Sunday, June 12, 2011

C13-Your favourite movie

The original title of the challenge is your favourite song, but since for the past few post, I have been talking too much on music, therefore I change this one to 'your favourite movie'. And now I am stucked....hahaha...

Where should I begin? Malay? English? European? Hollywood?Bollywood? Let me tell you one of each, ok?

Malay : Definitely Yasmin Ahmad's, all of them, but the no 1 spot is a tussle between Sepet and Mualaf. I think I will settle with Mualaf, self explanatory, need no further justification.

English (meaning Brit movies) :  This one I must admit, I only watch one Brit film, but I will love that move till forever and ever (drama terlebih sudah...) This is none other than Love Actually, its an intertwining love story about few couples, not just male-female or husband and wife, its about love among siblings, father and a step son, and a comeback rock star with his manager, the tag line is Love Actually is All Around ;)
European : Run Lola Run!!! Its a German movie I watched back in uni days during German class. Suit for us, who learnt intro to kindy german...hahaha.. not many dialogue but the storyline is just brilliant. Its about a couple desperate for some money and decided to rob a bank, they did, and there were hiccups that lead to unsuccessful heist. They thought about it, and rewind their steps, correcting where they have made the mistakes, and each time they rewind, they made a step further. Not logical huh? yet, entertaining.
Hollywood : Aaaaahh....this is too much, I could not pin down to one only.

Bollywood : Mohabbatein, because of the beautiful scenery, great dance move and very catchy songs, story line? what do you expect? For that have to give it to 3 Idiots 8)
(disclaimer: am not a SRK's fan, more of Aamir Khan's)

Hong Kong : Infernal Affair Trilogy, apart from my secret love towards Tony Leung, I also have the affinity towards liking the triad (I am soo screwed..) The story from 1-3 is twisted, poignant,depressing and yet I keep watching it over and over again.


  1. Jeet,

    Me also loike Mohabbatein. For HK film pulak, anythg by Ekin Cheng.... Esp this funny movie named My Wife is 18...It's so hilarious

  2. yeay!! ada gang, jom ajak kak tek belly lancing sekali ;)


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