Sunday, June 27, 2010

Am on My Way...

Currently logging in from the free internet kiosk at KLIA,waiting for departure. Finally it comes true :) Will tel more if and when I have the chance.

*wishing for a safe journey!!


  1. Azita,

    Don't tell me you're going to Afrika to watch the World Cup! * jeles tau!

    Hey have FUN and travel safe, ok? Lots of pics pleaseeeeeeeee!

    * Dieya is also out of the country.

  2. take care and safe trip! don't forget to blog about your journey!

  3. Aida : yes, i went to Cape Town ;)

    Kak Liza : definitely, nanti i'll blog abt it ;)

    the rest four people, sapekah korang ni? malasnya nak cari translation for what ever they have typed...


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