Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alternatif to 'Bersih' ?

So what's up on 9th July this year? Here are things that I am considering to do and maybe you have some other alternatives too!!
  1. Visit my friend who has just given birth last 1 month, and 9th July is her birthday!!
  2. Attend studies on Surah Yusoff by Al-Khauthar Institute - 9th-10th July
  3. Attend Mukhayam Ikram at D'Kok Eco Camp, Kg Talang, Kuala Pilah - 9th-10th July
  4. My alma mater get together organised by BBGS OGA - which is now canceled due to the so called 'Bersih'!!
  5. My colleague's doa selamat in PD for his new bundle of joy - 9th July
  6. Movie catch up marathon, since I have been enslaving myself (yeah rite!!) for the past two months
  7. 'Bersih'kan my own house, since I have been neglecting them for more than just 2 months!!
That is all that I can think for now. High chances that I am going to no 2, insyaAllah...No 6 and 7 can still wait ( I guess.. :P )

I am a believer in democracy, by all means, say your piece, make yourself heard, fight for your rights, yada-yada... just not at the expense of some other people's time, money and convenience. Also safety at some point. We know how the last version turned out. The KL city area are filled with garbage, some stalls/shops are vandalised, and I don't how many businesses were interrupted for the day. Some may say that we pay good money (tax) so its DBKL's job to clean up the city, yes and no. They are paid to keep the city clean, but that does not mean they are to service at every citizen's havoc behaviour comes once in a while when these kinds of demonstration takes place. Its a pitiful sight of Dataran Merdeka, Masjid Jamek and all sorrounding area once all these gathering dispersed. I've seen the amount of garbage, and these people wants to 'Bersih' the system, they might as well start with their own behaviour.

There are alternatives to get your message accross, I just don't think a street rally which comes to all these consequences is one of them. Since there is a lot of intellegent folks that is engineering the rally, why not come up with a better, safer, cleaner, and more effective approach?

Or the least they can do, is proper control of their people during the rally. The last thing we want is a clip of Malaysian people doing all sorts of funny things with KL landmarks as background, and some very wrong headlines comes out in the CNN and BBC.

p/s: Challenge will resume tomorrow ;)


  1. Jeet,
    Things just always get out of hands and control during these kinds of 'bersih' ops. Can't agree with you more when you said they should start 'bersih'ing their own behavior first.

    Numero dos? Muy bien para ti! Si fuera yo, voy a corre a numero seis. Estoy tontita, eh? Huhu!

  2. kaktek in dilemma nak sokong siapa... sprm kita belum betul bersih ..yes its true.. confession from jiran rumah lama si pengundi hantu...

    do they think street rally can change it? i doubt...

  3. adoiyaiii bersih2 ni wat letih jalan jem jek...i am not into this political thing tp sume deme ni pung sama jerk....wal asal balik hasil jerk horrr...
    p/s : penuhnya jadual Jeet ek, kalah ADUN!

  4. That is quite a lot of things to do on one single day. But I do agree , No2 ranks high in profit gain InsyaAllah. Membaca Quran pengubat hati.

    I too have a wedding to attend on the 9th and it's located right smack in the middle of KL (near Bkt Bintang). I'm still mulling whether to go or not, but already RSVP-ed. I don't think the newlyweds are cancelling their special day just because of this. Unless things get out of hand, I think I'll go.

    On the other hand, with regards to Bersin, IMHO, I am all for it. Yes, it will cause a lot of inconvenience to others but if action like this is not taken, then the voice of the rakyat will not be heard. I stand by the 8 demands of Bersih and I am with the people who calls for a fair electoral system.

    Although the rally is said to be a peaceful one, I have a feeling it will be difficult to control the behaviour of unruly people in big crowds like this. I will be surprised if there's no chaos downtown.

    One street rally might now be able to change the system overnight, but it will be a first step towards a fair system and hopefully a good indication to show how much people (the rakyat and the pemimpin) care towards each other.

    Most of all, I am sad to see how terribly divided the nation is right now...

  5. aida, setuju, tapi sapala kita nak tell people off kan, so we bersihkan ourselves la :O

    kak tek, saya rasa ramai yang dilemma cam kak tek jugak, hhmmm..tepuk dada tanya iman? :$

    kak yong, tu semua program yang bagi sy llb (look like busy).. rasa cam penting la kejap...hehehe... :P

    dyanna, i hope everything went well with the weedding, i know there is this one wedding on last friday (the nite before rally) pengantin reach the kenduri at 11pm!! together with some of the guest as well, tu baru betul fashionably late.
    As for Bersih, the intention is good, for the betterment of all Malaysians, but moving forward, I hope they don't resort to street rally, many more ways that can be done to put forth the demands, or to kick start the discussion,


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