Tuesday, June 22, 2010

7-0 and 2-0 sweeetttt..... :)

I only watched the first match Portugal vs N Korea. Balik rumah at 7.30pm terus tercangak depan TV. Dinner ke mana, apa kemana, this morning I woke up with growling stomach. Serves me right! but it was really worth it. I was very nervous watching the game, the first 20 minutes both teams seems not to be handling the ball very well, probably due to wet pitch. The rain was so heavy, I pity the players very much.

After the first goal by Raul Meireles, my only hope was Portugal to be more defensive, that is all I asked. N Korea did have some good tries, all are long ranged and rather wide, none that really tested Eduardo and the defence.

Second half was the most entertaining. Portugal really capitalised for the lack of NKorean's defence. The chances were many and good enough it materialize in the form of goals (many of them..hehehe...)

My man of the match : First I thought of giving it to Raul Meireles, for most of the good moves, and yes he was all over the pitch. But then in the second half, I realised Christiano Ronaldo deserves it as well. He was not the usual one man show, he did pass on what supposed to be a good shot to someone else and turns into brilliant passes (Like the goal Liedson scored). The final goal, he really earns it after almost 90 minutes hardwork, creating set pieces for the rest to put their name on the goal sheet. He also have tone down a bit on the attitude everytime he was tackled, not so much of the cry baby anymore.

Raul Meireles

One of the time you can see C.Ronaldo smiles ;)

Very heavy rain in the first half

Moving on, I am anxious to see them fighting Brazil (who happens to be a bunch of drama kings as well). They have to play a bit more defensive. I'll say they play defence like when they played Ivory Coast and play attack like they played NKorea. If they managed to combign the two, holding Brazil to a draw is a possible chance :)

Spain won as well!!! (I really need to bake a cake...ade kaitan?) I did not watch the game, but with 2-0 definitely it was an entertaining one. Never mind, watch highlights ;)

p/s: Lets just hope Ivory Coast did not trash NKorea more than 7-0!!!


  1. wahhh 7-0! u must be estatic eh!!!
    just sempat watch the spain's match till half time. lepas tu mata dah takleh bukak. nasib baik menang!

  2. i really am ;0 gile la mase tgk that goal one after another, i don't think i'll see that again (though i really hope i do!!)


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