Thursday, July 15, 2010

Table Mountain & 2nd game day : Germany vs Argentina!!

03rd July 2010
We started the day by taking taxi from the house to the cable car going up to the Table Mountain. It was only about 20 mins from the house.It cost us R30 for both of us. We can also walk up to the peak - 2 hrs walk in the cold weather, no thank you ;). Luckily the weather was good and the cable car can be operated. So we took the cable car up. One trip can fit 60 persons.

The view from top is simply magnificent. There is a cafe and gift shop on top of the peak. The cafe is so cozy,both me and Ija decided to have coffee there while hanging out, looking at people. After a while we browse through the rest of the peak. There are few points to see different parts of Cape Town from up above. We could also see the Signal Hill where we went during our second day here.
Anybody up for this?

We got down around 12pm to make way to the stadium. There were a lot of taxis and van waiting take passangers. A van driver approached us and offer R60 for both of us to go to the Waterfront. We think its a reasonable because from house to Waterfront also cost us another R35. So we agreed. The van kinda dodgy, they waited until its full then only they made a move. Going downhill suddenly the van died. It was at an intersection, people were honking, finally the driver managed to start the van and when we got to the city centre, it died again...We were placed to his friend's van and squashed to sit in between the existing passangers until Waterfront. The taxi pass by Green Point, and I saw the Fan Walk.

Fan Walk is a route from city center (Fan Fest) where are the concerts were ongoing dedicated for the fan to walk to the stadium. So I decided to drop at the fan walk and join the rest of the people walking.

We spotted one stall selling halal food and decided to get our lunch there. I bought the Boerewors roll. It tasted so good, I was so sorry I did not bought two.

From the stadium, Ija make way to waterfront while I enter the stadium alone, yup, she did not have the tickets. I think its a bit pushing it to drag her who was not a hardcore fan like me to begin with to both games (ye la..satu game dah berapa hundred USD, I am lucky enough that she agrees to come with me to Cape Town)

From here, the story gets kinda interesting. After the first game, I sort of know the layout of the stadium, and from my ticket, I am getting a third tier seat!! So I figured probably I go down, take pictures during the players warming up, and later go up right before the kick off. So I asked the FIFA volunteer to enter the first tier area, I was rejected, I was told to take pictures from my seat :(

I was not ready to give up, I stayed at the walkway to first tier and when nobody saw me, I jumped the seat and voila, I'm in ;) So there I was, sneaking in and tried to blend in the Argentina's supporters. Having a baby blue sweater sort of working for me ;) I met one Ghanaian lady, she was there by herself too. I told here where my seat at, she just suggested that I stay, in case any seats were not taken..hehehe...So I did, during the warm up session and total first half, I could not really concentrate for fear that the actual seat owner comes and claim the seat!!! Come half time, one American guy came up to me and said..

" You are sitting at my seat, I want my seat back."

Me of course having no objection whatsoever, walk away and go to my third tier seat, no problem.. I got these pictures already..hehehe.....

This is after I got to my OWN place..hehehe...what a view, eh?

I guess by now the whole world know how they game went ;) After the game, I walked to waterfront to meet Ija and we walked back home. When we got home, the Spain vs Paraguay game was about to kick off.
So we decided to hang out in front of the TV with the rest of the backpackers and watch the game together. Seems like the whole house is rooting for Spain, yeay!! After the triple penalties that can cause heart attack, Spain finally made their way to semis and will be up against German!!


  1. Azita,

    Uiks! Kagum la sebab berani sungguh masuk sorang ke stadium. Siap got creative and managed to sneaked in with Argen fans lagik tuh! Kagum!

    Mesti teruja sungguh tengok dari dekat, kan? Haish! Bestnye!

  2. those pics atas kayangan are GORGEOUS! nak terbang ke kayangan jugak!

    OMG you get to see messi!!!!! arghhhhhh *berguling2 kejelesan*
    how is it possible ppl yg tak minat messi always get to see him and yet i don't? a friend of mine went to barcelona on vacay, selisih ngan messi with paparazzis following him. masa i pegi sana tak pulak keluar rumah pakcik tu! haihhhhh!!!!!

    babe, brazil 2014 i'll go with you to every match. everyday kita gi stadium k? wahhh, gotta save money from now!

  3. Aida : hehehe..when I am alone, I tend to be a lil bit more adventorous..tapi kengkadang membahayakan jugak :) best dapat tgk depan mata, one argen guy notice my crocs, pastu siap tunjuk kat anak dia lagi!!

    Dieya: eventhough i am more of tevez fan, tapi memang la excited dpt tgk messi jugak, starstruck macam tgk c.ronaldo ari tu..xpe, your time will come, sooner of later..(fingers crossed!!), yes, we have to save money from now ;)

  4. you make me feel so motivated to really save so that i can go to brazil for WC2014 with MBH....Insyallah


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