Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Money Matters, Does it? or It Does Not?

A friend texted me, she was asking my opinion if she is about to be introduced to a guy that earn less that she did. The introduction is meant to end in marriage, if both parties agreed, not just meeting some random acquaintances. Here's what I think, (mix a bit of both English and Malay..sorry.. :) )

Dalam hadis ada menyebut tentang cara memilih jodoh, perempuan macam mana....maybe kita boleh ambik sedikit sebanyak...

"Wanita dinikahi kerana empat faktor, yakni kerana harta kekayaannya, kerana kedudukannya,kerana kecantikannya dan kerana agamanya. Hendaknya pilihlah yang beragama agar berkat kedua tanganmu. " (HR. Muslim)

1. Harta kekayaan, yang ni subjektif, not necessarily duit yang banyak, boleh juga jadi budi bahasa, sopan santun dan budi pekerti. Memang duit tu penting, tapi kalau kaya tapi miskin budi bahasa, kita nak jatuh cinta pon susah kan, belum bab nak blend in ngan family kita lagi..

2. Kedudukan...hmm..kedudukan di mata siapa? mata manusia, atau mata Allah...? pada aku pada mata Allah yang patut kita target. Yang ni kita kena nilai sendiri, there is no shortcut way to it. Aku cadangkan, kenal dulu...tgk mcm mana gaya dia, pada aku, orang yang ada kedudukan di mata Allah, hidupnya dirahmati, dalam kata lain, x bnyk masalah yang pelik2 dan complicated...and miskin is not one of them. Miskin is just a condition they are born with. If he managed to demonstrate that he has work his best nak kurangkan jurang kemiskinan, good for him, orang macam ni ada potensi. Nampak dia ada usaha nak tingkatkan kualiti hidup. Orang yang tak dirahmati Allah sentiasa dalam masalah, not the kind that yang Allah nak uji, tapi masalah yang terang2 cari sendiri. Now you don't want to drag yourself in his neverending problem. Aku tau memang susah nak tau orang tu ada masalah ke tak kalo takat jumpa 2-3 kali, tapi bab2 ni ko boleh risik2 rasanya..

3. Kecantikan, again, this is subjektif, cantik kat mata ko, x semestinya cantik kat mata aku, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so ni mmg taste masing2. Just that ingatlah, jodoh kita insyaAllah akan kekal seumur hidup, so kalo muka cam pecah rumah, sudi ke nak mengadap hari2 sampai tua? hehehe...asal sedap mata ko memandang, ok la tu.. hensem2 sgt kang ko pulak rasa tergugat...takut ramai pompuan yang kejar dia because of his looks :P

4 Agama, last but not least...yang ni penting. I don't think I have to elaborate. Ko nak cari calon suami, yang bakal jadi imam ko, imam anak2 ko. Kalo dia sendiri tak betul, and tak nampak gaya nak betulkan hidup dia, then, its not worth your investment. Imam maksud aku kat sini is pemimpin, yang bukan takat tau cakap, tapi x pandai nak buat, yang bole lead solat jemaah ko satu family....Tgk solat, tu sgt penting, kalo solat pon hujung2 waktu, camna dia nak bimbing orang lain...

Logically speaking, hidup perlu duit, tapi duit bnyk mana pon x cukup. Memang susah nak cari lelaki zaman sekarang yang boleh compete ngan income kita. Ada, but almost all are taken. Tgk berapa jauh jarak pendapatan dia ngan ko, kalo RM2K vs 5K...macam agak jauh. Kalaula korang kahwin, can you maintain your current lifestyle? That is the compromise you have to make. And with his income, can he provide you a good life, if not comfortable?

One more thing, with lower income, what about the level of education, SPM? Diploma? Degree?  Ni pon penting jugak, just so you can see eye to eye with him. You are going to live forever for quite sometime, so I would imagine, at least kalo xde pelajaran tinggi pon, asalkan tak kolot dan mahu terima pendapat orang, insyaAllah ok.. Aku paling pantang orang yang rasa diri dia betul je, no matter what.

Well...panjang pulak aku bersyarah... ni semua pendapat aku je, yang mana ko boleh terima pakai, amikla, yang mana rasa x sesuai tu, anggaplah beza pendapat ye ;)

Yang penting ko kena nilai baik buruknya, pendapatan kurang bukan faktor besar, banyak lagi benda2 lain yang kita patut tgk. So aku sarankan, kenal dulu orangnya, unless kalo ko rasa gaji dia rendah sgt, and ko taknak bagi harapan palsu, then don't. Kalo agak2 ok, cuba kenal dulu...Allah Maha Mengetahui.... 

I hope I said the right thing. At least that is how I see the issue, there is no clear right or wrong in scouting a potential husband with less income than what we currently make, but lets not be blinded, life is not always about money, but money is a big part of life. This is not just for her, for me as well. Though I may not be in her position yet, but its a reminder for me, my sort of check and balance.

Monday, May 30, 2011

C04-A picture of somewhere you've been to

Inside Masjid Nabawi
It was June 2009. A plan of 4 eventually turns to a solo trip. I have learnt a lot, and upon reflecting after I returns, much more for me to do. I am hoping to get there again, this time with my parents, insyaAllah. There is nothing beats the feeling of being sourrounded by people hoping to be closer to the creator. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

C03-A habit that you wish you didn't have

I have two actually, that I wish I can kick it away.

The first one would be, procrastination. I mean seriously. For certain things I can make a proper plan, followed by execution and really sticking to the timeline. But for some, no matter how good I planned, I tend to almost always procrastinate. I wanted to do so many things at one time and at the same time I did none. I am punctual when meeting people though, but to get things done, it would take huge effort from me, just to stay on track.

I know it is lame, but it is really my Achilles heel. If I kick out this habit, I can be more efficient, then I can get more items done. I know it’s good to have a break, wind down once in a while, but for me the once is too many.  

I am not only talking about procrastinating at work, at home as well. I have this few stuffs that should have some kind of rack to put on it. Have been planning to buy a proper piece of furniture to place them, but till today, those things are still laying on the floor….Haish…….

learn spanish is one of those things...
The second is this 'tak apa' attitude. If I miss something, (say work opportunity or some other life's opportunity) I would not be very upset, instead I always believe that if its meant to be mine, it will be. On one part, that kind of attitude help me not to focus too much of the issue, and be more laid back compared to some other people that I knew. However, I can be seen as someone that is lacking of effort, if all the things are treated that way. I wish I can learn how to balance between letting go and holding on and being persistent.
Its alright... the ice is only melting...

Told Ya!!

I have a confession, people always talk about closeted gay or lesbian, and don't worry, I'm not one of them. :P I am a closeted football fan. Many people did not know, except for few chosen ones. This is because I never watched football outside the comfort of my home. And I never really lepak with guys and talk football with them. I don't parade in my MU's jersey the day after they clinched the 19th BPL title. I keep it all to myself.

Once I wore the jersey to work, and my colleague noticed that, and he immediately assumed that I am an MU fan. Let me clear the air, I don't support clubs, I support nations, Portugal and Spain to be exact ;) If at all any matches between the clubs, my hierarchy of supporting would be like this:
  1. No Chelsea..die die no Chelsea... :)
  2. If MU vs Liverpool, I would enjoy the game, but maybe I will root for MU (that is when C.Ronaldo was still there, but now.. I dunno..hehehe...)
  3. If any BPL club vs. La Liga club, hands down, La Liga (¿en qué estabas pensando?)
  4. If Barça vs Real Madrid... I would still enjoy the game very much, but my heart goes to Real, because they have my Ricardo Carvalho and C.Ronaldo ;)
So get the picture?

Last nite was the UEFA Champions League final at Wembley, its MU vs Barça. My colleague who saw me wearing the blue Man U jersey, forwarded a viewing party invitation for the live telecast. He and some other guys are watching. At first I have some reservation to join, because almost all of them are MU's hardcore fan. But what the heck, I'll just go and enjoy the game ;) and I was really hoping Barça to kick some MU's asses by the end of the game. Out of the 20 odds people there, only less than 5 was rooting for Barça, and when Pedro scored on the 27th minute, I only heard my voice screaming...hahahaha....

The few MU's fan in front of me were smoking profusely, and when it looks like there is no chance that MU can recover, more smokes came in my way. This validated my previous decisions to watch football at home. No smoke, just peace and quite, and I was able to view in any position I deemed suitable :r in my nightwear!!

So by now the whole world again being served the fact that Spanish football is yet the greatest in Europe. It was amazing to see Messi at work getting passed by 5 of MU's defence, all at one go. Superb!! and Villa's curved ball left everybody speechless, seriously ;) 
los chicos felices :)
So why did I bought that blue Man U jersey in the first place? Because its blue, and I don't like Chelsea, and also because C. Ronaldo looks so good wearing the long sleeve one, yes, I am vain :D

Saturday, May 28, 2011

C02-The meaning behind your blog name

My blog name is "Over the Rainbow, Beneath the Dark Cloud". I know its rather long, but somehow I love it anyway. It all started with Somewhere Over the Rainbow, as I love the song too much (I guess you knew that already by now).

I have always been infatuated by rainbows, I stopped just by the sights of it. Even when I was in school, we learnt about prism and ray of lights, and how it breaks into 7 different colours. The simple expriment intrigues me. I saw this one movie, the scene shows a table lamp, made full of glass crystal with various prism shape. It was placed by the window, and everytime the sunrise, the walls will be filled with rainbow. I surely would like to have that kind of lamp one day... I wish..

I believe in life, it is not always bright and shiny, there bound to be dark clouds, but somehow beneath the dark cloud which most of the time followed by crazy thunderstorm and without fail the monsoon...rest assured there will be rainbow coming up next. We've experienced the bad, if not worse, but we'll get rewarded at the mesmerizing sight of a rainbow....And that is how we should look at life's trial and tribulation.

"Kadang-kadang ALLAH sembunyikan matahari, DIA datangkan hujan petir. Kita bersedih dan tertanya-tanya kemana hilangnya matahari , rupa-rupanya, ALLAH nak hadiahkan kita pelangi yang indah. ALLAH berikan kita kesusahan sebab DIA nak berikan kesenangan sekiranya kita tabah dan terus berusaha."

Friday, May 27, 2011

C01-A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Hi there!! The first of the series. I am in the middle of plant shutdown, hence the recent picture is a bit messy ;)
15 interesting facts of myself..hmm..this is difficult :P
  1. My parents both are from Kedah, but they met each other in KL. I was born in Pahang, but raised in KL. At home we speak hardcore Kedah dialect, despite growing up in KL.
  2. I am the second in 6 siblings, all girls :)
  3. All of my siblings (except the last 2) did not went to kindergarten, but I managed to read at the age of 5+ (thanks to my mom, the home tutor)
  4. I spent humongous amount of time in front of TV, since young. There is nothing much my mom can do to get me away from the box, till now...
  5. I learn proper English from watching too much TV, I always liked watching TV, but one day my Std 4 English teacher told us to watch more English show to improve our command in the language, and I proudly use that each time my mom banned me from watching TV..hehehe... :D
  6. Goes crazy when it comes to lavender & lemon smell
  7. I can imitate a drawing quite well, but not drawing from scratch (I have low level of imagination).
  8. I am scared of high places, not because I was afraid of falling, but more scared that I would jump!!
  9. My first cake that I bake was carrot cake, it turns out really bad, and it wasn't edible at all. I have to throw the whole thing. It took me more than a few years to finally attempted to bake another one.
  10. Once in Standard 4 or 5, I joined in dancing competition, and we (my partner and I) got second place!! I was dancing tango to a song called Delaila (I think!!)
  11. My high school friends that I hang out with till now is the one that are the same class with me in Form 1only. In form 2 I switched classes but still hangs out with them, and we continued till today ;)
  12. Once in a while I have this need to cook or bake to feed people, and off late, I have been making few rounds of brownies and it was a hit...I loike!!
  13. I have a niece who shared the same birthday as I am!!
  14. Am not fond of other peoples kid, meaning even if they are my best friends' child, I won't took liking in them immediately. I'll see how they behave, and then I'll consider whether to like them or not, but I was never going ga-ga for any babies (who say the kids will like me too? perasan!!)
  15. Am not an animal lover. I see cat, no doubt they are cute and all, but I will not entertain them for any means.
Since most of the tags that I have done asked basically the same thing, I kinda struggled for this one, I think there is not much interesting facts after all :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Me and the Challenge

I don't know what's gotten over me, but I think I will do it ;) Been seeing many blogger does that and the topic varies. Upon my blogstalking, I found this one is the most interesting and I may be able to complete it. Now with the shutdown load has subsided, I should be...

After few months deliberating, I have decided to take on this challenge . I will be starting tomorrow. No guarantee I will be able to finish this in 30 consecutive days though..hehehe...Though maybe some topics to be changed to MY liking, I'll try not to be very narcissistic :P

This is a journey for me to know myself better, and although a friend had once said to me, "You are too in love with yourself", I think there is no harm in that :) I have to love myself, or else who would? rite? So friends, brace yourself, as you will be taken on a ride to Jeetland pretty soon!!

All aboard!!! :D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where to?

I am killing time before lunch, and yes, I am at work. Some interesting articles in Yahoo that keeps me awake thus far. Not sure of the validity though since they do have some track records of giving out dubious info. But nonetheless, this is interesting: 10 overrated tourist attraction

They not only listed the overrated spot, but they also provided the alternatives...well, its a matter of time before the alternatives becomes overrated.. :D Out off all the alternatives, I may put Azores in my list. Who knew I can catch a glimpse of C. Ronaldo there? :P

Credit to Pakcik Google
Aida, dah sampai sini ke? ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hakikat Kematian

I was woken up at ~4am this morning by a single phone call. It was my nephew, my cousin's son. He told me his father passed away at 2.20am. He asked for my favour to bring his youngest brother who is now studying in PD back for the funeral. I am in the middle of plant shutdown, and by right could not afford to be away. But after like 5 minutes thought, I agreed.

I jumped out of bed and was ready to put on my shirt and jeans, and then it hit me....baju kurung la!!! I took a quick glance at my collection, all are bright and happy colours..(whats with wearing black to funeral?) At last I settle with a orange floral printed on black background. I went on and picked up my nephew at his place and we depart PD around 5am. For a long distance drive I normally would blast my music to almost max but since my passenger is someone who just lost a father, that would not be very appropriate, wouldn't it? Now, where is that thumb drive with Al-Quran mp3?? So I tuned in to IKIM.fm instead.

We reached Jengka 8 around 8++am. Few of my aunties were there already. Their neighbours were coming in and out of the house. I met my cousin, she was calm, sitting by her late husband's body. After sending my mums regard, I recited Yaasin and after I finished, I basically don't know what else to do. Honestly, I have never been to a funeral where the remain is still there. Most of the neighbours are chatting away, I overheard some of the conversation, but after a while, I don't think I would like to stick around and listened to it further. I guess its part of the Malay culture, they never really considered the deceased's family's feeling, they just talk like it doesn't matter. Banyak topik perbualan yang memburukkan tuan rumah, even if the are not my family I don't think it is appropriate to be talking ill of the anybody at all, let alone during the difficult times like this.

The remains was brought to the graveyard around 10.30am. While they were lowering down the body, I caught a glimpse of arwah's face. Suddenly there is a rush of emotions, I could not contain myself. I started to cry, not because of arwah (I was not so close to him anyway) but because I was reminded about myself, my death, my funeral, my ending in this world. Waktu tu automatic istighfar banyak-banyak...I don't want to be overcome by my own emotion. I was holding my cousin, and she started to loose it. Both her daughter in law tried to calm her down. But it seems to me, the moment anybody said, "Sabar ye mak...kesian kat ayah...." she just got more and more emotional.

I took her away, I asked her to istighfar with me, and Alhamdulillah, she managed to calm down. The istighfar works!! Subhanallah...I keep on reciting istighfar with her, just so she would not loose it anymore and at the same time to calm myself as well. Everything was over in half an hour, and then we got back to the house. I stayed until lunch and left around 2pm.

Today I realized, we are never prepared to face death, be it anybody's or let alone our own. I think, with a straight mind, we pretty much know how to behave when visiting the deceased or the family, but sometimes, emotions just got over us and all we need is a simple reminder.

Something worth to share...Adab Ziarah Orang Meninggal 

From this, I have two topics to explore, which are, why wear black to a funeral? and why do we recite Yaasin to the dead? Give me sometime, I'll try to find out, insyaAllah...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Its the time again!!

I go through this cycle at least twice in 3 years, yup unit shutdown. Its the most interesting part of my career here. Many of the items worked on for the past three years, either get executed in this shut down, or we can see the results during this shut down.

I still remembers one of the remarks made by previous MD when we spoke about the shutdown in 2008. He mentioned that in this pressing moments, I have to made the right decisions, there and then. What I do is, I inspect equipment, any deviation, abnormalities, I should be able to report back. And at times not all problems has a solution. And that is when all eyes on you. Management wants to know the options, contractors need to know what they have to do, and I must be able to advise (with my limited amount of knowledge). Of course we are backed up by consultants, but some of it just need a good judgement call. 

I stumbled right at the beginning this time. What happened is some of my problematic equipment is having some issue for quite some time. The equipments are not in the shut down fixed scope. If I want to ask for my equipment to be opened, I need to raise emergent work request (EWR). The fixed scope was frozen few months back, and in between that time and the D-day (few days ago), there are lots of EWR raised and rejected as well as approved.

We are on the execution mode already and as normal, more EWR will be raised. So happen, my colleague had to raise the first one during the execution mode. The EWR will need management's approval, and it does not even get passed our dept. head. So this person decided to back off, not even tabling it out to the Steering Committee. I had some pressing issue with my equipments too. I prepared the paper, submit to my SV, only to be told it was not meeting certain requirement. Operations are already pressing me to submit the paper, it was not economically justified, but it still needs to be done.So after some discussion, we table it out anyway...

It was nerve wrecking, mine was the first EWR during execution mode. The Steering Committee was gentle with me, though there were some questions that I was not able to answer, my request was partially approved, with minor compromise on the detail scope. I may be able to push for more have I decided to rob in another dept's support during the session, which never cross my mind in the midst of the chaos. Yesterday my dept's head sent out an email to remind us and the other dept that we were supposed to rob in on areas for improvement for the next EWR. And this morning, the section head of the other department replied quite lengthy to second the reminder, which made me feel bad as I am the example of not to be followed.

Well, I got praised for getting the first EWR approved, but I was also the one that caused the email war right from yesterday till today....haish....but as I said, it is interesting, different shutdown gave me different lesson, different ways looking at people and different outlook on some stuffs that I was blinded about. And I am always glad for it!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who to blame?

Just got back from my weekly tazkirah session, and this particular ayat struck me....A reminder from the Syaitan himself,

And Satan will say when the matter has been concluded, "Indeed, Allah had promised you the promise of truth. And I promised you, but I betrayed you. But I had no authority over you except that I invited you, and you responded to me. So do not blame me; but blame yourselves. I cannot be called to your aid, nor can you be called to my aid. Indeed, I deny your association of me [with Allah ] before. Indeed, for the wrongdoers is a painful punishment."

Dan berkatalah pula Syaitan setelah selesai perkara itu: "Sesungguhnya Allah telah menjanjikan kamu dengan janji yang benar dan aku telah menjanjikan kamu lalu aku mungkiri janjiku itu kepada kamu; 
dan tiadalah bagiku sebarang alasan dan kuasa mempengaruhi kamu selain daripada aku telah mengajak kamu lalu kamu terburu-buru menurut ajakanku itu; maka janganlah kamu salahkan daku tetapi salahkan diri kamu sendiri.  
Aku tidak dapat menyelamatkan kamu dan kamu juga tidak dapat menyelamatkan daku. Sesungguhnya dari dahulu lagi aku telah kufur ingkarkan (perintah Tuhan) yang kamu sekutukan daku denganNya". Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang zalim (yang meletakkan sesuatu pada bukan tempatnya) beroleh azab yang tidak terperi sakitnya. 
In daily life we made disclaimers, to deny any liabilities, or any accountability that may be imposed on us. But Syaitan is well ahead of us. He declared in the Al-Quran, that he is not to be blamed for any wrong doings. 
The power is in our hands......to choose or not to choose...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Catching Up Time

On Sunday, after breakfast I head over to Borders across the street, there were some talks about that borders closing down (make sense since the one in Times Square downsize from double-stories with huge part of the floor coverage, down to one small lot that fits better to a convenient store). When I went it, I did not see a significant bargain, and in fact, the prices are slightly above Malaysian market. So probably this outlet is making money…

I already had a lunch date secured with a former contractor that I work with back in 2009. Normally I did not really share much with contractors on personal level, but with these two persons, I can get along with them very well. They once told me if I ever get to SG, let them know. I met Erick first, as the other one, Claire has a preplanned lunch and she joined us later. Erick took me to Ayam Penyet Ria, at Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road, located on 2nd floor.

He is from Medan, and according to him, this is the best affordable place if he feels like eating something from home. Erick no longer work at that company so we pretty much talked about his new work. We were too busy eating and talking, I forgot to snap pictures.
typical ayam penyet menu
Erick also showed me around Orchard Road and we went to the Orchard Central. We also went to the rooftop but only stayed there for a while. As we were going down, I accidentally saw this shop!!!  :r
me and Erick
We went in. I expected the shop to have more gadgets, but I was a bit disappointed to see the limited display. They do however have these cute aprons, but as always, overpriced :P
wannabe alrite!!
After that we both walked to ION mall to meet Claire. Erick hangs around while waiting to meet his girlfriend. At first Claire wanted to treat me to this fine tea shop, TWG, but the queue was so long we decided to hang out at Starbuck in the end.  We spoke about work, career progression, SG common issues (GE around the corner..) and many more things. It’s good to catch up with her, she walked me back to the hotel and that was pretty much what I did that day.
the tea we didn't get to taste

the china we didn't get to use :P

the ever sweet Claire
I normally do not make new friends that often, but with Claire and Erick, it feels right. I now officially have one Indonesian and one Singaporean friend 8) (tu pon nak kecoh…)

Monday, May 2, 2011

~Hakuna Matata~

means no worries for the rest of your life...

*please be warned, this post contains loads of picca :)
After 2.5 exhausting days of meeting, I get to unwind on Saturday. I have already booked a ticket to USS 2 weeks back, and made a point to be the earliest to get there, I knew there will be a lot of people due to the long weekend. When I got out from the hotel at 9am, it was drizzling and halfway to Vivo City, it was raining cats and dogs.
Universal Studio...here I come :)
Luckily when I got to USS, the rain stopped, but the floor is still wet though. The crowd was building up at the entrance, these people must have been there since 6am I guess  :P 

I definitely wants to go there..far..far..away....

I only went for the Battlestar Galactica ride and it was fun!! The rest of the time I went in and out the shows. Shrek 4D is highly recommended!! I wish I could go for second round, but the queue was too long. USS is a smaller than I thought it would be. Definitely Genting has more rides and easily we can spend the whole day there. 

Only one for me today
I did some browsing through the overpriced gift shop, and then I decided to call it a day and head back to hotel. 

After lunch, I went out on a mosque hunt. At first I wanted to go to Masjid Jamae, in Chinatown, but since my timing is quite limited, I detour to Masjid Sultan in Arab Street area. The masjid is clean and very well kept. The ablution area is nice, comes with steel rail to place your feet, which is very convenient. 
From the front entrance
Cantik kan? ceria betul tempat wudhuk..
After that, I made way to the Esplanade, just to check out how does the ‘durian’ looked up close.
After not more than 15 minutes there, I made way to Marina Bay Sands. Long lines of people waiting to get to the Skypark. The interior of the hotel is magnificent, with 3 towers, made up to one roof. The lowest rate, I was told is ~SGD 400, that is close to RM1K for one freaking nite!!
View from bottom
I was looking up most of the time!!
We made our way to the Skypark FOC (tourist have to pay SGD 20 to get to rooftop), complimentary of a friend who works there :) 
View from the top. That odd looking structure is an art and science museum, I did not went in there..

Singapore Flyer
This friend of mine actually works at the Marina Bay Sands Casino, I was actually offered to enter the casino, but I declined. I was taken to the viewing area of the whole casino. They have the first floor for commoners to gamble, entry for tourists are free, but PR and SG citizens have to pay SGD100 for entrance.  And up in the exclusive 2nd and 3rd floor sits the high rollers in their respective gambling room. I was told they have to actually commit to a minimum amount of SGD 100K to start gambling…(dah terbayang a comfortable town house – a little bit outside KL
Whats next? I was given a complimentary ticket to watch The Lion King Theater at Sands Theater. :D

I don't think I can afford this on my own, World Cup ticket, yeah!!!
I was seated on the 7-8th row from the stage (freaking awesome!!!) and see who I spotted just two rows away. 
Very african feeling
Dom was playing with gadgets most of the time, kinda similar with Marion in dieya's post
 The theatre was great, stage works was exceptional. I like the young Simba and the young Nala’s voice was mesmerizing. The show starts slightly after 8pm and finished around 10.30pm. 

The cast, I was warned after taking this shot :P
After taking some night shots of those modern architectural of SG, I took a bus and head back to hotel. 
I simply lovveee this picture
Dan pasti ibu-ibu di luar penasaran deh, siapa temannya yang udah bawa aku jalan-jalan di atas bumbung, pakai kasi tiket teater lagi….ya orangnya tidak lain dan tidak bukan, chowok yang bikin kontroversi semenjak dari post yang lalu…So dieya, another gambar berukuran poskad for your eyes only ;)
With the host, he made me feel so short!!! and mind you I am 160 cm++
He is single but not so much available, jadi, udah ya gosipinnya ibu-ibu? ;) He’s being nice for old time’s sake.