Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Trip : Worth It!!

1st July 2010

When we consulted the house admin on how to get to certain places, we found out that we could not go to this one particular place, Cape Point, which I really really really wanted to go. Reason being is that there is no public transport going there and both of us do not have international driving license to hire a car. So she suggested we follow on a day tour. I found out about that in the net but at first I thought it was not worth it. But seeing the difficulties that we faced, I am willing to take the tour.

So we paid R545 for a day tour. The driver pick us up at the house around 0830H and later went on to pick up the rest of the pack. We have with us 2 French ladies, one American guy, 2 Indian guy, 2 more American (a guy with his father..sweet kan? but he's married, - yup, I checked the finger, boleh? hehehe...) 2 German guy, a Korean kid (he's still in uni) and a Columbian lady.

Our tour guide, Alex, is very good, he was willing to answer all kind of question. From him we found out that the train rail to Simons Town are out of order, that is why we could only got to Fish Hoek the other day (even people at the station didn't think to tell us that..)

So off we go to our first destination, Hout Bay with options to go to seal island. Both me and Ija went there already via Blue route yesterday, but we did not go to the seal island. So this time, we did. The boat is big but the waves are more nasty, turbulent waves to get to the island. There were few moments that I thought I would have thrown up. The island is not actually an island. Its just a big rock where most of the seals rested.

We bumped into a group of Indonesian that is being sponsored by Coca Cola to watch the World Cup (they won contest maybe..)
Next to Simons Town to visit the penguins, yay!! But we passed by this cliff with magnificent view and stopped to take some pictures,

Nak amik mcm aida, tapi salah shot..;)
We also passed by this part of the Cape Peninsular, they actually drilled onto the hill to make road. It look pretty scary though..

We finally hit Simons Town, we passed by the stone factory that was once used during Amazin Race Asia (the challenge where they have to find 3 marked stone out of thousands other stones) but we did not stopped there. Simons Town is popular of its Boulder's Beach, that is the place where they keep the African Penguin. The birds on its own will destroy their own food by stamping on it, so the center actually put a fence to new plants and opened parts by parts once the plants are ready to be eaten. (Yes, they ate plants apart from fishes..I just knew it too..) Entrance fee is R35 but included in the tour already.

Last but not least is what I have been waiting for, Cape Point!! We got there around 1330H, just about lunch time. At it is included in the package. We did asked for vege menu, as we are not sure what kind of meat that they have. We combined with another van (same co. tour) and the other driver bought us chicken salami, it was nicely wrapped. I told Ija just take it, sebab orang dah belikan, so just being polite, we took the chicken and later left it at the house pantry.
Entrance fee to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve was R70 but it was paid for (in the package). We were driven to the cable car station going up to the light house. There is also staircase for those who opt to do a 'healthier' way. Me and Ija climbed up with majority of the people. The view from the light house was magnificent!!

Next we cycled from the Cape Point to the Cape of Good Hope. It was around half and hour cycle downhill. On the way we bumped into ostrich and baboon. We were told not to stop as babboon can get really nasty. We took more pictures here, more here.

We got home exhausted, like any other day and crash to a really good nite sleep ;)


  1. off topic skit(or is it the same topic), MBH and I have started to plan our 2014 Brazil trip, hope it'll come true...

  2. Azita,

    Uiks! Jalan tuh scary sungguh!

    The day trip sounds so exciting la! Bermacam dan berjenis tempat buleh gi, memang berbaloi sungguh dengan bayaran kan?

    And kasut apakan itu? Crocs ka? The one that you said you wanted to buy? Really? Which one? *dalam mode kepoh :D

    And the shot is good, no salah nothing pon. *Gayat lak tengok lelama gambo tuh! :D

  3. k.liza: good ;) i rase for Brazil, ramai Malaysian nak pi ni..

    aida:betul..me an my friend dok bincang, kalo drive sendiri ngan sesat bagai x ke susah ;)
    yup, itu la crocs nye..dah nampak mentari bersinar tu, musti la argentina ;)

  4. hey you got the argentina crocs! sangat comel!

    i so LOVE your going-back-to-nature day trip. every pic looks so lovely!

    hey the latitude-longitude thingy suddenly reminds me of angelina jolie's shoulder. apa kaitan? kalau dia beranak kat situ kan senang terus boleh tattoo the coordinates birthplace anak dia :-D

  5. dieya: thank you very much ;)

    tu la, the nature dia tak sama ngan malaysia, so i really want to go..die-die..omputih cakap..hehehe..

    hahaha..angelina joile akan buat camtu? habis la kalo sume anak dia beranak kat situ, penuh satu badan..;)


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