Friday, June 18, 2010

They are the first one in!!

Yesterday I watched the game with no expectations. I support neither Argentina nor South Korea. I just tune in for hope of watching a good game. And indeed, it was a good game :)

I hope both teams do well because I just love to see more of Messi dribbling and passing the ball while escaping 2-3 opponents at one time, and I would also be proud to have Asian team getting the next round. But apparently Maradona's side was better then.

For the first half I think Korea's defender were either sleeping or day dreaming. They look as if they were somewhere else. That own goal really jumpstart Argentine's goal fest. Second half actions were much better. The managed to shot on target quite few times and Park Ji Sung proven that he's worth the captaincy and regular MU line up. His moves were fluid and at times looks effortless.

But I really takes my hat off (bukan tudung a..) to the combination of Tevez and Messi. Man, they really outplayed Korea's defence and shake things up quite a few times. Korea's keeper Jung Sung Ryong redeemed himself quite a few times with good saves. But the 6 striker team was unstoppable and managed to add another 2 goals on second half.

Overall it was an entertaining game, its what a football all about, creating chances and taking opportunities. I did not see any defender from both teams hogging the penalty box like the Swiss and Ivory Coast did. (which reminds me of Greece when they won Euro 2004, I think..)

The most fun I had was hearing the commentator's remark. I don't know what his name is, but he is damn funny. His remarks are so hillarious. One of which that I remembers, when one of the Argentine (I think Messi) had a shot, and the ball went well above the post, to the spectators, he said "That might have just decapitated some of the fans". Funny!!

My man of the match : Its actually a three corner tie, between Park Ji Sung, Tevez and Messi, because all three of them really gave all out and they were everywhere, but in the end I pick Messi. Because of him, Higuain was able to score at least the 2 final goals and create the first hat trick for this year fiesta ;)


  1. Azita,

    Si si Messi si! Go Argentina, wohoooo!

    * tunduk hormat dan pulang ke rumah :)

  2. i missed this match! went to watch the spanish music & dance show organized by the embassy. will watch the highlights nanti.. maklumlah my R button is already working kan.. hihihi!

  3. aida: suke la tu ;)

    dieya: bagus ;) my remote butang 'B' xboleh pakai ;p


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