Thursday, June 2, 2011

C06-A favorite Super Hero and why

I don't really watch much of Superhero shows (movies, comics,cartoons, etc) But if I have to pick, I'd choose Batman. He's the only super hero that doesn't have any super powers, at all. However...he did have much money ( I mean A LOT!!). So with big money comes big responsibility, right? definitely. He was able to build Batmobile, a secret ops centre underground, that is attached to his outskirt mansion, I mean how cool is that? And maybe it all just a fantasy, but the gadgets are a revolution, well, maybe some of James Bond's can top that :P

Batman shows that in order to give back, you need to have more, and yes, money is important. You can go all Robin Hood, but the ends does not justify the means, right?

So yes, its Batman, my man ;)


  1. Hi Jeet, Good choice of super hero. Apart from being rich, he is also handsome, rich, intelligent, rich, kind hearted and did i mentioned, rich?

    However, i must beg to differ. maybe you have forgotten about Iron Man. Who also happen to be a powerless billionaire with crime fighting interest. Unless, you don't consider combining Marvel and DC Comic characters together in one sense. Then you are correct.

    So sorry to do a Kanye West on your post in th most geekiest way ;)

  2. Jeet,

    bole calit nie. I pun suka batman jugak. my fav impersonator of batman is Val Kilmer, which i hv no idea why...hehhehehe

    p/s: mana gambar batmobil nyer???

  3. dyanna, nampak sgt am not well versed when it comes to superhero..hehehe..i think i bought dvd ironman, tp sampai la ni i x tgk, i should rite?

    maya, high 5 ;) betul...i think dlm bnyk batman, val kilmer paling ada character bruce wayne written all over him.

  4. Jeet,
    Hey, mee too! Ever since I was still studying I was hooked with Batman :D.
    Hensem, penuh dengan misteri, charming and of course kayo rayo! :D

  5. aida, the kayo-rayo part seals the deal?.. :O
    *acting suprise

  6. Jeet,
    Or dalam ayat lain "Icing on the cake", mudah-mudahan berbunyi lebih humble. Muahaha!


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