Saturday, June 25, 2011

C23-What would you find in my bag?

I have few bags that I used quite frequently. But most of the time, I would resort to this RM10 sling bag bought at some "Pesta Barang Siam"

the bag & segala isi perut
 Take a closer look at what I have:
the daily staple
 From L-R : wallet (or purse?), car key, spec, camera, EPO, RD

Don't be fooled by the double appearance of 'Bonia' items. The wallet (or purse?) is only RM10 bought at some stall somewhere along Berjaya Times Square, the specs is ori 'Bonia' frame and case (courtesy of my optical claim... ;) )

Car key, of course, or else I'll be in training for the next marathon. EPO, I need to take daily due to my 'issue'. This is after being told off by the doctor :P . Camera is owned by dept, I am holding it and abused for personal usage as well. (My sis had my Sony A-200 for quite some time now... !!) and last but not least last month's (can also be last year's) issue of RD. I never read the magazine on time, somehow I could not even finish the whole issue!!


  1. Jeet,
    Ahaks! Seronok tengok sebab rasa macam selongkar bag Jeet jek :D (que puterio, eh? :D)

    I love the long-shaped purse that you have, senang nak buh duit kertas kan? And as for the jenama or not, tu belakang cerita maa. Sometimes people talk bout this and that brand and I find myself like, uh.. amende tu? Muaha!

  2. aida, definitely, sekali sekala amik tau isi beg orang best gak, so what's in yours?

    yang purse tu masa beli x perasan pon ada nama bonia kat situ, punyala ignorant..hehehe...

  3. I don't have much in mine. Just my mobile, house-keys and shades. Eh.. maybe nanti saya buleh post bout it? (copycat sungguh ek?) :D


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