Wednesday, June 15, 2011

C16-Plans/Goals/Dreams you have

I have always been superstitious, whatever dreams I have, I would not share it with anybody, not even my mom. I was scared that it won't come true. But off late, I am a bit more open. Let me share some of it....

Plans :
I plan to work my butt off for the next 2-3 years here and then look for opportunities outside. People may ask, why another 2-3 years, why not now? The market is quite shaky now, and I myself is not ready yet, mentally and I think I can still learn a lot here, so why not make full use of it? People from my batch are slowly moving out and I am getting more of the question. Of course I won't settle here forever, I have my plan and I am sticking with it. I will not make a move simply because people expected me to.

Goals :
One of my biggest goal is to bring my parents to Hajj before I turn 35. InsyaAllah, this goal can be achieved.

Dreams :
This one I have a lot. I would want to design my own home, I want to build a mosque (literally build a mosque) where it has an orphanage, and we manage on our own, generate enough cash flow to sustain the home and the mosque, not to count on charity only. I want to see the world. I want to live in a strangers land where not a single soul knows me. I want to be able to live a simple life with no debts at all. I want to spend all day knitting and reading and baking.
(You'll see no end to this I want theme...)

By having it posted here, I hope its a do'a, and may Allah grant my wish and it will all come true :D


“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you." ~ William Arthur Ward...

So what say you? ;)