Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny Wedding Questions

A friend sent this to me, fresh from the person herself,


As usual, you get people asking you many questions at weddings, especially if your younger sister is getting married before you. Here are some of the popular questions that were posed to me in no particular order (and some were rephrased):

Q1: How come you let your sister marry before you?
A1: Oh well, if my sister finds a boat before I do, why not let her jump first? :)

Q2: What did your sister give you (for langkah bendul)?
A2: Nothing. I'm not into her or her fiance bribing me to get married :)

Q3: How come your sister's nose is different than your's?
A3: (pause) Well, I guess Allah loves diversity. I love my nose. Don't you? :P

Q4: So lepas ni your turn la?
A4: I hope so. But if my youngest sister goes first then that's ok. Marriage is not a competition for our family :0)

Q5: Are you single because you are choosy?
A5: I'm hardly choosy. I am very particular that the person is MALE, heterosexual, a Muslim or wants to be a Muslim. (Then, I would like him to have good iman, akhlak and adab.) Okla, he has to be funnier than me! ;-)

Q6: Do you have a particular type?
A6: Yes. The person has to be MALE, heterosexual, a Muslim or wants to be a Muslim. Didn't we cover this? :-)

Q7: What is the price of the hantaran for you and your siblings?
A7: We're pretty cheap. Most of the time my parents leave it to the groom's family.

Q8: When do we get to meet the special guy?
A8: When he finds me I'm sure we'll let you know :)

Q9: Do you think you are too focused on your career?
A9: That is untrue. I can decide to leave any time. I would like to be a housewife cum investor. Houses are easy to find. The wife status will come.

Q10: Are you not worried that your sisters are all getting married?
A10: I can't worry over things I cannot control. I'll get PIMPLES! :P

What can I say? I love laughing my heart out.


Me? I feel you too my friend, we are in the same boat..hahaha...funny how people just could not accept a younger sister got married, leaving us the older ones still single, I wonder though...dosa ke? ;)


  1. Q5, that's gonna be tough to beat, i mean to get someone funnier than you cause you are hilarious!

  2. ala babe... this kinda Qs won't stop there...

    After getting married, new sets of Qs will come out.

    1. Bile nak dapat anak? Planning ke?
    2. Bile nak dapat 2nd baby?
    3. Sume baby girls? When will the boy coming?

    and so on... so...keep cool my friend...;p

  3. k.liza: yup, my friend is witty and hillarious ;)

    adriza : biasela manusia, mesti nak probe orang lain, for whatever reasons ;p

  4. Azita,

    I love the last answer! Right on! Hehe!

  5. i like the part where she put MALE in caps! hahaha! itu yg paling penting kan! :-D

    hey the comment on top - is that the fella who keeps harrasing you?

  6. aida: betul, i have enough pimples as it is, nak risau pasal ni, tak kose mak ;)

    dieya: yup, tu mesti SAH, you know la nowadays. abt the first comment,i lost track already, biar jela, kalo dia tulis some character yg i x paham then i delete, this one althoug doesn't make sense, tapi in english, so ba can la...hehehe..:)


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