Thursday, April 22, 2010

To a Very Dear Friend


I know you are hurting, probably confused, and frustrated at the same time. I would too if I were you. But hang in there. We've been friends so long...this one maybe our biggest test (you would have thought doing a Masters while working is hard..) but this is the hardest. The test of friendship. We are practically family, sisters, born in the same year, although by different parents.

We lived more than half of our lives together, lets not make this one test the end of it. For the sake of all of us..Nothing can beat celebrating life with you and the rest of the girls. So, for now, hang in there, just bear with us.

This (whatever this maybe) will pass us by, and like I said before, the next thing we know, we would probably be laughing about this over a good dinner, like we did many many times already.

Hang on dear, we will always be there with you, and we'll figure something out to get all these cleared up. ;)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ni semua Aida punya pasal...

I like photography, and naturally it should comes with editing pictures as well. But being IT blinded as I am, the best editing that I did was crop..(budak darjah 6 lagi terrer..)..besides, I am too cheapskate to but all those fancy photo editing software ;p

I like the editing done in Aida's post, so I asked how did she did it? It turns out there is free picture editor online (nampak sangat IT blind lagi..hahaha..) So I gave it a try, and voila!! Let me present to you the pictures of my growing list of nieces and nephews ;) (in chronological order)...

Aren't they cute? ;)

Tengokla sape mak ngahnye...hahahaha.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not Needed

This is maybe an old news, but at least confirms that I do not need a visa to go to Cape Town ;)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letih la...

Letih betul dengan orang yang suka serang orang lain dalam email, and at the same time copy the whole world including your subordinates and bosess. What is he trying to prove? Understood that you want to 'help' the company, but can't you just shoot the mail to me and copy my boss? In case you scared that I won't respond. But why include others? To share the learning? or to publicly humiliate me?

You are suppose to share the learnings once all things has been sorted out, not during the argument took place. Or maybe you want their opinion, then why did you include them in CC, not in TO list?

The way I see it, this person wants to do two things, main thing is to 'help' the company. The ulterior motive, is yes, to make himself look smart, while others are just dumb-a** who just did not know how to do their work. Simply put. Sucker!!!

Mood: Tengah bengang giler......

Monday, April 12, 2010

Its either 50-50 or total 0!!

Oh.. I forgot to mention, updated game schedule says that I have a good shot of seeing either Spain or Portugal in the round of 16!! I may also not get to watch them, depends on their position in group stage.

Portugal in group G, Spain in group H. I will be watching Match 56, which states 1H vs 2G. So winner of group H versus the second place of group G. The other criss-cross match will be played a day earlier in Johannesburg (1G vs 2H). So maybe both of them will play there instead, I don't know. But the point here is only one of those (Spain and Portugal) is going to move past Round of 16!!. This is due to the group standings and by chance(really??) they are positioned so. This is not fair!! Or maybe my understanding is wrong? I don't know...

We shall see ...... ;)

Planning Kicks Off!!

Last Friday and Saturday, I met with Ija and we have kicked off our planning stage. I did some reasearch before on places to go etc, but that is just a brief list. What we did on Sat was to detail out the itenary, plus the sequence of events (cheewah..macam nak plan Turn Around pulak...hehehe...)

We managed to complete 50% of the itenary plan. There are still lots of things to do. Just so that I would not missed anything, let me list it down here:

1.Flight tickets - checked
2.Accomodation - Confirmed with Zebra Crossing Backpackers, checked
3.Airport shuffle - checked
4.Visa - last I checked, no visa needed to enter South Africa, will double check and confirmed
5.Enrol for Travel Insurance - not done yet
6.Detail itenary - halfway done
7.Contact the places to go (if at all reservation needed) - will follow after the itenary completed
8.List of stuffs to bring - clothes, meds, memory cards, camera(s), sleeping bags?

What else...what else...I'll add on later. (*v*) V

Friday, April 9, 2010

Me and My Big Mouth

I am very introvert, would not open up to new people. Am more vocal here in the cyberspace. I would only voice to people that I am comfortable with. And beneath my thin lips, more often than not, I may have hurt other people. Those who are close to me would know that I meant no harm, no pun intended.

I was in this thread in FB, all of it ex-ROTU gang an time after time we would say hi to each other and inform about the latest happening in our lifes. One of the guys just got married and he was sort of telling people how good it is to be married, and keeps on asking the juniors to quickly get married. If it is just one time, I don't think I would be very annoyed, but he keeps on repeating it and the tone of 'ke best-an' kahwin is more the *** part rather than marriage as a whole.

So me and my big mouth (or rather my itchy fingers), started responding to the thread...

There it goes, the commotion for the a way I feel bad having written all that, but I really feel that we should be constantly be reminded of the intention of marriage in the first place ;), at least from Islamic perspective.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tazkirah : Surah Al Imraan Ayat 28


This is way overdue. We had a session last Thursday, but I was so occupied last few days that I just do not have time to get this out. The ayat below was discussed quite 'heatedly' as it was talked about in so many angles.

Janganlah orang-orang yang beriman mengambil orang-orang kafir menjadi teman rapat dengan meninggalkan orang-orang yang beriman. Dan sesiapa yang melakukan (larangan) yang demikian maka tiadalah ia (mendapat perlindungan) dari Allah dalam sesuatu apapun, kecuali kamu hendak menjaga diri daripada sesuatu bahaya yang ditakuti dari pihak mereka (yang kafir itu). Dan Allah perintahkan supaya kamu beringat-ingat terhadap kekuasaan diriNya (menyeksa kamu). Dan kepada Allah jualah tempat kembali.

My initial interpretation is as simple as the the tafsir. It states the warning of being to close to disbeliever. For example a Muslim,being too close to a non Muslim colleague to the point that they do almost everything together, where as there are other Muslim that this person can be close to. This does not mean that Islam discriminate the non Muslims. We understand that being too close, you tend to do most of the things together, simplest act is dining. Not saying that we could not eat with a non Muslim, but certain aspects tends to be overlooked once you are too comfortable being in a certain circle of friends. Eating at a place which does not serve pork does not mean that it is halal.

Of course, you can take the high road and try to educate the non Muslim on what can and what cannot be eaten / done, but I am saying its a much bigger challenge and my hat goes to those who can really stand firm and not compromising Islamic value each and every time they are around non Muslim close friends.

However, the topics actually gets bigger that night, what else can it be? Politics!!! I should have noticed that much much earlier. The debate always revolves around Malay party (UMNO) coalition with other party (MCA+MIC), which to some people its against Muslim in general and PAS has benefited a lot of votes based on this stand alone. However, due to very interesting turn of events, for the past 2 GE, we've seen PAS even created a coalition with non Muslim parties (DAP+PKR), which goes totally against their fight in the first place. And what does all these affect Muslim in general? We split, not 2 but 3 main camps so far. Whatever that the Holy Quran said is true. If you look deeper, we'll find almost every prohibition in it is true. Al-Quran is indeed the most complete guide to our life.

History of the ayat in prohibition of supporting the disbelievers (in this case is Christian and Jews) is supported in other ayat, Surah Al-Maidah;

[51]Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Janganlah kamu mengambil orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani itu sebagai teman rapat, kerana setengah mereka menjadi teman rapat kepada setengahnya yang lain; dan sesiapa di antara kamu yang menjadikan mereka teman rapatnya, maka sesungguhnya ia adalah dari golongan mereka itu mereka itu. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak memberikan petunjuk kepada kaum yang berlaku zalim.

and also in Surah Al-Anfal,

[73]Dan orang-orang yang kafir, setengahnya menjadi penyokong dan pembela bagi setengahnya yang lain. Jika kamu (wahai umat Islam) tidak menjalankan (dasar bantu-membantu sesama sendiri yang diperintahkan oleh Allah) itu, nescaya akan berlakulah fitnah (kekacauan) di muka bumi dan kerosakan yang besar.

The way I understand is not to be too close to the non believers, at the expense of fellow Muslim. Allah has also warned us for the kind of non-belivers, that is although they seemed divided (different parties) they are actually working towards the same goal, the type that in time, will jeopardize Muslims as a whole. I mean, look at Singapore, do you know that wearing hijab in not allowed in their school? Exactly my point!!

Well, it is up to us Muslim, in what is our best way to defend and uphold our belief and religion, InsyaAllah...