Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jabs update

Previuosly a friend told me to get jaundice jap for people going to Africa. I went to see my doctor to ask for what else do I need to get (vaccination). First the dr said yup I have to get jaundice shot, but since its not a stock items and normally clinics do no have it, I must go to KL to get it and supposed to be done 10 days before...(alamak..dah lepas dateline la...) But she said I have to get it anyway. She did not even have to clinic's name that supposedly have the shot.

So dengan tak puas hati I went to second Dr, this one lagi best, he said I don't have to take any shots...(really??) Apparently he told me that he and his family went to South Africa already and they were not required to take any jap. South Africa is still OK, but if you are planning to go to other parts (Kenya,Nigeria,etc.) you may want to check. So the only thing that he offers me is the H1N1...

Haish...macam-macam kan? Nak travel baru tau sume benda ni ;p

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