Thursday, June 9, 2011

C10-How you found out about Blogger and why you made one

It all started when Dr M started his blog in blogspot. I was an avid reader, but at some point I would like to comment and and it was troublesome as I don't even have any Google ID (not even a gmail account). I was blogging via friendster and they have so many limitations. The pics came out waaaayyyyy to small. I did not know how to embed video (yeah...I still blame the rest for my IT blindness). And many of the friendster's features are not user-friendly.

It was in 2007-2008 and some friends has migrated to blogger. At the same time I started reading some, and I found that the feature is much better in blogspot. The freedom to add in widget, customize the page, and some vibrant design caught my eye. Hence I decided to migrate as well ;)

I actually tried to set up the blog quite a few times but I could not get passed even the first post..ya.. silalah gelakkan saya, I am a self proclaim IT blind girl :P I even failed to load some design from XML file back then. I started  this blog with a different link, but after some drama last year, I settle with this one, my not-so-menyamar nick name... :D

It did came across to me to change to Wordpress, as it looks kinda cool. What more with bloggers went berserk for the past few days, but for now, maybe not yet. But don't count on me, I may change my mind, as easy as the weather changes... 8)

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  1. Jeet,
    Ooo.. dulu aktif kat Friendster ye? And betul, saya pon rasa blogger lebih flexible, buleh add widget and tuko design layout sesuka hati kita. Dulu saya blog kat Opera, tapi sampai satu tahap.. dah busan bebenor. So tuko ke blogger dengan konsep santai only, and me only :)

    Psst.. saya pon nyaris ke Wordpress (the only thing that's holding me back is its limitation to bubuh design sesuka hati kita.. huhu!)


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