Friday, July 9, 2010

Journey Begins...Waka-Waka Day 1

We (Ija and I) started our journey in KL Sentral. We planned to take the ERL to KLIA. Since this is Ija's first overseas trip, I insisted on taking the ERL, to mark our journey, plus I think its the most hassle free and green mode going to KLIA. Her family from Shah Alam sent her to KL Sentral and I made my way via Komuter.

Met at 2230H and we board the train to KL Sentral. Checked in to Emirates counter and both metally and physically be prepared to the longest journey we are going to take.

Leg 1 : KL to Dubai (6 hrs) then transit for 5 hrs
Leg 2 : Dubai to Cape Town (9 hrs)

Since Emirates is the official partner for the World Cup, we get live updates on plane for latest results. Touched down in Cape Town at close to 1700H , local time (-6 hrs Malaysian time). We were greeted by the taxi driver, and drove us to Zebra Crossing backpackers travelodge.

It was dark when we reached the backpackers (sunset at 6pm). We book a room for two but since there is some arrangement problem, we were given the room for 6 just for the two of us. We do however have to switch room to smaller ones on Friday when a bigger group check in ;)

Day 1 28-06-2010:
We walked to the water front, breakfast at Mugg & Bean, a famous SA coffee shop chain, then we proceed to city center.

With my folder in hand, trying to take the metro to get to our first destination. Initially we plan to go to Chart Farm near Wynberg for some sightseeing and later head to Simons Town to pay a visit to Africans Penguins. There is a metro line going to those places. The staffs at the station were very helpful. We were told for the two places, we can take the hop on hop off Southern line train for R30 (~RM 15) for all day ride. So we bought the tickets and started our journey. First stop in Wynberg. When we got off, we started asking around on how to get to Chart Farm. To our suprise, not many locals know where the place was. So we started to walk around the Wynberg station area, trying to find our way. We decided to ask one shopkeeper. The owner was nice enough to let one of his boys to show us part of the way but they have some concern look on their face.

The boy can only point us untill the Wynberg Police Station. From there on it is another like 1 hour walk and we were told by locals no taxi goes to that area..hhmm... looking at the sorrounding near us, the town is kinda dodgy place. Many people loitering around and I don't think it will be safe for us to walk another 1 hour or so.

So we decided to board the train and continue our journey to Simons Town. The train stopped at Fish Hoek, and we were told that it was the last stop. Both me and Ija were a bit confused. So we got down and started walking around. Since we could not get to both of the destination on the first day, we decided to go with the flow ;)

We stopped by Kalk's Bay and bought a postcard (yes Shaz, the one that we sent you, as your address is the only one that I can remembers on top of my head) Ask the friendly shopkeeper where can we get a good seafood meal. She quickly points us to Kalky's. We bought a deluxe platter and plan to stop by at St James before heading home.

At St James, we met a local Muslim, Rushaan and exchange contact nos.

It was around 1600H that we started to make a move before it gets dark. We had the deluxe platter for dinner and we could not even finished the fries (it was that much ;)

We did not planned to explore the night life as it is kind of new territory to us and besides, its not advisable by the locals, especially the two ladies.
Am a bit slow kena sabar la ye? you wanted ALL kan dieya ;)


  1. yes.. i want ALL! hey looks like u girls were up to a good start :-)
    the Zebra Crossing lodge looks comfy. do u recommend staying there?

  2. *joins Dieya "Ye ye ye ye ALL ALL! " :D


    The logde looks cool and cosy! Suka tengok segala pokok melilit kat siling tuh.

    Makanan mahal tak kat sana?
    Amende yang berenang dalam air tuh Azita? Dolphin ke? Shark? Ke ikan bilis? Hehe!

  3. awesome!!!

    I am trying to convince MBH to go to Brazil to watch the World Cup in 2014. If we start saving from now, Insyallah, we will be able to make it. Convincing him is more challenging then trying to accummulate the money....

  4. dieya: yup, i recommend to stay there, the staff was helpful to us, and the security is good as well, we don't get strangers in the house ;)

    aida : ALL will come, sikit2 ye ;)

    kak liza : joms!! i think i am addicted, and btw dieya, jom kita plan for brazil? hehehe....

  5. great! i'm gonna keep that in mind when/if i go to cape town :-)

    brazil? claro que sí!!! jom kita ramai2 pegi!


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