)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

C05-A picture of you and your friends

I couldn't just put a picture, so I have to make a collage out of them. I have made friends with many people at various stage of growing up. These people used to be so close to me at some point, but I can say only 1 or 2 that sticks around till today. I have no regrets, I enjoyed the friendship while it last, and I enjoyed their company as well :D

Hear ye...hear ye....

I'll get back to the challenge tomorrow ;) but today, I am proud to announce, its my 5th year anniversarry at this company!! woooohhooooo....!!!! patting myself on the back.. :D

I am logging on from my own place. During shutdown, we have been squatting at some office inside the plant, and I miss my table, my chair, my screen , basically my work station!! Now that most of my scope is done, I can safely retreat to my nest in the main office.

Soo......5 years eh? That is like from Form 1 to Form 5 in high school. Have I passed my SPM? I don't know. One thing for sure, I have learnt a heck of a lot of things. Be it work or non work related. I have made many good friends as well. I've met many types of people, those you can trust with your life and those that you really have to be careful with. The latter taught me a lot. Now where do I go from here, honestly, I don't know. One thing for sure, there is a lot for me to learn still. My contribution is minor, compared to others. I work my butt off here, they challenged me, though I may not achieved my full potential yet, I am doing fine, I guess.

So here's for many more years to come :) ¡salud!