Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have not been very well this year. Starting with the back pain..continue with the flue and running nose and at verge of getting that heal. I'm strucked with diarrhoea. I had the stomach upset since last Saturday and all throughout the weekend. Last two days things got worse, I have been in and out of the toilet every hour.

However I don't vomit, or have fever, only the frequent visit to the loo. Went to see doctor yesterday, she precribed some meds...aarrgghh.....I'm a junkie this year. You should see my house full with packs of meds for different things.

Normally if I went to any events, if at all there were food poisoning, my stomach can still take it. The rest will be going in and out of toilet, whilst your truly still standing strong. So I'm still puzzling trying to figure out what I have eaten that has causes me so much nuisance these few days.

Its still not OK, and this morning I have visited the ladies twice, if things does not get better, I have to see doctor again this afternoon, and she'll probably put me on drip. I've lost so much water and tired of going back and forth to the loo....and I'm not on MC

Monday, February 23, 2009


I did it!! I've place my bookings for the tickets, so far I just booked one ticket. I know that Ija and Shaz was excited to follow, but I do not put high hopes :). Am going to contact Danette, the lady that I met in the course the other day. For now am booking for Q-final, am thinking, to book round of 16 as well.

But I could not secure a ticket for Portugal because group stage not concluded yet, therefore whether or not they are in finals are still a doubt. Man....USD300 for one event. serious?? yes I am.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Merdeka Award Lecture Series

An email came in last 2 weeks, an invite to the Merdeka Award Lecture Series. The speaker? Prof DiRaja Ungku Aziz. I quickly asked my boss and he gave the green light and I booked myself a place for the talk.

It was last Thursday in KLCC. I have never been in any talk, or even in forum with Prof Aziz as the main speaker, but really was excited to hear his words of wisdom. I was the only one from PD and upon registration, no familiar faces that I manage to locate. I went straight to the front..mind you 4th row from the front..hehehe..most middle places are still vacant. So I sneak in between what I presumed to be Petronas staff (as this event organiser). Managed to get a seat that I considered good. (I would like to actually SEE the speaker when he speaks). The chair was seriously uncomfortable.

Upon the start of the event, there was screening of short video on how Malaysia comes about..starting from the Portuguese occupation in 1400, and only 2 minutes to the show, there was a power dip!! The whole hall is dark and organisers quickly apologise for the glitch. I was wondering..of all times and event, why is it happening today? well...things happens.

Enough on the minor stuffs, Prof Aziz is actually a very wise man. He is seriuosly not seriuos during the talk. It was not formal, not like some very high level speaker who are so high up that you don't even see the grounds anymore. He talks about everything including his meal plans and his secret to stay healthy at the age of 87. He still have most of his hair!! He is very witty and always cracking jokes in between his lecture.

(Note the old fashion ways of lecture)
During the Q&A session, he actually came down to see face to face with the person who is asking the question. And the person gets to shake his hands instead..I say that was awesome, how many of this VIPS actually step down and does what he did? Although most of the question does not come with a straight answers, I actually enjoyed the way he answers all of them (not straightforward, but some intrigues you to think more of it rather than being fed with the answers.)

The session ended around 4.30 pm and I was rushing to go back. If I was there with a friend, at least I will still have the energy to wait and snap a picture with him, but I was down with flu and the mucus won't stop running out of my nose (which makes it immpossible to stay any longer).

Glad that I attended the session, managed to get insights on how some of the most prolific figures in the country thinks ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

That Literally Hurts!!

I have been having lower back pain for quite some time and after some visit to my local doc, she refered me to a specialist, an orthopeadic to be exact. I did an x-ray but nothing conclusive comes out from that. As follow up I went back for MRI and the results were not good. My lumbar section from L3 all the way to L5 has evident signs of wear and tear. That explains the back pain, at times it is so serious that I just could not get up.

According to the doc, its irreversible, and it is permanent. I was prescribed with some pain med and patches for my back. Ordered to attend physiotheraphy, which I will start next week. For now, am no longer in pain but was advised to be extra careful in all my activities. I can no longer slouch...(which I don't think did anyway), no more heavy lifting (I admit to be doing this quite a lot..even when I was small).

If I'm not be careful, the pain will come again and definitely affect my daily routine. I promise to take good care of myself. Or course I will, after looking at the medical bills, well the company is paying but, after two visits, the bill was around RM1400++, includes all MRI, x-ray,consultation and also the meds. Physio is not included yet...haish...

Spend last weekend catching with some old frens who is due to deliver this May. She didn't even get maternity benefit from the place she is working right now, nor does her hubby. Boy, am I grateful to be where I am now and I have to make the best out of this.

p/s: I have not been using my dental benefits for the past 2 going to start.