Wednesday, June 8, 2011

C09-A Photograph of your Town

The busiest part of PD town
PD is a small town. The centre is actually made of 4 main blocks, with one way road making a big round around it. That is where most of my banking, postal, healthcare necessities get taken care off. Its a very small town, and nope Teluk Kemang is not PD town. One can easily park at one side and cover the town by feet. You may cover the whole are in less time than you need to cover Mid Valley, I mean seriously. Its a quiet town. By 7pm, most of the shops are closed, and it became almost dead.

On weekends, most of the shops are not opened. Its a very laidback town, and I like it :D

p/s: I just noticed the location feature on the post, guess this is why blogger had gone bonkers for the past few days?...hhmm...

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  1. Jeet,
    Tempat yang tak crowded dan laidback la paling best, kan? Kan? Tak de la stress macam kat bandor, sokmo kensel keluar sebab buleh gila mencari parking :D

    Yea, I've noticed the location feature too. Susah bebenor gamaknye nak incorporatekan peta :D. Nyaris dah nak lari ke Wordpress.


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