Monday, June 21, 2010

Freak Out!!!

I am freaking out right now. Many things to be done, yet I have settled none yet. Listing down:
  1. Buy backpack, crocs,meds
  2. Packing kat PD
  3. Get shots (jaundice and malaria)
  4. Charge battery camera
  5. Bwk balik Sony Camera
  6. Beli kompas kiblat
  7. Settle (at least try to) my work!!
  8. Put OOO note (out of office)
  9. Print out waktu solat for Cape Town
  10. Travel insurance!!!!
  11. Pay my installment (car, home, CC, etc...)
  12. Create hard copy folder for all info (waktu solat, itenary, ticket confirmation, etc..etc)
What else? Am getting cold feet...countdown 5 more days....


  1. 13. call credit card company to enable your card to be used in SA (else it might not work)

    14. print metro or bus route

    15. map / travel guide book

    16. universal adapter

    17. passport size photo. always handy to have several with you, in case the immigration officer decides to get nasty and ask a photo to be attached with your arrival form or apply for visa on arrival (VOA)

    18. activate international roaming

    what else.. bra and panties i tak payah remind laa kan.. hihihi!

  2. ok, thanks a lot ;) pasport size photo pon kena ek? baru i tau...


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So what say you? ;)