Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am back!!!

Letihnya...touched down last night, sebab excited punya pasal I didn't sleep to catch the Spain vs Germany match. Nasib baik Spain menang, yeay!!!

Lots of things to tell, just in a nut shell, I had the time of my life watching two games at Green Point Stadium, Cape Town, first being Portugal vs Spain and second was Germany vs Argentina. I spent 1 week ++ at Cape Town, exploring the beautiful place ;) Nanti ye cite.. !!!


  1. u r back!!!! pegi rest, bangun and cepat2 story pasal south africa! i wanna hear it ALL! i repeat.. ALLLLL!!!!!

  2. bestnyer!!!! tell us more about it!!!

  3. Welcome back! thanks for d postcard!

  4. Azita,

    Welcome back! Glad that you're back safe and sound!

    Mesti seronok jalan2 sampai ke sana ye? Orait, nih nak gi terjah your entries :D


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