Friday, April 24, 2009

Few things;

1. Hate that KJ beats Mukhriz in last pemilihan UMNO, but on the hindsight Mukhriz made it to the new cabinet. Yaayy!!!

2. MU lost to Everton for FA Cup semi finals and Chelsea beat Arsenal to make it to the finals. I am rooting for Everton and hope they will create upset for Chelsea.

3. I screw my world cup ticket booking by entering the wrong expiry date for my credit card. How did I know? well, my CC provider called me yesterday and asked whether or not have I tried using it online to purchase WC tickets? I said yes...and they said that it was rejected due to my error...Damn it, I could have gotten the tickets by now. So now I have to wait till 3rd May and re-place the booking and have to keep on telling myself over and over again not to repeat the same mistake!!!

4. Taking bullet for things at work that I have done but not recognised. Managers just don't read mails and for that I am penalised. Hate it but moving on.

5. Matt Giraud in Top 5!!! and Kris Allen is as good as ever ;)

6. Last but not least 'Happy Birthday Kak Ju!!!' My niece turn 4 today!!! am going back KL and planning to celebrate over the weekend.

--No long post on how the world are and things that I can do to make the world a better place.

Monday, April 13, 2009

She's Forgotten Me

I found out from a fren's blog that a friend is expecting. This fren used to be closed to me. I even stayed overnight the night before she got married. And true enough like any other weddings that I have been to, once they are married, I am out of the picture.

That's it, am not hoping any other frens to update me, will not ask for it either. Communication goes both ways and I am not going to maintain with the one that forgets me. Its not burning bridges, more like letting the bridge unmaintained, hence it gets corroded and in time it will fall. Yup, let nature takes it course.

By the way, I passed my Spanish test!!! Yay!!! Planning on taking the second level ;).

Am keeping my fingers crossed as FIFA is going to draw the World Cup Tickets on 15th April. Read more here.

Wish me luck!!!