Friday, November 28, 2008


Last weekend I was in Pahang attending my ex-roomate's wedding. I encountered 3 rainbows along the way. First one was on the way from Seremban to KL. The next one is somewhere approaching Karak area. It was later followed by very heavy rain. Once I entered Bentong going towards Temerloh there was lots and lots of beautiful clouds.

It was mesmerising as I could not recalled when was the last time I've seen such beautiful group of clouds. It was picturesque!!! I had camera with me but it was way deep in my handbag. Since I am driving alone, I didn't bother to pullover and took out the camera.
Upon entering Maran, again there is this string of rainbow and this time I just couldn't resist. I slowed down (although I should've pulled over) and took out camera and with one hand on the wheel, another was trying to capture the here goes...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Penchant for Profanity

What does it mean? For a person whom mother tongue is not English, my vocab range is rather limited. Therefore when found an expression which I am not familiar with, that attracts me the most. I was browsing online for the world news and came upon this article, which has the expression mentioned above. Read more here.

Upon looking up the meaning, I realize that you can be rude without appearing rude..hahah...the expression above means likes to swear. Well... umm..if you put rather non common words, its not as bad as it may means, rite? Its interesting though how having a wide range of vocab enables us to express ourselves better..or confuse your reader at the same time..hehehe ;). For celebrity blogger, I must admit, Marina Mahathir is the most person that makes me look up for the words that she puts in her writing.

There is pros and cons for having bizarre choice of words, and I tend to go to the pros part. More words for me to learn. Bet you this time I am holding on to that Wazzaword Champion title. Beware time you won't even stand a chance !! ;p

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tagged by Shaz

Its Monday morning and I am having the Monday blues..with two colleague out for a course, less people to talk with, which bores me to death.

Rules of the tag:Link to your tagger and post these rules in your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Fact 1 [random] I only learned to drive above the 110 km/h speed limit recently (after 2 years on the road..hehehe..) always been scared of speed and still are.

Fact 2 [weird] I am afraid of going to high places, not because the fear of height itself but more of afraid that I might jump.

Fact 3 [random] Can be easily cheered up by music. No music no life ;)

Fact 4 [weird] Wearing tudung but memorise Linkin Park songs by boss was dazzled!!

Fact 5 [random] Have a vast collection DVD/VCD both original and pirated ones-->have one particular interest of collecting gang type of story Infernal Affair I,II,III, Young & Dangerous I-V, The Godfather I-III, Rondo 2006 (Japanese-Korean movie). During my Bali trip, I actually bought more than 30 DVDs at one time!!

Fact 6 [weird] Mostly enjoyed window shopping alone...I can go anywhere I want, go back anytime that I wish to, see anything that I like and not bother to respect other people's time ;) I also like to watch movies alone..refer to the above, don't bother what films other would like to watch!!

Fact 7 [random] Hates talking too much. And just been told I have to speak to more people at work......tak suke!!!!

7 lucky people that I tag are as follows: -
..malas nak tag..bole? ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Next Move?

I just had a 30 minutes session today. Its actually to determine whether or not I can move to another job that I have been eyeing for the past one year. I have one competition though, and she knows about my intent when I didn't know hers. So frankly speaking I don't know who am I up against.

I'm suppose to answer few question i.e how does this job relates to my career progression, and some other stuffs. In return, I get to the chance to ask back. This is a problem, as I never was good in asking question. I don't like challenging people and I am not the provocative type. Since the position is within the department, there's pretty nothing much that I don't know.

But lack of question does not look good for I turn to power of 4th dimension for solution, which is what again? the internet..hehehe...I found this page and found it very useful for people like me who don't know what to ask the interviewer. Click here for the full view.

I hope I did good, and I did used one of the questions. The session went well and how I wish I can get that job ;) Wish me luck!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

BBGS 98 Reunion

It all started last year, when I voiced out to Shaz and Elaine. I say we need to do something that will remind us by our school days. Hence, the idea of a 10th yr Reunion came about. Things get really serious sometime March this year. At first there was only 3 of us. Later when words starts to get around, more are willing to help.

Ohh.. but lets not forget a bunch of fakes..yup, like what Shaz mentioned in her blog, there were few people that was REALLY excited at first, asking for MoM and such, later did not responded to any of our emails. Then come Zuien, Farrah Shamilla a.k.a Fasha, and Poova. Fasha did bring in lotsa sponsors and Zuien does create the hype and managed to get more attendees to come.
We started to draft the main stuffs for the event, goodie bags, where to have the dinner, how much to charge, how may ppl we expect to be there, etc, etc, takes a lot to get this done. With me being in PD and could not attend most of the meeting, I can only do so much. Shaz is the main force with all the contact info compilation and RSVP.

Did I mentioned that some of the ppl are just plain ignorant? No reply whatsoever to indicate whether or not they are coming. And mind you, these ppl are actively online every single day on Facebook and Friendster. That is simply annoying. We are making an effort to reunite Batch of 98 but apparently some just refuse to be re-connected.

Be as it may, we targeted if only 50 BBGS-ians willing to turn up, we are going to have it anyway, and we DID!!! Last Saturday, 1st Nov 2008, Class of 98 had our first reunion in 10 years!!! I can say the event went well. Everybody had a good time catching up and we did have lotsa fun. One memorable moment was when the montage was played...many were moved and big Thanks!! to Lili for putting it together in the most beautiful ways that I can imagine. No photos yet for the moment, as I didn't even took out my camera. We had a dedicated photographer throughout and still awating for the whole shot. Will have a moments by moments description later when I have it all with me.

Anyway, am still feeling bit tired after all the hardwork. Thanks to the committe for making it worth it to sweat our blood and tears for the event. Thanks to all the attendees for making time and not let our hardwork gone down the drain..thanks a lot you guys!! Although the building is no longer there, The Spirit Lives On..

BBGS 98 rocks!!! Nisi Dominus Frustra...without God all is in vain. :)

May there be a 100 years more.