Sunday, July 11, 2010

So Cute!! ;)

I just could not resist watching these and posting it ;)

with Puyol half dressed, and Sergio Ramos kicked the bottled to sort of 'clear' the line...just so cute ;)


  1. this is super cute! and to think that puyol was half-naked in the queen's presence.. ayayayay!

    puyol's HOT!

  2. tu la, queen pon x bagi warning, main redah je...(kalo i queen pon i redah je...hehehe..)

  3. Hehe! Tuh la kan? Queen pon few times ala2 tersadung segala mende atas lantai tuh.

    Rakyat Spain kabornye suka bebenor kat Queen nih sebab dia jenis mesra rakyat and humble gitu.


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