Tuesday, June 28, 2011

C24-Something you are proud of in the past few days

I have been toying with the idea for quite some time. Thanks to Dyanna, who introduces me to this. Since then, I have been contemplating to make one, but what is the occasion? Then it hits me!! My Cape Town trip, and to make things better, Ija's birthday was just around the corner (it was June 11th). So I decided to make one for her. So it maybe more than past few days, but yes, am proud of it.

I spent a solid 3 days to put things together, this is not including the time stolen here and there to organize the picture, and cracking my head to come up with a proper storyline, so at last I just follow our trip's chronological order..(ddduuhhh!!)
back cover, i took the imagewrap photobook
I have it delivered to her office and she received it on Thursday (9th June) she was thrilled and overjoyed. We meet on Sunday, and I asked her to bring the photobook along as I have not seen the final product yet.
And since that day Ija has been carrying around the photobook like newlyweds did to their wedding albums... :D
Shaz looking at what she missed while Put was explaining the OZ map to me...
Us, the ori Cape Town 2010 gang

I actually made another one for my boss's farewell. Will update when I get the pics ;)


  1. Bestkan buat Photobook??? I'm still admiring my 'work of art', although that was the ONLY ONE i made. lol. When I gave that photobook to my mum as a present I think she got bitten by the bug too and went to buy a couple of promotional coupons to make more photobooks. Now my little brother and sister yang pening kepala nak susun all those thousand of pics we've taken from our trips!

  2. dyanna, sgt best!! and i am addicted now, thanks to you ;) i think once your bro and sis get the hang of it, they'll be asking for more!!


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