Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bragging Rights for the Next 4 Years

I know by now people would be sick of reading what I wrote on this label, but I have to get this one out..hang on, this is the second last post on this topic, lepas tu takde dah..tutup cerita and we start a new one OK?

The title is actually quoting what my colleague said to me first day I got back to work from you know where. He was among the first one that I told about my trip, a big fan of football himself, of course he was both excited and jealous of me when he knew about this 3 months back. Since then he gets excited everytime he saw me and too bad at that time he could not share it with anybody at work because I asked him to keep it a secret until I return.

I only told few key people in the office (breakfast kaki, and some of the cik-kaks gang). I did not even told my boss, as he is the kepochi type. He would make a big fuss over just some rumours ;p. Just before I left, we had a Dept dinner and somehow, one senior guy poked me to spill the beans, I keep a straight face, won't budge even a bit, denying what ever they were guessing (which was right anyway..hahaha..)

When I left, two guys in my dept (who were kept in the dark) somehow managed to find out and they started to spread the words..Imagine when I came back, I felt like celeb of the day..hehehe..but then till today not everybody in the company knows yet. I only told those that are close to me, and by this week, all the talks have vanished, they found new topic of the week already ;)

So there it is, 'Bragging Rights for the Next 4 Years' this one did not comes from me,OK ;) This guy actually dreamt of watching World Cup live too, but his immediate planning was his coming Euro Trip, so now he is determined to make it to the Brazil in 2014.

My trip to World Cup has sparked quite a few 'things', some good and some bad but I guess everything is all right now ;)
At VISA's booth! They painted your face and took your picture, later they gave cards with passcode and get the pictures from the internet..

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  1. having read your other blog abt what you've gone thro to go to SA, you so totally deserve the bragging rights!!!!!

    wah.. sampai 5 kali amik gambar tuh! mentang2 free :-p so malaysian of u.. hahaha!

    kenapa laa dia letak gambar pakcik topi nelayan tu with spain's poster.. takde lain yg lebih hensem kah? iskkk!

  2. betul dieya, spai deserve a better looking macho hunk! I am inspired!! 2014 Brazil, here I come!!!

  3. dieya : thanks a lot ;) biasela first time plan sendiri, jakun la jugak....hehehe..gambar tu wajib amik semua, bukan selalu, and the boy yg amik for portugal was kind enough to amik 2 kali (since i was wearing portugal nye jersey..)

    k.liza:i think dorang nak potray true ppl? that is why they letak pakcik tu..hehehe..

  4. Azita,

    Uiks! Siap ada paintings tuh! Cayalah! And I agree with Dieya, you deserve the bragging rights! :)

  5. kak tek scroll...scroll... kebawah.. curious betul nak tengok muka anak dara melayu mana yang gila bola nih!!..

    ya rabbi... cuba tukar main batu seremban ke..konda-kondi ke... anyam ketupat ke...


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