Thursday, July 22, 2010

Movies and More Movies...

During the 9 hrs flight from Cape Town to Dubai, I could not sleep at all. I don't know why, so I tuned into ICE (Information,Communication and Entertainment). Emirates In Flight Entertainment. They offered quite a wide range of movies, musics and games. I watched many movies and these 3 are worth to mention here:

Remember Me
This is the first non Twilight movie played by Robert Pattinson that I watched. Its a sad movie, about how a son struggle to make the father realised that he is needed not just because of money, because of other things as well. Its also about a brother who would do anything just to spare his little sisters feeling the same way that he did. Its a family struggle trying to keep it together after losing one of the member. Its about how a boy meets a girl. Its about some things that are simple in life that we tend to overlook.
This guy (Pattinson) can actually act, (in Twilight, he just act pale..or was it just make up?hehehe..) but the emotional depth potrayed here, not only by him, but the rest of the cast, makes it one of the soppy film I ever watched (same level with My Sisters Keepers). Verdict? I like.

Everybody's Fine
I watched this movie because of Drew Barrymore, little that I realised, I got more than that. Its about a guy, having just lost his wife, tried to get the kids together for a weekend. The kids of course being forever busy, stood the father up. He did not gave up, despite his medical condition, he make plans to pay a suprise visit to his kids in the city. Its kinda heartbreaking seeing him going through his journey, and although all the kids accepted and welcomed him nicely (bukan macam Tanggang halau mak dia la...) but something was not right somewhere..I recommend all people who still has parents to watch this. You will understand and appreciate why we need to see them while we still can. Its a bit funny at times but mostly it was sad and emotional...

Green Zone
So wanted to see this in the cinema but too bad during the show, none of it aired in Seremban. So I watched on air. The story is about a US army officer challenging the intel that led to Iraq invasion. He and his team were tasked to investigate the places that is supposedly holding the Weapons of Mass Destruction but they came back empty. Not once, not twice but 3 times. He began his search of truth on what is really going on. This movie has been accused as anti-America because it gives an idea what kind of conspiracy is going on in Pentagon. It is based on a non fiction book written based on real time experienced of US army personnel.

There it is, my very much delayed 3 in1 movie review. Nothing much but I think worth to share. Now go watch Everybody's Fine!! ;)


  1. Sis, Robert Pattinson was 'quite' well-known when he acted in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Cedric Diggory. Mesti penah tengok kan movie ni before Twilight? :D

  2. nut, really? kena p tgk balik ni...obviously i was only paying attention to the main cast, serious tak perasan ;p


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