Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Of Bo-Kapp and Kirstenbosch

05th July 2010

We decided to take it slow today..(yes dieya..kitorang dah pancit..hehehe..) So started the day by walking to Bo Kapp and took pictures of the iconic colourful houses. Some of the Cape Town postcard took its background here..
I told Ija, "best kan kalo rumah kite camni, nak bagi direction kat orang, rumah aku yang biru cair..in between rumah kaler pink and kaler hijau, takla sesat orang nanti.."

Wanted to enter the Museum, but I guess we were too early. Then we head to Waterfront Area, to do some souvenir shopping ;) The giant red thing is actually made up of coca-cola carton, when we first got there, it was only at the waist level. After almost 1 week, they almost finished the head, that is how much coke was consumed during the world cup in Cape Town. Oh ya..we had breakfast at Love Revenge Cappuccino again ;) Outside the shopping complex, a football focus show was going on. There were quiz session and I didn't bother to participate because the questions were tough!!

We also went in the FIFA shop one last time (never failed to enter each time we went to Waterfront!!). The merchandise prices are above the roof!! I actually wanted to buy a Spain sweater (yang tulis EspaƱa ye..bukan tulis Spain) but they were out of stock.

There is a craft museum next to the shopping centre and we bought most stuffs there. Price is much better than on the street, and they accepted cards as well.

We liked the Hop On Hop Off bus tour, so much, that we decided to go on it again!! We packed some lunch and board the bus at Waterfront, this time we planned to stop at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. Although it is winter season, we can still see various species of indigenous flora that was planted there. During summer they actually have concerts in the garden.

I could spend all day here, enjoying the cool breeze and lovely sorrounding, just take the stresses away ;) We board the bus at close to 4pm and that is the last one. Its almost dark when we get to the last stop, in the city area. We walked back and have dinner at the house.

I snapped this picture when the bus passed by 12 Apostles going to Sea Point. Isn't it amazing?


  1. hahaha kena pam balik nih!

    omg u went to that place with colorful houses! i just saw it on tv during WC in a program that promotes SA tourism. i kan suka benda2 colorful and cheery ni. so nice! betul laa u kata.. confirm tetamu tak sesat nak datang.. as if banyak beno laa tetamu nak dtg umah i.. hahaha!

    the last pic i amazing! *whispering* u used DSLR ke? takleh cakap kuat2 nanti aida dengar.. shhhh...

  2. dieya, u never know..tetiba ramai lak minat nak dtg umah u, (termasuk pegawai banci..ooppss..hehehe) and yes, I pakai DSLR, paling murah punya.. Sony a-200, dah tak jual kat kedai..hahaha...;)

  3. * tersedak, tak tau naper..

    What were they building using the coke cartons? Hmm.. nampak macam orang, ye ke? :D

    And yup, the pic looks amazing la! * JELES tau! Both at pic and your DSLR! Wawawa! Tak mo kawan la dengan korang, suma kamera canggih!

  4. aida: yup, they were building orang, dgn tgn tunjuk ke atas...olololo...jgn le merajuk, kan a beautiful picture bukan terletak pada kameranya..terletak pada photographernye...(bace stail p ramlee dalam nujum pak belalang ye..)...hehehe...

  5. Nice pix! liked the flowers & scenary


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