Sunday, June 27, 2010

Journey Begins

My prediction has been confirmed!! Now Portugal will see Spain in the round of 16. And what is the best news? I get to see them LIVE!!!! InsyaAllah..

Currently logging in from KLIA. We already get the boarding pass KL-Dubai, then Dubai - Cape Town. Can't belive that I am actually on my way :) Still a bit nervous as I am not in the stadium watching the game yet.

Game 56 : Round of 16 is 1H (Spain) vs 2G ( Portugal)
Venue : Green Point Stadium, Cape Town
Time : 1630 H 29th June 2010 (Local time) or 0230H 30th June 2010 (Malaysian time) a.k.a my ~birthday!!! what a day..what a day to be ;)

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