Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2nd grade...

You are a second grade friend cum ex BFF when....
  1. The only updates of the other person's latest happenings, you'll get to know via blogs and FB, not in the random (inpromptu) meet up that you used to have.
  2. You will no longer get invites to do fun things together (tgk wayang ke..makan2 ke...)
  3. You need to book the other person's time 3 weeks in advance.
  4. Cancellation will not come with apology, not even tentative date unless you asked for it.
  5. That person won't feel anything celebrating birthday without you.
  6. No more foolish emails flying around that can distract you from work.
  7. You stop talking about future travel plans together.
  8. You basically stop talking.
Enough said, you are second grade...hhm...now it sounds like takde grade langsung nih...

p/s: this does not apply to friends I knew via blog ;)


  1. i know i am no longer in this one friend's list when s/he stop inviting me to the kids birthday party...

  2. ya... that is what happens to those people whom works away from the others, already married and have a baby... just like me...except still getting those emails from closest friends... so I dun feel pretty bad...hahahahhaa....

  3. kak liza : no invite, no prezzie, his lost ;)

    adriza : tu la.. at least kt yg jejauh ni dpt email pon dah happy, tp sume tu dah xde skarang..

  4. we just started talking about brazil 2014, hence i'm upgrading myself as your 1st grade friend *dengan penuh rasa bangga + tak malu*
    kan k liza kan? :-D

  5. Azita,

    *sigh* Hmm.. true. Buleh apply jugak pada sanak sedara.

  6. dieya: yup, promotion approved..hehehe...;)

    aida: betul la..but then again me and my cuz mmg x rapat since kecik since we lived far and all, so bab terasa tu kureng sikit la...

  7. I guess it's true what you say, but you can't just blame one side if the other side does the same thing.

  8. friends should be able to forgive and forget, then move on...

    too much time wasted if continues to keep score, if that happens, its not a friendship anymore, just two strangers keeping track of when was the last time the other person hurt him or her...

    i don't know, obviously, i'm not an expert..

  9. In your case who is the one keeping scores? If you can put such a post in public condemning this so called friend of yours...might as well drop the friendship.

    You might want to ask yourself who is the one who is unable to forgive and forget and it doesn't matter anymore because once that person reads this kinda post, the friendship is lost!

  10. chill..this is not a condemnation (ade ke perkataan nih? ;)) just an expression of how a person feel (can be me and can be somebody close to me)..no pun intended..

    last i check, the blog is all about expressing the freedom of speech, and so i meant to condemn certain parties, it will not by anynomous (pardon my spelling..hehehe) all points will be together with NAMES (notice the plural? hehehe..)

    so chill k?


“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you." ~ William Arthur Ward...

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