Sunday, July 18, 2010

Safari Day Trip

04th July 2010
I remember one of the first thing I wanted to do if I ever get to South Africa is to go on Safari Day Trip. So, its a must in my planning from the very beginning. I sureveyed quite a few game drive, and made up my mind to pick Aquila Game Reserve. Sounds familiar? yup, Amazing Race Asia was there. They were supposed to get a clue from the lions' place if I'm not mistaken.

They package includes a pick up from the place we stayed. We chose the early morning ride. The driver came at 0530H and drove us to the northen part of Cape Town. It took us 1.5 hrs drive to get to the game drive area. The outside temperature at that time is freaking 4.5 degC!! I was doubting can we ever see any animal in this cold weather. Package also includes breakfast and it is served in this magnificent cafe.

The game drive started at 9 something, we we put on the 4 wheel drive with another 4 persons. We were also given a blanket each, (must be due to the cold weather..hehehe..) The driver greeted us and explained about how the drive will take place. The animals are free roaming and we may not get to see them, but he will try to find them for us. We can also go on quad bike like these kids did. Thanks but no thanks, I'll freak out once the elephant or rhino gets close and then I froze, how??

First 30 minutes, we didn't see anything and just about when I wanted to ask for refund, we spotted the white rhino and the baby. It is huge...Later we went on the see zebras, springbrook (national antelope for South Africa). They have this Big 5 which are (rhino, giraffe, elephant, lion and springbrook). All these animals are featured on SA's stamps. We get to see all of them, plus the giraffe, well the giraffe were very far, so we only get to see the tiny bit.

The lions were placed separately from the other animals, for fear they will hunt them. We enters the gate to lions area and according to the driver, sometimes, the lions are up in the mountains, and we may not get to see them. But we did, they just had their meal...(nasib baik singa tu sume tengah kenyang...)

After 2 hours of game drive, we were driven back to main building. They also have huts all over, in case you want to take the overnight package for the night safari.

The driver drove us back close to 12. The journey passed by miles and miles of grape farm, (not wineyard though..) Both me and Ija fell asleep on the way (bangun kul 4, mana tak ngantuk?)..hehehe..

Got home around 1330H and after lunch at Nando's We decided to call it a day :)


  1. calling it a day at 1:30 pm? sudah pancit kah? hahaha tell me about it! i pun camtu, first few days jalan bagai nak rak sampai ke malam.. masuk 3rd or 4th day start pancit dah.. rasa nak tido jek kat hotel :-D

    hey u are so lucky the big 5 appeared when you went there! a friend of mine once said he didn't think the safari was worth it coz if the animals didn't show up the rangers were not going to call them out to see you.. hahaha! and definitely no refund. but to me, animals or no, the experience is what matters. at least you can tell everyone you've been there!

  2. tula pasal..nasib la planning tak ambitious sgt, kalo x mesti dissappointed x larat nak pegi ;)

  3. Azita,

    Nasib baik time tuh singa dah kenyang, ek? Kalo tak, mau dia datan ketuk cermin jip and order "Nasik beriani lauk manusia sepinggan, please." Hehe!

    Seronok la buleh tengok dan feel dah penah ada kat tengah-tengah tuh kan. :)

  4. aida: nasib dah more thing, jip tu xde friend muka dah pucat waktu singa tu datang dekat, nak amik gambar pon dah x bole..cuak seh...;)


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