Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day1: Trip to Obama-land

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

While it is still fresh in my mind (well..sort of..), let me share the journey late last year. I made my way from Port Harcourt on the 23rd December. The route is PHC-Paris-Houston. Total flight time is 24 hours. Flight took off 2130H on the 23rd, but we have a 1 hour taxi in Abuja. The flight arrived in CDG Paris at 0600H and I have to wait ~4.5 hours for my next flight to Houston. The transit time is decent, I had time to freshen up, perform my solat and just not rushing things. CDG does not have a dedicated prayer room, but the waiting hall is quite spacious and at the early hours there were not many people around. This is my second time transit in CDG and I'm fine with it.

I arrived in Houston the same day 1430H, but that doesn't mean the flight time is only 4 hours..haha. Houston is behind 7 hours from Paris. That means the flight time is ~11 hours..hahaha.. I slept, I ate, I watched movies and finally I made it!

Getting through immigration in the US airport was not as bad as I imagined. Apart from being annoyed at the Immigration officer who keeps on chatting with each and everyone that on his lane and basically caused delays, the screening was actually just fine. My bag wasn't even opened, and he just asked 2-3 questions to me. I guess my hijab scares him off, so much that he don't have the appetite to interrogate me.. hahaha..

Sakina picked me up half past 5. We went right to a local fast food joint where she treats me to this big portion of middle eastern dish. Rice with meat, salad and what nots. Kenyang weh, have to take away half of it. When we get to her place, that's when the real fun begins. I have been wanting to upgrade my DSLR for the past 2 years, but always too busy to buy it back home. And since I am going for another adventure in Feb, I've been buying things from Amazon and have the delivered to Sakina's place. She was partly my warehouse manager :) receiving goods on my behalf..haha..
I bought a GoPro too! Just realized that I did not took the picture of the whole lot of boxes, it was just piling up in her apartment..haha.. Sorry!
I'll continue the story in the next post. Gosh, am not used to write a long post anymore. The muscle needs to be trained. Haha.. till next post, wassalam. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Malas tapi mahu.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I just came back from a close to 3 weeks holiday in Obama-land. Few years ago, I would be busy penning down my thoughts, my adventure and loading buck loads of photos here. I would love to do that, but somehow, no drive. I know for sure if I did not write it down, I will surely forget it. Like how I am forgetting most of the details from Brazil trip. Sayang kan?

Nak habis satu posting ni pon seksa..haha. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Yesterday somebody jokingly asked me to run along together. And it made me smile for the rest of my walk. Saja nak bagitau, in case I forget about it later in life. Its those small moments that I cherished, I look forward to, but I don't hope for it. Its that small insignificant things to others that helps me smile once in a while. The other person might not remembers it anymore, but I hope I won't forget. I am collecting this small moments, because I am almost sure that I will never get the big one. Still hoping for miracles though......

Ok, before I merepek any further, I better sign off. Till next time peeps. Sapa ja peeps yang baca ni..hahaha..