Monday, August 31, 2009

1957-Hati Malaya, The Road to Merdeka!!!

I watched the live telecast from Dataran Parlimen. This year, its just a modest celebration, in respect of Ramadhan. Its actually a blessing in disguise that the two collide. Good reason not to have all this extravagant celebration that not only wasted the people's money, but also leads to various social issues pre and post Merdeka eve.

Last night RTM2 showed Shuhaimi Baba's 1957-Hati Malaya. That is my first time watching it as I missed it when it was in cinema. Very heartwarming, brilliant movie that capture moments by moments how our great leaders initiate the effort to free up this country. The basic struggle that they fight at that time to push British and convince the public to unite and ask for independence as a nation. Highly recommended. Especially to all those politicians that no longer prioritise the people in their agenda. More often than not they are more concern on their pockets and how to get their 'people' gets all the government projects.

My sister had iftar in a mall's foodcourt sometime last week. Just about time to Maghrib, there is this big group of young Malaysian (non Muslim) hogs 3-4 tables for their dinner. While most of the Muslim already bought their food and wandering around trying to spot an empty place to break their fast. One table of slightly older non Muslim people purposely delayed their dinner and wouldn't leave the place for their Muslim patron to seat. They only offered the spot to 'one of their kind' (non Muslim) to sit. Is this Malaysian? When Malay asked for The Malay rights not to be touched in the constitution, they called us racist, but with this simple act of ignorance, who is the racist now?

I feel that only certain amount of non Bumis are fighting for Malaysia. The rest that 'claims' they are Malaysian (you know those people that demands equal rights to all race) are just here for the free ride. They built their life here, do good business due to good virtue of government policy, earn all the money they can and send their descendant to either Australia or US or UK to get permanent residence or citizenship. They are here only until they can find a greener pasture. They complaint about imbalance race in the govt sector, but did they ever applied to be one of the force any way? Look at the numbers of non Bumi in the army, civil service ...pathetic!!! They never felt compelled to defend this country. All they know is the government should increase their quota in anything that will benefit them (monetarily) This is the hard truth and all these people are claiming their rights under the banner 1Malaysia, joke!!!

While I am saying this, I know many non Bumi who has the highest level of tolerance, respect to others and highly patriotic in their on way. This blogger I met online is one of them. Her post really earns my respect and I salute her for the decision.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke-52 to all dedicated Malaysian (those who really love this country and not just treat this country as free ride until they find greener pasture anywhere else)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sakit ooo....

I hated in when kids from other class roaming in front of my class holding the green card. I prayed very hard for the card is not mine. On some occasion, yes, I get the call. There I go, walking extremely slow to the school's dental clinic. The next thing I know is I saw this smiling monkey spinning around so fast that it makes me feel dizzy.

I have been neglecting dental care since like forever. I brush my teeth, I did not floss, I never went to bi-yearly dental check up. I sucks at being adult if it means taking good care of my tooth. And today I have one molar being taken out, no turning back, it could not be saved anymore and with that I void my fast for today, it hurts!!! I am writing this as a reminder to myself as the anesthetic is wearing off, I am in deep pain....I cannot take leave, have so many things to attend.....sakit!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Zakat Fitrah

We've learnt this in school. Yet we memorise by heart for SPM on all the hukum and benefits of Zakat. Somehow not all of us truly understands and practice what we learnt back in school.

This year, I am paying the zakat for the family. since I am the breadwinner now. So I started to google how much am I supposed to spend for Zakat Fitrah. It turns out in the blogosphere, how much the rate, is actually the least of a concern. Its actually how the rate is calculated and the impact it makes in our ibadah.

From here onwards the post will be in BM.

Kita berpuasa sebulan pada bulan Ramadhan sebagai memenuhi Rukun Islam yang ke -4. Rukun Islam ke-3, kita wajib membayar zakat (fitrah yang paling asas, diikuti zakat pendapatan, zakat harta, wang simpanan, dsb..)

Zakat fitrah wajib dibayar setelah terbenam mentari Syaaban hingga ke sejurus sebelum Solat Sunat Aidilfitri. Ada yang berpendapat, jika ini tidak dilakukan, pahala berpuasa selama sebulan akan tergantung antara langit dan bumi...Persoalannya bagaimana jika zakat yang dibayar tidak cukup hisabnya?

Contoh, kadar yang ditetapkan tidak mengikut harga terkini makanan ruji sesuatu tempat itu. Harga beras di negeri A ialah RM2.80 sekilo (purata), maka mengikut hisab

Nilai zakat = 2.7-2.8 kg nilai makanan ruji;
= 2.8 kg x RM2.8 / kg
= max RM 7.84 satu kepala.

Tetapi negeri A hanya mewajibkan kadar zakat pada tahun itu sebanyak RM 7 satu kepala. Bagaimana dengan baki RM 0.84 satu kepala yang tidak dibayar? siapa yang akan menanggungnya?

Something worth to ponder about, as those who are paying is responsible for the rest of the people he/she is paying for.

Basic info of Zakat Fitrah. Source : here

Friday, August 21, 2009

Holy Month is Coming....

As I am updating, it is less than 24 hrs to Ramadhan. In fact, the ibadah starts tonight with the first Taraweeh. This year, I vow to make extra effort to complete as many as I can. Even when I have iftar outside.
The muslimah in the office are having special session during lunch time, we are having strings of activites such as tadarus& tafsir, and also session to discuss certain hadith from Hadith 40 by Imam An-Nabawi.

Hopefully this Ramadhan, I will be able to utilise my time wisely, improve my ibadah and make the biggest investment for Qiamat, insyaAllah..

Tonight my sisters and I are going back to SP, the celebrate the first day of Ramadhan with the rest of the family there. My mum ordered sugar stock, as she could not get any in SP (it is that bad...) I managed to get 6kg in Seremban (lucky had 2 colleagues with me to pay for the extra 4 kg). PD is also having stock out situation of sugar. I will continue 'sugar purchase' ops in KL before we depart tonight....I am so feeling like sugar smuggler right now...hehehe...

Anyhooo....wishing for a safe journey and anybody who is reading this a blessed Ramadhan ahead.

Semoga kita berjaya mempertingkatkan amalan di Ramadhan ini, siapa tahu bila lagi akan bertemu Ramadhan yang akan datang.... InsyaAllah....
Promo poster for the activity from Dr.K

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I was asked to do a briefing for a group of students that came for a visit here in the refinery. I did it once before and since I have some free period today, I decided to spend my time doing it. While waiting for the students to come in, the organiser Corporate Affair Dept Mgr and I were chit chatting just to kill time. He thanked me for taking a time off helping his Dept for this activity.

And to my suprise, he actually approach me for some other job after Aidilfitri. The company is hosting a formal event and the committe is looking for emcee, and according to him one of the managers actually thought I have a good voice (hehehe..betul ke? and sapakah yang berkata itu?) and asked if I would give it a go...ffuuuuhhh....formal event?

I did some emceeing in farewell party before, even a Safety Day event, but it was all impromptu and very non formal. I did not agree immediately but in the inside I was already jumping with challenge, why not??

I think I am going to say yes, but only if the date is OK (I don't have anythings planned after raya yet). So hopefully I get to do the gig (hehehe...macam celebrity la plak).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good things don't last

My Boss started this thing called 'weekly toolbox' to sort of serve as one stop discussion for all in the department. Its scheduled every Wednesday morning. This is the second week we are having this.

Things has been bad for a couple of months and will not recover anytime soon. Our counterparts in this region starts to slow down and 2 OU is going for total shutdown.

3 OU in Europe are being put on sale. These are the top quartile units, and even then they could not sell it off yet. Many people will lost the place that they started. Being in a plant is like the beginning of everything in my career, many other top notch people started of from here. I know how it feels to lost the place where you start your journey, its sad, I know because I've lost my high school.

Things are not the same though, because we are an operating unit that generate revenue, and nowadays its all about the money. We have to live to the fact that one day, all things must come to and end. I hope the company that I am working here is not that soon. We, for the time being are still save due to Malaysian market. So does the other 3 refineries in Malaysia.

So much for the work talk, must get back to actual work.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BBGS Gala Reunion

Went to the BBGS Gala Reunion last night. It was held at once stood our alma mater, Pavillion. From batch of '98 only less than 15 of us showed up. None of us won the temptatious lucky draws (kinda sour grape about this..hehehe..). But that's not the main thing, seeing the spirit lives on last night was memorable. I did not bring any camera, so now waiting for Shaz to post it.

My favorite has got to be the choir singing 'Centenary Song'. I remember when I was in Form 4, I couldn't sing that song, I will be quickly reduced to tears everytime I sang that song, I don't know why. And then we went for Interstate Choral Speaking (representing KL) and we won!!! After that I can sing the song without shedding any tears. I love the song so much that once during orientation week in UiTM, I was asked to sing any song just to get one of the seniors' signature. I couldn't decide what song to sing so I sang the 'Centenary Song' ;)

There were also slide shows of old pictures from the rest of the girls. But somehow we (at least Hasliza and I) felt a bit disconnected, probably because there were no pictures from our time. All of the pictures are from 70's and 80's. On my personal point of view, the montage that Lily did last year during our batch reunion was the BEST. I realised have not posted it anywhere yet. (Shaz posted in FB, but tagging limited to 30 peoples).

I tried uploading but it failed, the montage was too big....isk..will try some other means.


Received this mail from a colleague....

Forwarded by a friend of friend, Alhamdulillah, hamba Allah yang sorang ni is detail enough to jot down her experiences. Read on for our own benefit.

H1N1 story
High risk infection to person yg smooking, has atshma, children, pregnant woman

Beginner stage
Batuk, selsema, demam, sakit tekak, bila terbesin bunyi tak kuat...

Second Stage
Susah bernafas, simtom macam asthma but not asthma, at this stage if you touch the person, or breath in the same room 80% boleh kena...masa ni kena hospital. Masalahnya sekarang dah ramai yg kena. hospital tak cukup katil & bilik kuarantin...Bila u pengsan macam nak mati baru dia org admitted.macam kes adik I.

Lung infection. Bila X ray we can see the virus covered the lung. Like my brother case. Very scary bila tengok x ray tu. At this stage u need oksigen with highest level, Strongest antivral..very high drug. At least 7 days oksigen kena bagi. % to recover depend to age, imune badan u. That's why kalau baby atau budak2 susah nak kata...normally die. My brother hari ni genap 8 hari..still need oksigen. Kesian dia. Masa tahap critical tu tercungap2 dia bernafas, sampai menangis..Sampai satu tahap dia berguling atas simen sbb dah tak tahan...sampai dia give up ..sampai dia blh cakap lebih baik Allah ambik nyawa dia...Itu lelaki tu..imagine kalau pompuan atau budak2. We all cuma blh tengok dia dari cermin...tak blh masuk dlm bilik kuarantin...Dr & nurse aje boleh masuh...siap pakai baju plastik. To support him, what we did bagi sms, bagi dia alquran biar dia baca so that dia tenang, bagi tasbih biar dia zikir ingat Allah & bagi Air yasin...Alhamdulillah pastu dia ok sikit.Ada hikmahnya...All the family member unite to support my brother fighting the virus.

Masalahnya hospital swasta tak terima H1N1 case, sekarang ni semua depend hospital kerajaan yg most of the doctors still young . The oldest dr in my brother ward was 28 years. All the Otai dah pergi private. Lepas tu plak this is the first time to treat H1N1 patient. At the same time dr bz with other case as well...1 doktor 5 patient...kat gov hospital...kesian dr2 tu...berhempas pulas nak selamatkan patient. I appreciate them, mmg very appreciate dia org jaga adik i dgn baik sekali..So far hospital Ampang is the best goverment hospital yg i jumpa..very efficient.Very quick action ..Even senior dia org dah pergi private & they don't have much experience , dia org tetap work hard give the best treatment to the patients..sampai tak balik rumah...tidor kat hospital.

Rasa nak peluk & cium dia org sebab selamatkan adik I...Thanks to Allah

Take care and just be aware of the people around us as well....(especially the high risk people)

p/s: its better to share this kind of info rather than those ridiculous anti-ISA propaganda and speculation about arwah Yasmin's biological state.