Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doakan dia....

A friend is terminally ill. She was warded last Sunday due to dengue. I never thought that it would get serious. People were admitted all the time for dengue. On Monday her platelet count drop, she was admitted to ICU. She was weak and refused any visitors. Tuesday, she was transferred to Hosp. Sg Buloh. When I heard about that, I know it must be serious, she was having difficulty in breathing. Some of the girls went to visit, I am stuck in PD. They mentioned she is bloated up, fluids are coming from organs, her liver is affected. Last night her BP stabilize, but no other improvement. She was conscious, but very weak. Her dengue subsided but her liver was swelling, no medication for that. We just have to wait and see. If in the next 24 hours no change she might fall into coma.

There's talk about her kidney not functioning well, another friend updated she is still lucid, managed to talk to her. I can only spend time tomorrow to visit. Ya Allah, please help my friend Eliana, make her better Ya Allah, I am not ready to loose her yet.....Tolong doakan dia sekali...

Monday, April 2, 2012

About work and all

So here's the thing. My window was opened, and for now it closes back...

I did submitted my job application, and even got an interview for one of the job, but somehow I have decided to stay here longer. The department is in a big mess right now. Few are scheduled to leave including yours truly. One already accepted an external (outside PD) job offer, one has left to another department, Dept X and another one is being poached by Dept X (we begin to wonder why they need so many people whereas their workload is pretty much the same) ....and guess what? Our new hire is only coming in June-July, soonest!!

I was approached to stay longer. They did asked before, when my window was still shut. I am doing two main work scope. Scope A, I have been doing for the past 5+ years, just on different unit. Scope B has been on  my plate for the past 2+ years, and I am finding myself enjoying scope B more. So when they asked, I was willing to stay, my condition is simple, 100% full time scope B. I've had enough of scope A :P

However, when I made my intentions clear, they (i.e the managers) could not commit to my wish. It was a transition period for them, there was one acting senior manager, and he wasn't bold enough to make any decision. He was leaving all the decision to new incoming senior manager. He didn't even scout for new hire for the people that is about to leave. So when the time comes, people are leaving but none is coming to replace them properly (am talking about proper handover here).

The new manager came in Feb, and waves of new job application did happened in Feb, it was too quick of a timeline for him to work out a miracle.

When I was applying for a new job, they (my scope B SV and the new senior manager) were in a way hoping that I will not get it (I could not blame them). They have indeed agreed to put me into doing scope B 100%, but the decision was made after I have submitted my applications. To-date, I have not received any welcoming feedback. I actually applied for scope B job outside PD, despite not having enough experience...hehehehe.. I was pushing my luck :P

In case none of the applications came through, I still can apply for the next transfer window in May, but after talking to the two gents, I have decided to take on their offer. I have made a conscious decision not to pursue any new job application come May, at least for the next 2 years.

Been talking to a few ex-colleagues, while it is not advisable to stay here longer, I must say, that its actually an opportunity for me to grow further. Today,I had a chat with this person. We came in the same batch, and despite having some external job offers last year, he decided to stay, and talking to him validate my decision to stay. And I came to realize, that I am not ready to let all this go. Not yet. He is among the few that I can confide in work-related stuffs. I am not willing to pass by this camaraderie, with him and few others. Maybe its a blessing, I can develop myself further, and by the time I am ready, and insyaAllah, if its meant for me, I'll move. But for now, I am here to stay :D